Minnesota Three Percent Manages To Dig The Hole Deeper

Everyone is a teacher.

Some teach how to act.

Others how not to act.

Don’t be That Guy.

23 responses to “Minnesota Three Percent Manages To Dig The Hole Deeper

  1. Facebook…………

  2. Kuddos to Kit Perez! Stop talking and start doing! Your group should be quiet, under the radar, and not planning on sharing any damnable idea in anyplace where such ideas could be intercepted. No Faceberg, no texts on the many smart phones, no twits: no talking where ideas might be shared with the wrong people. For God’s sake!!
    I love the outdoor mat. It would work for me since summertime is rattler time in this area. I might steal the idea.

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  4. Keep giving interviews to the media.

    It’s in the handbook, right after “Hold Rallies in Blue States”.

    Instant Win, just add water:

  5. Outlier.
    Every machine has its lose screws.

    Also, Picking on the lowest common denominator is pretty disgusting.

    I used to watch NCOs and Officers make the lives of some young men unnecessarily miserable. Some of them killed themselves.

    When you mock guys like this, you might as well just join the ATF, DEA, or FBI. At least get paid to be a worthless dickhead.

    If you reached out to these guys, as a professional. You could easily take them down a peg or two with some simple Jedi Mind Tricks.

    And, You don’t know what these guys have been through or what they have seen. This is a big country, and our government is very, very corrupt.

  6. Worst piece I’ve ever read from KP, easily. But no matter cuz personally it persuaded me. Some people just don’t want individual liberty and that’s that.

    “You’ve got the vast ocean of stupid that was Malheur,”

    Yeah? Well, you heard it here first (and second and third and…). Malheur was when the charge towards liberty was broken. It was when numbskulls turned a winning vector into a losing one. I won’t bother with the details, but it wasn’t the men and women who went into Malheur who were the numbskulls. The numbskulls are all the ones who never had a clue about any of it…AND STILL DON’T.

    Even the loss that you naysayers caused could’ve been useful. It could have been understood, the lessons learned could’ve helped good people move forward and slow the onslaught to full-out tyranny. But no, YOU DON’T WANT LIBERTY. For crissakes already, at least face it while flexing your muscles and talking how great you are and how lousy everyone else is, and how you’re going to take over and work it all out. With paper yet…really, you’re gonna work it all out. Grow a set and at least have the courage to admit it—YOU DON’T WANT LIBERTY. Just like the commie-libs that you pretend to oppose. Statists. Thugs. Not each person obviously, but if the shoe fits at least have the courage to wear it.

    “Oh yeah, so what’s your solution Klein?” MY solution? What, for YOUR life? Not only do I not have a solution for your life, I don’t want one. And you damn well don’t have the solution for mine.

    Anyone who thinks the answer to collectivism is more collectivism, and that the answer to obedience is more obedience…clearly has a screw loose. So have at it, the numbskulls among you. It’s a’comin’ alright and after all these years of yipyap, not a goddamn thing was learned by so many of the losers here. Not learning is bad enough, but to go BACKWARDS?? That takes a special kind of loser. You learned from your experts well. Oh, what a coincidence…just like the commie-libs.

    All human action is about the mind and the vast majority of Americans are choosing to lose their minds. Proof positive is only a few clicks away.

    But hey, who needs a mind when little white dots of raging lunatics are going to save the country and bring peace and prosperity to everyone? Ho hum, just like the commie-libs.

    Peace from war and prosperity from yoking your fellow men and women. Sounds like a genius plan. So have at it. When it’s over, those of us who chose to KEEP our minds, will have a toast to your memory…if we even bother to waste time remembering at all. No promises.
    Too complicated? Here, try this. Rightful liberty is UNOBSTRUCTED action according to our WILL within limits drawn around us by the EQUAL RIGHTS of others. Does that help? Nah, I didn’t think so; you couldn’t even remember the words over a few years.
    The battle has ALWAYS been Individualism versus Collectivism.
    Live free or die. Ain’t nobody’s business but your own. When you take your last breath on the glorious battlefield you jiz fantasizing about, just remember this line from Ayn Rand—“You asked for it, brother.”

    • The reference to Malheuer, if I remember correctly, was in the first paragraph. Did you bother reading past it or did you start your rant when you hit it?

      The refuge was a shitshow. And no, people don’t need to have been there to know it, its easily seen from the people who were there and their own posts and videos.

      That mess is only compounded by the info afterward, the grift and fraud and all of the other things perpetrated on the movement by people like Ammon Bundy. The proof is there, in public records.

      It’s not that people don’t want liberty. They love the idea of liberty. The truth is what they truly hate.

      • Oh, I read the whole thing JS. The rant–my first real one in many years–was about the PRINCIPLE of the whole thing. Malheur was just a convenient instance to use, apparently for both Kit and me. Yeah, “the truth is what they truly hate.” I suppose we can agree about that, but I don’t know that it’s precisely hate. Nor do I know that they “love the idea of liberty.”

        I can’t figure all of that out, nor does it matter. What matters is that they are ACTING in opposition to liberty, and doing it by way of the complete abdication of the truth…just like those whom they pretend to hate.

        I go with what I KNOW, and what I know is that I’ve watched the degeneration of so many decent men here—into the exact same philosophical sewer that caught the idiot “Progressives” in the first place. You don’t wanna see it? Then don’t see it. It’s why we can agree that “the truth is what they truly hate.”

    • You missed the memo that half the asstards at Malheur were paid CIs for The Man, evidently.

      Malheur was literally catching criminals by tying a string to a wallet, to see who’d pick it up and run with it. Escept less sophisticated.

      No surprise they’re your heroes.

      If anything, rant that the laws are too hard on stupid people with shoe-size IQs.

      But spare us the assgas that it was somehow sabotaged by hordes of people not stupid enough to jump off the cliff with them.

  7. Hi Shooter!!,
    ‘Funny thing you should mention that!!! The guy just puts himself forward as a “GEEK!!” and as ‘ol “Fred Blassie” once said,”These Geeks are a ‘dime a dozen’ an’ I’m lookin’ for the guy supplyin’ the dimes!!!!!” If he want’s to be “Stealthy” He blew it.. as “tacti-Kewl” as he Sports he may as well as have “Flashing strobes” pointing to his puny carcass!! ‘Easy kill from 30 yards!!

  8. “No step on snek”– Thanks for the morning chuckle.

  9. lesson to be learned here — it’s easier for you and your group to live and die on facebook than you could ever imagine.

    otherwise — a big “thank you for your service” for the readership here on veterans day. except for those minnesota guys.

  10. “I can guaranty (sic) you that I’ll be one of the first to start killing feds…. And am actually trying to build up our capacity to challenge them.”

    How is that statement much different (also when inserting “jews” or “niggers” for “feds”) in some of the comments on WRSA? “That guy” makes up a squad here.

    Some of these self-appointed defenders of Western Civilization have no clue even defining what Western Civilization is. They wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Matisse and Bruegel even if they could pull their heads out of their echo chambers long enough to march into a museum.

    Furthermore, I must note with certain irony it has often been Jewish and Asian *female* musicians who have been keeping Dead European White Male Classical Music around for the last few decades.

  11. Be an Individual.
    no step on snek. Chuckle.

  12. The III% clown show smelled like a trawling operation for the feds for years. Same as the alt-right / Spencer / Heimbach goof parade, currently. Such success since Malheur and Charlottesville.

    Smile for the cameras, folks.

    • It smells that way because it likely is. Hell, we know with specificity that Malheur was. Big deal, doesn’t matter. Your world is going to go as YOU decide, not as they decide. Commit to that, and everything falls into place.

  13. Randall Flagg

    Not sure why the author in the article is so upset. Is it because a lot of those in these groups don’t appear to have taken a high school civics class, let alone pass one?

    I can understand why they never want anyone to give an interview. “Even a fool, if he will hold his peace shall be counted wise: and if he close his lips, a man of understanding.” Prov. 17:28.

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