Race & America’s Soul

Refreshingly absent is the usual “Whitey did it” mantra.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

None but ourselves can free our minds.

13 responses to “Race & America’s Soul

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. It might be interesting, but it’s been a decade since I had the time or inclination to read a book like this, however good it might be. The negro problem is their problem. As far as I’m concerned the only americans are anglo-saxon and similar americans, at least until our survival is assured. We wasted our lives on many fruitless tasks including the souls of our black (distant) cousins.

    PS thanks the jews enormously for adding to the slavery burden, and the guilt no matter how many generations removed. you know, the people who treat us as slaves.


      Word. And, any reference to the NAACP must include the follow-the-money meme. Their list of donors reads like the Tel Aviv telephone directory. The money of the Manhattan Indians have kept the Negro race hustlers and their minions afloat for many, many years.

  3. i just cant bring myself to give a damn about blax,
    they will never be anything more than degenerate parasites.

  4. Thanks for that link.

    Now if only I could get folks to RTWT.

    There’s more Truth than I’ve ever seen in one article regarding race in America, and a very fine synopsis of the original.

    Required reading? Surely, but…

    Who among our current “youth” even has the ability to read, let alone think? And let me not neglect to criticize persons of all ages and stations in life in these sad devolutionary times.

    • POd American

      Well, I for one RTWT, and was glad to see the reference to Charles Murray’s work. The author should have spent more time on the devasting effect of Affirmative Action on America…it’s the mirror image of our failed school system.

    • “Now if only I could get folks to RTWT.”

      Funny. You’ll notice at least I don’t knock you on inconsistency. That’s because you’re a shining example of what’s formally known as The Coherence Theory of Truth.

      Wikipaedia: “Coherence theories of truth claim that coherence and consistency are important features of a theoretical system, and that these properties are sufficient to its truth. To state it in the reverse, that ‘truth’ exists only within a system, and doesn’t exist outside of a system.”

      If only, if only…if only others would do as you dream. So how’s that workin’ out for ya? Gee, I wonder what the hitch is. Maybe the problem is with this—“that these properties are *sufficient* to its truth.” Whoops.

      • Why don’t you “comment” (rave your pet theories) relevant to the topic?

        Whassamatta, I’ve been roundly ignoring you lately?

        Funny. Duh! Can’t you mentally masturbate without an adversary? Over in the corner, by yourself?

        And, lest you accuse me of ducking the question (which is pure projection on your part- no one is more adroit at obfuscation/deflection and avoidance than are you) just what is wrong with trying to call attention to material that others might find illuminating/interesting/relevant?

        Got a problem with the content of the article or referenced book?

        I didn’t write them.

  5. Too bad that most who should read this book won’t and many more who should can’t due to the destruction of the black education environment by their own, rendering them unable to read and comprehend the written language.

  6. I was gonna post that URL two days ago but never got around to it. (Surprisingly I got it thru PowerLine)

    Shows there is no hope for the Negroe to ever become a civilized part of America (although that’s not, I’m sure, what he intended to get across). 

    Also, Diana West has a great post about the Deep State’s war on Trump, and who is possibly setting up whom. 


  7. It’s White Supremacy to be able to read and comprehend this written article.