GoV: The Barbarians Are Lurking Everywhere

And they are winning.

15 responses to “GoV: The Barbarians Are Lurking Everywhere

  1. Caption – “For Sale”

  2. Barbarians don’t really care about all that psycho babble. They simply take what they want. They take what they need. Like animals.

  3. Thomas J Crowley

    That one on the bottom looks like an old toothless queer.

  4. There really is a reason that the 3rd world is the 3rd world. Street fires, shootings, car rampages, rape & murder in broad daylight, on and on; people raised in such an environment neither have nor want any control over their emotions. To think that bringing such tribes here will change them is as crazy as gun control for the masses. Dweezil, Lineman, and others have all commented on the change in Los Angeles from an educated, wealthy, safe city to a replica of Sinaloa and Juarez. The reasons are the communists in schools and the importation of heathen tribes. It never has, never will, and never can change old rotten chicken into a plump fryer. Cucks like Ryan and McConnell think that they can escape The Festivities, but it will start with them. Not such a far drive from Baltimore to Washington DC, I’ve heard. Why go for a city, when you can burn down the whole effing country?? Guess no one on Pelosi’s staff thought of that.

  5. The Barbarians are walking into an Ambush.

    Just like the globalists thought they could convince us to take 500,000 Syrians after 15 years of crusades. They also over calculated on the Barbarians.

  6. When Roy Moore is elected, which I think will happen, will those nasty thugs in the Senate attempt to not seat him?

    “I can’t wait to vote for Roy Moore.

    These desperate attacks including a plot to either postpone the special election, refuse to seat Roy Moore in the Senate, decertify the election or get “Big Luther” to play a write-in spoiler candidate have shown the folly of voting for anyone on the ballot with an (R) beside his name. This is the second time these people have shown they would rather lose an election than have a populist candidate win. It is something to remember next time you see Cory Gardner or John McCain on a ballot.”

  7. Are barbarians related to cannibals?

  8. Pat, if I could vote for Roy, I would aswell. This entire thing? Smells like a giant pile of dog shit, kinda like every other dem operative move.

    Tic Toc.


  9. That whole pantload was nothing but mental masturbation for the chattering class.
    As recently as 1979, it was high comedy:

    Now that’s a documentary.

    Thugs gonna thug, vandals gonna vandalize.
    Two to the chest, one to the head.

  10. What barbarians think is not my business. What barbarians do is every bodies business. Not all barbarians come from somewhere else.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. René Scheumust writes like European. Europe is exactly where it is today because evidently all those civilized, enlightened Europeans do is engage in intellectual masturbation. Stop talking, stop debating, stop dissecting, stop categorizing, stop hair splitting, and DO SOMETHING. Your time is running out. Not only are the barbarians lurking everywhere, when they come for you they’re going to have weapons in their hands (unless they conclude that all they need to do is bitch slap you to death).

    Rene, get a clue: If all you have is a sharp stick and a bag of rocks, you better be ready to rumble in the jungle.

    I thank my God most everyday that my great-grandfather found a way to bring his family out of France to America. How dysfunctional France must have been even as far back as the early 1840s to motivate poor, common people to leave that place and cross the Atlantic in a wooden sailboat.

  13. Jimmy the Saint

    “And [the barbarians] are winning.”

    Uh, yeah. In the long term, they almost always do.
    – History