Our Democracy

With accompanying commentary.

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  1. I have a book I keep on the coffee table that covered personal accounts of the holodomor that I keep for anyone that stops by and thinks communism is a good thing.
    and for anyone saying that cannot happen again, I give you venezula.

  2. murkins love socialism because it’s the easy way to go thru life… until it isn’t.

    the takers simply don’t want to produce anything more than CO2 and illegitimate spawn- paid for by the makers. what could go wrong?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      As opposed to all other nationalities which love socialism for its unblemished record of success in lifting up humanity to greater levels of success?

  3. The entire poll was bullshit to begin with.
    It corresponds 0% to reality.
    When 60-something percent of anyone moves to a communist country, or gives all their shit to the government to redistribute, give a holler.
    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for as many as one taker on either option.

    80% of everyone just wants to be left the fuck alone.
    (Including by pollsters).
    Most of the noise is the 10% way out at the ends agitating for their version of utopia.

    Most of those on both ends are lunatics, and if you met them in person, and could get away with it scot-free, you’re choke them to death on the spot, and toss their bodies in a nearby ditch, as a favor to humanity.

    • BTW, what is this “democracy” of which you speak?
      There hasn’t been one of those anywhere, AFAIK, since ancient Athens. 2500-3000 years ago.
      For which, thank a merciful creator.
      If we lived in a democracy, your president would be wearing a pantsuit.

      • Nice, you got something right. Interestingly, most of the “arguments” here have a decidedly mob rule tone to them. Even you…you somehow want it all “limited,” I guess by the fantasies of your mind, but you solidly agree that some ought to rule others. Gang rule, any way you cut it.

        On Malheur, you’re full of shit. Nobody said anything about diving off a cliff for someone else. Did you forget…that’s what YOU believe insofar as you go with sacrifice and “what’s best for the country.” So stop talking the assgas of straw. If someone does something wrong, then don’t support ’em. If you want to point out what they’re doing wrong, then point it out.

        That’s not what happened. Well alright it happened to them, but that’s part and parcel of making choices and being responsible. THAT was the issue for outside parties. You’re either for THAT–the liberty to make choices for oneself–or you’re agin’ it. Those folk DID that, as it happens in a very justified manner for a very justified cause but that doesn’t really matter, and nearly all so-called Patriots stood against them.

        If you wish, you may continue to pretend that they were fools doing a foolish thing. It changes nothing of the point…liberty for the rational implies liberty for fools. Or don’t you get that?

        “Do it like I would do it,” came the cries from those who do nothing, to those who did something. Just like Kit’s article, the foolishness of the target notwithstanding. Maybe try straining your brain beyond one line quips and see if you can figure out why this matters. If you need help, just ask.

  4. agree with aesop on the bang for the buck on this article trying to make sense of limited polling data. would read differently if written by a millennial, or an genx or a boomer. would read somewhat better if the data wasn’t collected on the basis of race then analyzed on the generational implications. but maybe that’s what common core is teaching as a valid point of view. it’s the same as saying, “if only jerry brown could run the other 49 states too, more people would like him”.