Pen Pals Wanted

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5 responses to “Pen Pals Wanted

  1. More proof that the commies, er, demoncraps, etc, progressives – along with top cover/over watch from the LSM – will never see jail time. Time they do richly deserve.

    And they won’t stop. Ever. They will continue to take away individual liberty at any price. Mass murder of innocent people and throwing the no longer useful idiots (Hillary and her cohort) to the wolves. Unfortunately the wolves have no teeth and theses abberant degenerate statist depraved monsters will continue to get away with it.

    You think the Fibbies will do anything? Heh?

    Congresscritters? Heh.

    The nine robed nazgul? Heh.

    I agree. Get your shit together. Stock up on water and storable food. Other essentials – including a generator and fuel. And wood for your stove.

    Carry. Dry fire. Practice draw from concealment. This isn’t going to be 1 MOA at 400 yds. It’s going to be close dirty and ugly.

    Even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself it’s already on.

  2. Quick, get Huma a gross of Midol!

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Anthony is an MLHO. Nothing more. Circus food. DC is filled with shit stains that make him look like a boy scout.

  5. Michael Dean Miller

    Can you imagine her going thru life with a name of Huma Wiener?
    No wonder she kept her maiden name.