Saker: War With Russia – Two Great American Myths

Total Commie dezinformatsiya.

Everyone knows that the American military is the most fearsome fighting machine in the history of mankind.

Ask the Afghanis.

And the jihadis all over the world.

Sure, it’s been 70+ years since Team Murika actually fought even a near-peer competitor.

And we’ve got some manpower issues:

VOA: US Air Force Pilot Shortage Grows to About 2,000

And some skillset issues:

USNI Proceedings: Recent US Warship Collisions, Part I — What Are the Root Causes?

Part II – Operational Pause

Part III – Maintenance

See also U.S. Navy Collisions: Why Theories of Cyberattack Don’t Hold Water

And some leadership issues:

Former West Point Prof Letter Re Corruption, Cheating, And Failing Standards At USMA


Blue Angels!!!!

23 responses to “Saker: War With Russia – Two Great American Myths


    The Empire of the Bear is leaving no room for doubt. They have been slowly but surely rebuilding their military infrastructure. I say good for them. Whatever you may think of Mr. Putin, Russia is a sovereign nation. They have a right to secure their borders. They have a right to trade with whom they wish and establish their own international currency. When the MIC’s useful idiots send Stryker battalions to Latvia and do saber rattling in the Bear’s back yard, expect an eventual reaction.
    This is another area where the learning curve of the Amerikan sheeple will be very steep. Who out there with children and grandchildren is willing to send them to die for The Baltic States, the Ukraine, or even Israel? I would hide my grandchildren, nephews and former students in the basement of my home before I would let the Leviathan and its Press Gang minions enslave them in the .mil to protect: “Our Markets”(h/t to LITTLE BROWN BROTHER).
    This whole scenario will probably start out in the world economic arena very soon. Russia, China, and others are sick and tired of the Petro-dollar scam. These people are infinitely patient. They recognize the internal corruption not only in .mil but in Amerikan society as a whole. If they wait long enough, they will effectively checkmate us economically without ever firing a shot.

  2. my nephew is an Fusian Air Farce F-15 pilot. no doubt dropping ordinance on innocents… just hope he doesn’t “follow orders” when he rotates back to Fusa.


  3. “I say good for them.”
    Go drink poison.

  4. I lay the readiness issues on “mommy pants”.

  5. Say what you want, the Blue Angels put on a good show. I saw them over thye beach, in Virginia Beach, in the early 1980s. They flew A-4s then. It was quite a show. Here is some high pucker factor flying or, more accurately, landing.

    Surface warfare may have its problems, but naval aviation is a completely different animal.

  6. War has zero to do with right/wrong.

    War is pure and simple about money/ power. Lossing has always been rationalized by those minipulating the history books. After all are we not taught we are each ” An Army of One” or some horse shit like that.

    Anybody underestimating our enemies is a fucking fool.

    Back to PAC 12 football.


  7. Norks no threat to Zion-in-Palestine or petrodollar, so Trumpenthal bloviated but did not attack.

    Iran threatens both, so an eventual Isramerican attack is inevitable. Only questions are when, to what extent Russia will back Iran, and how far and fast such a war will escalate.

    on thing is certain: an Isramerican defeat will kill the petrodollar, collapse the domestic Ponziconomy, and lead to CW2 in ‘Murka.

  8. I wouldn’t count any Russian chickens before they are hatched. They have the same kind of software and hardware problems we do, and they are not necessarily all-conquering, and all-knowing. I recall the Japanese and the Germans went to war with us at the height of their strength, and we had an Army rated less than that of Argentina, and an Air Force without any first line fighters. True, new war with the East will probably incur damage on the US proper, and all the counter and other missiles aimed at us can wreak real and deadly damage. These aren’t light weights like Iraq and Afghanistan. And our population is totally exposed to annihilation. Anybody wanna guess what DC will do on the edge of being defeated? Then the whole circus goes up. It’s a losing proposition, Global Thermonuclear War, but one you can’t refuse, it’s the politics of destruction, it’s the mad mens’ blues. Yes, we need over all improvement, in all the services, and better plans and strategery. But if we were as helpless as the Saker paints us, the Russians would already be here. Besides, the same old rules of war apply. Pyrrhus wasn’t remembered for his conservative views. What if you win, and there’s no payoff?


      Sean: I agree with your observations about our lack of unpreparedness and the drubbing we took during the first 18 months-two years of WW II. Keep in mind we had industrial might back then. Bush & Cheney had not outsourced most of our jobs overseas. Socially and culturally the U.S. was another country. We were a PEOPLE. We had an educated White majority who could read, write, and speak English. We had a work ethic. We believed in God.
      Contrast the reaction of Americans after Pearl Harbor with the reaction of Amerikans after 9/11. There was no mass flocking to recruiting offices. Pat Tillman gave up his NFL career to enlist and fight. Look what happened to him. 2017 Amerika is best summed up in the You Tube videos: THIS IS OUR WORLD by Steve Cutts, and FIVE REASONS WHY AMERICAN RIOTS WILL BE THE WORST IN THE WORLD. Oh, and let’s not forget within the next two weeks or so, we will be experiencing our annual episode documented in THE MADNESS OF A LOST SOCIETY.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Russian record since 1812 isn’t overly impressive.

  9. So??? W

    • Button, button….?

      What’r you gonna do about it? Trump wants to rebuild the .mil and most criticize it as a power grab by a megalomaniac, while bemoaning our coming status as vassals of China, or Russia, somebody.

      Trump wants to do… whatever it is, is wrong.

      Critics gotta critic, cynics gotta cynic, bitches gotta bitch.

      Reckon we can kill foreign invaders even easier than we could “our” own oppressors… chinks and russkies would be easy to hate and ID. Even some former libtards couldn’t stomach the rape and pillage after awhile.

      What? You mugs think yer gonna live forever????

      • I’ve often wondered if that is the point of our narratives on ‘gun grabbing’. WE are one large fcking army when you think about it. Ya lots of bubbas too but there’s a lot of shooters in the woods.

        As I headed up the mountain in the dark yesterday listening to a bear hoot not far away I said the same thing to myself. If it’s my time then it’s my time. That was far and away one of the coldest mornings i’ve spent on the ground praying for the sun to come up soon. Saw three does but no bucks. Seeing the does in my scope was worth the price. Hell seeing the sunrise was too!

        Get thee to the woods and hunt. It’s a lot better to be the hunter.

  10. The letter from the west pointer is not to be missed, it’s been going on longer than he suspects.

    Saker may be right be his is a self-proclaimed ‘white russian jew’ who thinks we are at fault for all the history of america, guilt for the indians, guilt for the negroes I’m sure as well. Massive grain of salt.

  11. We are already at war, cyberwar. When it goes from virtual to real can’t be too far away.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Everything about Russia is harmless. Just like the radioactive clouds they leak.

    “Nuclear accident sends ‘harmless’ radioactive cloud over Europe”

    Harmless. Saying otherwise is badspeak.