Veterans Day 2017

God bless them all.

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    My thoughts:

  2. Randall Flagg

    Maybe a refresher course covering the differences between Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day is in order?

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    Take a few minutes today to sit and ponder what sacrifice means…..

  4. “Discounting or omitting Vietnamese (or Arab and Afghan) agency from our collective memory is problematic in the extreme. But today’s policymakers make decisions and craft “strategy” based on a distinct – if often erroneous – vision of the past. They deploy troops, drop bombs, and kill or maim human beings whilst viewing the world through the clouded lens of American exceptionalism. So where does that leave us? One can guess. Surge enthusiasts and Iraq-War apologists will once again wave the “bloody shirt” of American combat deaths, denounce perfidious “doves,” and charge full tilt into America’s next gallant, Mideast catastrophe. I can see it all so clearly, and shudder: for my friends, children, and for this world. Because no one seems to care.

    Maybe that’s the point; Americans seem to prefer the optimistic lie to the ugly truth. Call it collective delusion or cognitive and moral dissonance. It’s the sin of self-righteous soldiers and uninformed citizens alike. Perhaps—when it comes to protracted, indecisive war—ignorance really is bliss. So smile, everyone, and behold the crumbling republic.”

    • “Americans seem to prefer the optimistic lie to the ugly truth. ”

      well said.

      that’s why many here love to hate me…


      • Count me among those that DON’T hate you.

        I get it and try to wake others up every day. If I can keep just a couple of young men and women from becoming the tool of the banksters/gov alliance and not ending up in a flag draped coffin I’ve done my job.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • it’s a lonely road to travel. truth hurts more than anything else. i’ve had to let go of many friendships because of their inability to face the cold facts about Fusa. i refuse to wave that flag and recite the socialist mantra.

          R. E. F. U. S. E.

      • My nuclear family of 5 paid 95 grand in taxes last year.

        In large part to be the victim of cultural genocide.

        And build a police state.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        ““Americans seem to prefer the optimistic lie to the ugly truth. ””

        Just like literally every single other population of humans in recorded history. How utterly shocking.


      boer6: I read the American conservative article and felt the bile rise in my throat. I have some issues about Viet Nam, as I served in the Army from 1969-1971. I was not sent overseas as Nixon was: “winding down the war”. The Ken Burns documentary about VN over 20 years ago recorded interviews of the commies who came out and stated that they won the war on the streets of America(sic)-protests.
      I can still remember coming home on leave from Benning in 1970 and walking through the terminal at LAX, I was cursed, spit at, and called a “baby killer”. The VN vets who came home through SFO had to have an MP escort for their own protection. I talked with one who ran that gauntlet.
      My point is that whoever controls the narrative, controls the outcome. You and I know what happened. Hindsight, being 20-20, tells us we NEVER should have been there. But, the narrative is still the same. As far back as 1998, Madeline Albright as Secretary of State publicly announced: “If we have to use force, it is because we are America. We are the Indispensable Nation. We stand tall. We see farther into the future.” This attitude will not change until we literally get blown to smithereens by the Bear or the Dragon.

    • MIC Military Industrial Complex.The incestuous merry-go-round, hijacked the pile of shit years ago. Mr. Eisenhower warned us ..we paid him no heed. When you say “they” deploy troops,that is you and me, if we are taxpaying citizens. We finance this clusterfuck. Starve the monkeys.

      • Agreed!!

        Make that the military/corporate/cuntgressional/bankster complex.

        May they all FOAD!!!

        Starve all the damn monkeys!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • “When you say “they” deploy troops,that is you and me, if we are taxpaying citizens.”

        You are wrong. And you are victim blaming.
        I have nothing to do with sending soldiers anywhere, and you know it, so knock it off.

    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for linking the article, just finished reading it. Count me among those who prefer the ugly truth to the sickly perfumed lie.

      The gov/bankster/corporate/mil alliance has gotten away with murder for far too long!

      I do my part by trying to awaken young folks to what the reality is…so they DON’T become the willing dupes of those listed above and don’t loose life or limb as a pawn to them.

      Keep up the good work, it DOES matter! The next time I visit Tucson it’d be my pleasure to take you and you wife out to dinner on me.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • I keep running into this idea that none of our conflicts since WW2 were, for lack of a better phrase, a “fair fight”.

      First: it ain’t sports. We go into combat with the idea of winning, and do whatever our resources permit to obtain that result.

      Second, it’s just downright specious and driven by America-haters and the media (though I’m being redundant.

      –Korea: we fought the NK and the MFing Chinese Army!! first to a standstill, then pushed them back almost all the way to the Chinese border….then the politicians interfered and negotiated us back to the current situation.

      –Vietnam: I have said before that I have lost track of the number of Vietnam vets (some of whom were my senior NCO trainers and leaders during the early years of my service) who have told me something like “when I left, we were winning”. The Tet Offensive? Massive US battlefield victory. But St Walter Krankheit declared it a defeat. The politicians interfered again, but even so, when the US military left the combat in the hands of the South Vietnamese forces in 1972, they were in pretty good shape and got on quite well until Congress cut off material and financial aid. Even so they managed to hold on until 1975.

      –Desert One: PPP=PPP. If you don’t remember that one, fellow warriors, it means Piss-Poor Planning makes for Piss-Poor Performance. But yeah, the reason for doing it was totes sweet to my mind. I was 15 and 16 years old, kept a running tally of the days of captivity, and believe to this day that Iran has never properly been called to account for it.

      –Grenada, in the media, was supposed to turn into a “Vietnam-style quagmire” (you’ll see that phrase again) going up against “crack Cuban troops” with “massive Soviet backing” which would inevitably lead to a “proxy war” and thence to “Global Thermonuclear War over a Caribbean Island no one should care about”. When we won, it took about a minute and a half for the feckless Left and their mouthpieces to start weeping for the poorly armed poorly-fed Cuban soldiers stranded on an island supplied as best as could be from the beleaguered gallant Cuba suffering under the heel of American economic sanctions….

      –Panama, we had no legitimate casus belli and was going to be a miniature “Vietnam-style quagmire”…

      (Oh and thanks Jimmy Carter for handing the Panamanians– and eventually the Chinese– control over the Canal Zone. We owned that bi+c# by right of having paid to build it and all its supporting infrastructure and defended it against all comers, making a lease payment to the Panamanian Kleptocracy for the dirt under it all.)

      –Gulf War I, the one and only time I was taken off the bench and put into play…in the media, was supposed to turn into a “Vietnam-style quagmire” (you’ve seen that phrase before) going up against “the elite Iraqi Republican Guard” with “massive amounts of new Soviet equipment”. Perhaps if we’d tried to re-enact June 6 1944 it would have been. Iraqi defenses were planned for that.

      But we don’t fight fair (waaaahh!)!

      We, myself included, waited in place for JUST ABOUT A MONTH!! while the Allied Air Forces bombed the daylights out of those defenses and killed or chased away the Iraqi Air Force, while the USMC staged (for the media’s benefit) practice seaborne invasions on the Saudi coast…and then. when Iraq was blind and deaf, we sneaked away by night (literally! we packed trucks all day and started driving after sunset) and went waaaay out west, consolidated for a week or so, and then did an end run around all those defensive works (which did get attention from Allied forces and Marines, but they’d been heavily degraded from the air), got around behind them and buggered them hard.

      And I was glad to do it. I fought for the free flow of oil at market prices, and have no regrets.

      I was willing to fight for the Bill of Rights. I didn’t, in the final analysis, fight for your freedom of speech. I would have, but that war didn’t happen in my time.

      This is into such tl:dr territory that I’ll stop now. No doubt I’ll get one-to-ten-word responses liberally 🙂 sprinkled with words like “cuck”…but, I don’t give a rat’s ass, go ahead.

  5. Millions of good men dead in Great War for the bankers and industrialists, with America dragged into it by Wilson and (((friends)))…

    • Add to that all the good men from Germany, France, Russia, Great Britain and her related lands and all the rest.

      All dead and the survivors further victimized by the gov/bankster/corporate alliance.

      May the aforementioned FOAD!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy! Northgunner III

  6. it is called respect…..

  7. While visiting my FIL’s grave (USAF), I was struck by the number of old triples (WWII, Korea, and Vietnam). Looking in the newer section, my wife was struck by the number of young triples (Persian Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan).

  8. to all American vets, living and dead, who fought on Franco’s side in the Spanish Civil War,

    thanks, well done.

    • As a Vietnam vet, usmc 68-69 I am finding it harder and harder to give a shit about our holidays, no matter which one, except maybe Christmas. The way I see it the country I fought for is long gone and won’t be back. I used to be big on putting out the flag, fireworks, parades, letters to the editors, etc. but now it is all hollow. The holidays remind of the letters I received when I got back from Nam from the mothers of some friends of mine that got killed during their first two weeks in country. They hoped I was alright and had found my name in their son’s belongings and thanked me and wished me good luck. Really I’m just fucking tried of the never ending bullshit coming from our government, right or left. If you want to put up a fucking flag go ahead.

  9. Bill, I literally just wrote this on your site. Our history is a lie, spun and exploited for the benifit of a few. Image where we Could be if our history reflected the un filtered truths in our nations and global pasts.

    To you vets here, sincerely, thank you all for your contribution.

    Dirk Williams

  10. You should mention that they did not die in the service of the United States but in the service of the bankers the Rothchilds in the internationalist. The only war that was legitimate for the United States to fight was the war of independence. Everything else was about supporting the international order

  11. It’s spelled ‘Veterans’, NOT ‘Veteran’s’. It’s NOT possessive.

  12. To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor the protected never know.

  13. And G*d bless the family of Gen. William R. Bond, and Sig and his family in Wyoming. Sig is alive, Gen. Bond was KIA, Apriil 1, 1970, about a mile from where I stood, RVN. And more than a few others I know. Each other is about all we got. Sometimes, I hate remembering.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Thank you my friend. As I said yesterday, I’m so relieved to still have you alive and with us.

      And to all my fellow vets; there’s few of us who know the truth of the Neverending War, the rest just keep falling into formation and feeding the meat grinder. May they find peace.

  14. OK, once more for the tone deaf professional cynics and curmudgeons:

    We HONOR those who served because they answered their nations call and did their very best to protect and defend their beloved families and the Nation, as it was within their ability to understand.

    We DO NOT disparage them for their inability to parse and suss and divine the malign intentions of unseen hands and forces beyond knowing for most, but for the incomparable 20/20 hindsight with which so many here and around and about are now blessed.

    What would you have done on 8 December, 1941?

    My Dad, an Army Reservist, packed his bags and awaited orders. The enlistment centers had long lines around the block. Were all those men just fools and tools to you?

    Yes, we all need and deserve to know the truth and things are much different, and more obvious, than they were in 1941, or even 1964 or even 9/11.

    Any man who goes to risk his life believing he is defending his home and country deserves all the honor and respect even cynics may muster.

    • >what would you have done
      well, after sept 11 I got into the military, despite having deep misgivings about the afghans or iraqis being any sort of real enemy, and realized I was being used and found a way to get out

      >were all those men just fools and tools to you?
      I was, my family was as well, gotta face facts. Sunk costs don’t mean you just keep fighting for Murka because you got fooled before. Learn your lessons, or be a pawn of enemies/manipulators.

      >We DO NOT disparage them
      it’s not dispararagement, it’s telling a bro he fucked up. Only if he stays pigheaded and fights for the wrong side so he can continue to get gibs or for a feeling of self-righteousness (because he is doing as told) do we disparage. If they never got the chance to learn, no one will hold that against them. Except for maybe being lemmings, depending on circumstances.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. So….


    It’s funny, I seem drawn to your posts for some strange reason of which I have no idea except that you appear to be a rebel of some sort , as I feel I am such, as well.

    That said… you mentioned, “The Ugly Truth.”

    Now we’re talking!

    The TRUTH is a big deal which most people want nothing to do with… I’m guessing (I know) pretty much everyone here knows what I mean…

    I think the truth is ugly because people don’t want it to be what it is. For them, sadly, it’s something that they change to that they can deal with and it’s good and nice… ultimately it is not. Can’t change the truth…

    Give me the truth! Even if it hurts! (usually does).

    Seek truth anyway.


    I salute all veterans today (and everyday!)

  17. Eventually you realize that it was all for someone else or something else.

    I remember giving bags of taxpayer money to Imams in Sadr City.

    I don’t remember doing that to any Americans I know.

    Like maybe my family who paid $95,000 in taxes last year.

  18. You’re entitled to express your opinion.

    Thanks, still, to better men than ourselves.

    Miss that bit about 20/20 hindsight?

  19. The military has already joined the people and now looks like you.

    What more do you want from it?


  20. Veterans Day is the same as any other day for me because every day I remember my fellow combat vets including the ones who are no longer here to stand with us.

    Judging by some of the comments Veterans Day is the same day as any other day for the usual shitbags here who use the First Amendment to disparage a Constitution and a nation founded on the finest principles of a Judeo-Christian Western Culture they really know nothing about. Go ahead and continue using what’s left of that First Amendment others paid for you. I defended it so even one as unworthy of sacrifice as you could type your drivel in safety.

    I had to use Veterans Day yesterday to say a final farewell to a family member. So with that in mind I invite my fellow vets who have apparently greater difficulty on Veterans Day to use it as an opportunity for reflection so you can return to your values. If I can do it, so can you.

  21. The two posts above between Anon and Oughtsix are important. Bridge that gap fellas, we need everyone together. The thing both groups discussed have in common is that they were “doing what they thought was right”. The fact that this patriotic equity was squandered for bankers wars doesn’t change the fact that it was handed up freely and with good intention.

    “Do the next right thing” is an important concept. Waking the fuck up and recognizing errors in declination is equally important.

  22. AMAZING VIDEO! Vietnam War Veteran Cries on President Trump’s Shoulder During Vietnam Speech

    The liberal mainstream media hid this beautiful moment from the American people.
    It does not fit their narrative.

  23. Born in the first half of the 20th Century, this is my perspective.
    America, getting into Vietnam, was a step by step process.
    Not so many years after WWII with its battlefield deaths in the hundreds of thousands, Americans witnessing the Communists in the Soviet Union expand outward, the Communist Chinese surge outward, and having dealt with the Communists in North Korea, we were awakened by prospect of the Red Menace overtaking the globe.
    Communists were very active in that pursuit. World War II was seen as a justifiable war. Veterans of the Second World War, the First World War, and even at that time, Veterans of the Civil War were held in high esteem and honored. Pictures of men in uniform; fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, were prominently and proudly displayed on the walls, dressers and even night stands in most homes. America was proud of its military and its veterans. That’s just the way it was at that time.
    Then, with the threat of Communism in America being a real concern, and American Veterans held in high esteem, the sense of danger and the sense of duty at that time was not much different from today seeing the ever increasing threat of Islam in America. Men were then, and are today, ready to fight the threat. George W. Bush made the statement that “We are not at war with Islam”. Maybe he wasn’t. But Islam is at war with America. Just ask a Jihadi.
    Back to Vietnam, step by step.
    The Draft was still in place. Men still served proudly. The Flag was still honored.
    The United States was assisting in Vietnam to “contain” the Communists and prevent a Domino Effect in Southeast Asia. I believe that was a noble cause. For whatever reason, Diem was deposed and America was in Vietnam with both combat boots. Communists were infiltrating the U.S. News media. Biased reporting was the same as it is today; “Right is Bad, and Left is Good”. The difference then vs today is obviously there was no alternative media at that time. Today, the Left is fighting with tooth and nail anything that doesn’t align with their narrative. Nothing has changed from yesteryear except the intensity.
    We had Walter Cronkite at CBS leading the charge with his nightly display of body bags. It took a toll on the American perception of the Vietnam War.
    Add to the equation the Civil Rights movement. All across the nation we were in turmoil. Can you see the parallel in our situation today?
    My point in this is about the Veterans. Some of us were drafted, some of us enlisted. Most were proud of our military service. I know I was. Those pictures of men in uniform that I mentioned above were in the homes of my grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. My uniformed family members were held in high esteem. But I saw the change in attitude when I was traveling in uniform. No longer were military uniforms universally smiled upon or honored. Everything was changing. The war dragged on and America got tired of it. Seeing soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines as the closest thing to the war, we were seen as part of the problem by those who wanted “America Out” .
    The fickle world had flipped.
    I may be rambling here but the point is this. Veterans of the U.S. Military, for the most part, are honorable men, who saw a need to serve. They were willing to lay their lives on the line for the benefit of others. They love their country….maybe they don’t love the whole of the government, but they love their country, and their families, and their friends.
    There are young men today who are not yet in uniform, who have no real desire to go into harm’s way. But given another 9-11, they will be standing in long lines to put their lives on the line, once again, for all they love in America.