Codrea: Major Newspapers Confirm No ‘Gun Laws’ Will Ever Be Enough For Them

Of course.

They are power addicts, just like 90+% of the stooges in public life.

Keep a “Media” section in your accountability files.

Be a dangerous kulak.

13 responses to “Codrea: Major Newspapers Confirm No ‘Gun Laws’ Will Ever Be Enough For Them

  1. But… but… First Amendment! Freedom of speech!


  2. To quote the late MVB shoot the first one through the door!

  3. The “Media” section in those files contains everyone in the Media. Just as the “Law Enforcement” section in those same files contains everyone in “Law Enforcement”. Of ANY flavor….

  4. At what point do they push hard enough to create the nightmare they think they fear (cause honestly they have no clue about scope/scale of what they want to spark here)?

    Millions of useless idiots and some professional quisling whores who’ve never been in a scrape or dust up clamoring to take away the God given rights of folks who’ve seen the elephant. That should end well. I’ll make some popcorn and leave the light on for you gun grabbers.

    I’ve always liked the whoosh that burn juice makes when you soak some brush then flick that match in…..

  5. The Usual Suspect

    ‘ THEY ‘ have the talking part done !

  6. Use the Clinton rules of engagement from when Billy Jeff was Elpresidente. The press are legitimate targets.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Big_Celebrant

    They couldn’t make it any plainer, and so neither will I –

    Bill Ayers stated, quite correctly, that -they- would need to “eliminate”, i.e. “kill”, about 30 to 50 MILLION people who could not be “re-educated” to conform to the rules of their utopian society.

    And that is about how many we’ll have to “eliminate” to put down this collectivist insurrection before we’re done. Just accept it. It’s the cost of not losing at this point.

    Yep, I’m saying that -we- need to eliminate about 50 million bodies from the US population.

    They are not citizens — they are enemy combatants, whether they were born here or not. They are enemy combatants because they have declared war on my country and my society — they have declared and are prosecuting a civil war against our constitutional government, and at this point have unlawfully seized control of the instruments of government power – for the purpose of using said instruments of power against us. There is no other objective way to describe it.
    And this means we’re losing. Losing badly, in fact. But what can we expect, when we refuse to fight for our rights, our society, and our freedom?

    The sooner we wake up and start dealing with this problem for what it is — CIVIL WAR — the sooner we can actually start saving (whats left of) our society.
    Until we do that, the traitors and thieves will continue to dominate us and eat out our substance…

    Yeah, Bill Ayers was right. But I wonder if, when he made that blunt assessment of what was ‘necessary’ – when he put that large a number on the culling – I wonder if he realized that the equation has full reciprocity? That his “50 MILLION” culling figure applied also to the Left, should they lose the fight?

    It’s time for us to teach the Left some ‘hard math’, and show them how a good culling is done.

    Or lose.
    There is no in-between.
    Your choice.
    Your move.