K Blog: On The Moore Accusations

One side understands “by any means necessary”.

Their nominal opponents understand being cultural bottoms.

7 responses to “K Blog: On The Moore Accusations

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I’d vote for Judge Moore, if possible, simply because he is another nuclear bomb sitting in Washington DC. Like Trump, it’s the middle finger of making every Elite uncomfortable.

    • like Trump, Moore is a Zionist stooge. In fact,

      he’s a practicing Christian Zionist. Know what that means?

      it means he’s a White crackpot who loves his Jew-executioner.

      it means he wants to blow up the world on behalf of Israel in a final White-on-White nuclear cataclysm. So he and his ilk can go to heaven, sit on a fleecy cloud, and strum on a golden harp for all eternity.

      stop voting, idiots.


      Stop it.

  3. Judge Roy Moore is less than a month younger than me.

    I remember well the 1970-80s. I was single, had an exciting (to women of all ages) job, earning good money, owned my home. When two women, a 15 year old and a 19 year old, came to my house to invite me out for a “road trip” with their own bottle of wine, the only reason I didn’t do the wild thing with the younger woman was I was interested in the 19 year old, one with an hour glass figure that usually had a bare midriff exposed. The younger woman had on skin tight jeans and a open backed gown like you see in a Dr.’s office, that was tied in the back.

    Yessir, I remember those days very well.

  4. Hey, haxo…
    Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good..
    The 2nd A is the only political test…

  5. forthenonchildren

    Biology calls an animal which has matured enough to successfully reproduce an “adult”. Moore wanted sex with adult women; how unreasonable. Even more unreasonable is these younger adults acting like adults. Quick, call the religious dictatorship to put them under house arrest.


      Moore will prevail, whether you approve of his Zionism or not. The big question is why these “women” waited to come forward, when it would have been easier for Luther Strange to snatch the Dead Elephant Primary vote? Now, it turns out that these two are a couple or fortune-hunting looney-tune frauds. And, with all the Jackass Party scandals(Clinton, Menendez, etc.) it becomes a case of a pot calling a kettle black.
      Whether you support Moore or not, the fact that he has professed his faith ever since he was a judge, speaks volumes about the hysteria and hatred from his enemies. Here is someone who is an anathema to the abortionists, LGBT Godless deviates, Cosmic White Marxists and the (((handlers))) of and(((donors))) to their trained seals-BLM and Antifa. Should Moore prevail in the Alabama general election, you will witness another primal scream to the heavens by the SJW/Special Snowflake brigades, similar to what happened when the POTUS was sworn in. I hope it comes to pass. EPHESIANS 6:10-13