SLL: The Kids Are Not Alright

Forecast: Worse to come.

Hope the guilty die before the Zs get old.

14 responses to “SLL: The Kids Are Not Alright

  1. The Usual Suspect

    Uncontrolled government spending has bankrupted the
    entire world, and nothing short of a worldwide revolution,
    violent or otherwise will change it.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      We keep hoping for the best, but a revolution by the proles isn’t anywhere in our future. They will continue to prole on, as always.
      That’s their job function, and they’re damn good at it.

  2. now hear this, generation Zyklon!

    don’t touch my Social Security. If you do,

    I’ll kill you.

    • Haha, SS was ‘touched’ long before Gen Z were born .

    • Haxo.

      Social Security is NOT a retirement plan.

      i don’t expect to ever see any of that stolen loot again.

      i made it a point to pay into it just enough to qualify me for benefits, then, i bailed out and left the system.

      fuck the poolice

      fuck the gubmint

  3. So it won’t be repaid no matter how much cheap labor is allowed to legally/illegally come into the country by the Ds and Rs. So the only thing left for the Banksters to do is issue more debt to cover the annual SPENDING deficit by the District of Criminals. The Federal Reserve has that ponzi scheme wired tight with the Wall Street ((Banksters)).

    For all the CONstitutionalists out there I seem to remember something in that old parchment that says gold and silver is the “coin” of the realm. You can thank Lincoln for destroying that clause of your precious Constitution. He had to pay for the war that killed over 670,000 somehow… might as well issue paper.

    Grey Ghost

    • <—-Spot on. It's been a farce for a long time and I think they are frankly surprised themselves that the plates are still spinning.

    • GG exactly, which is why I don’t worry about it. What’s going to happen, is written. None of us can change the azimuth, only our families position.


  4. At some point, probably a combination of natural and a man made disaster, it will become all too apparent that this stupid game will not work any more. The trick is to prepare for it, and be as wise as a serpent afterwards. I thought I would miss the NFL, I find that I don’t. Millionaires who insult me to my face appear to be easier to dismiss than previously believed. And 0321, it’s damn fine to hear from you again.

    • “And 0321, it’s damn fine to hear from you again.”

      Roger that. Top.

      how’s the leg man?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Hey tfa-t,
        if you’re asking me, I’m doing OK. Double knee surgery/meniscus last spring was great, went backpacking all summer in the Winds and YellowstoneNP in spite of foot neuroma, which I’m now trying to get fixed. Appears I have a twisted spine from a horse wreck 4 yrs ago. Stick to your ruck, it’s safer !!!!!
        And you?

        • Hey Leatherneck! Same here on reading from you again.
          A week and a half ago fractured a rib, and good that
          backbone is not in distress at the same time.
          Staying away from laughing, coughing, sneezing,and if
          anybody tickles me, I’ll just punch them in da mouph 🙂

          “Every man to his family and his belongings”

          semper vivium

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. generations not yet born have been saddled with enormous debt. will it be paid back? of course not. it cannot be.

    fiat money, worthless today but yet still accepted, will be recognized for its absolute worthlessness and rejected. when this is the case, the lifeblood of empire and tyrants will cease to function as a means of trade and a store of value. at that point, the system will come crashing down around all. when this nadir is reached, the rebellion will begin. the result will be multiple separate nations on the land mass where now one nation exists.