From Kenny

With a slight correction.

See also this dissenting view:

NYT: Can My Children Be Friends With White People?

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  1. wealthy farmer

    So the ‘meme du jour’ is “whiteness”?
    Cooked up in the fetid jungle-mind of an ivy league colored equal opportunity admit, and now spreading like kudzu since the black (actually half white) prince left the stage?
    And EVERY comfort, convenience and life extending and enhancing technology that they take for granted was designed and given to humanity by ‘white’ people.
    Perhaps a grass skirt, a mud hut, and a lifespan of 28 years, punctuated by serious illness and starvation would feel more authentic?
    The ghetto is a state of mind, and certain Powers want to make sure we all stay on our various reservations….

  2. They (white people) cannot really be your friends if you, or your minions, are too busy beating the up and killing them. I am sure that I read this here…
    “When black people riot, cities burn. When white people riot, continents burn.”

  3. Here are the important facts about the esteemed professor:
    New York Democratic Lawyers Council
    2-Columbia University
    Very Active Member of the Black Law Students Association Political Action Committee
    This. From his own biography.
    He is so worried about how “whiteness” will affect his children-why not move them back to Africa? After all, your skin is your uniform.

  4. I don’t think in abstract terms of being white is “ok”. I am who I am, and that’s all there is to it. That I am white is just the way it turned out. I’d druther be who I am, than what a lot of people are, which is a front or disguise they put on to pretend to be some one they are not. I was not meant to be an actor, I wasn’t meant to be anything. I made myself into a pretty fair soldier, and it’s all I ever wanted to be. Now, I’m a busted up chunk of meat, can’t see or do much very well, looking back at who and where I once was, and realizing it was just fine, and the only times I was even conscious that I was white is when some non-white played the race card. There are lot of non-whites in this country playing a very dangerous game with the whites. After a couple of good, stiff belts, almost everyone likes to dance. But despite being some what inebriated, they still like what they like, and don’t like what they don’t like. Make an accusation out what a person is, and you’ll get back nothing but resentment. And it doesn’t motivate them to dance. Accuse some one enough times of badness, and they’ll go that way and become that badness, just to throw it back in your face. It’s not just ok to be white, it’s damned good. Only a fool pisses down a mans’ back and tells him it’s raining.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. If one part of society is allowed to ask “can my children be friends with ____ people” while another part would be attacked for asking the same question, then we have neither freedom nor equality.

  7. thesouthwasrght

    My question for the author, and the rest of black America is a simple one: At what point has “equality” been achieved?

  8. the nigger is right.

    superior Whites and inferior niggers should be mutually segregated.

    Whites on their own continent, niggers on theirs.

    where they can run, jump, and be happy, living to the full potential of their 70 IQ Blackness. That is, spending most of the time fucking like bunnies.

    and then breed themselves out of existence.

    • HaHa, great prose. China won’t leave that jewel filled continent to them. Africa needs to be gentrified. Poor Quaddaffi made a start only to be overthrown by the peacekeepers. A pox on the Chair Force scum who gave air cover to the jihadi proxies.

    So he’s a former slave?

  10. Mountain Cracker

    To the author of the NY Slimes piece (of shit,) you tell your little jigaboo to mistrust white people all you like. In fact you should send him back to Africa, he’ll be MUCH safer there with his own Rocky-Ford cantaloupe-headed ilk. In fact, statistically, white society will be much safer with your little jungle bunny gone. In fact, have him take a jew under each arm.

    I will tell my beautiful white children the facts, which are that niggers, yes that’s right, NIGGERS, perform unspeakable acts of barbarism even in this day and age. That they disproportionately commit violent crimes and destroy everything they are given by white-guilted liberal idiots. Take a look around Detroit if you want to see their legacy. White society cares nothing for their “addictions” because THEY PRODUCE NOTHING but chaos, poverty, death and destruction. There is no significant “black middle class” and you are not victims.

    I will have to have “the talk” with my white kids, after showing them one of the many videos of how blacks act in groups, say in Memphis or Washington DC. I will do this so that when they find themselves surrounded by a group of mother-fucking niggers, they will know that no good can come from it, and remove themselves from the area. If they don’t learn it from me, they will learn it from the niggers, likely in the most brutal fashion.

    Lastly, understand, white America, doesn’t OWE you goddamned niggers a thing, nor do my children. What’s more this country used to be a decent place to for white people to live and prosper. If I had my way (and I might yet) you would again find yourselves at the end of a rope, or picking a cash-crop in the hot sun until you die, as restitution for what you have done to it. Our ancestors knew EXACTLY what you all are, and they were wiser than we give them credit for.

  11. Damn right Mountain Cracker, beautiful

  12. Sure didn’t work well for white friends in South Africa after black rule.

  13. And some people still wonder why John Derbyshire wrote “The Talk”….

    Here it is again, for those who missed it before:

    The Talk

    Of course our pc liburturd friends and relatives WON’T understand let alone here of the above..their ‘education’ about “race relations” where pathological blacks are concerned begins in the 1st panel.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  14. Hi Wendy!

    Here’s a link to Colin Flaherty’s site, lots of info

    Also definitely recommend this book.
    Uncivil War: Blacks vs Niggers

    Starkes is a brave man for calling out the pathology in the black community, don’t doubt that he’s caught hell for being so honest.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III