K Blog: Do Look Down

On the users and the used.

What could possibly go wrong?

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    Huffpo may be leading the charge in the Blue Hives, but it is much different in the hinterlands. The Cosmic White Marxists who control the narrative may sit in their smug, secure Ivory Towers and tut-tut-tut the rest of us. Eventually, they will be running for their lives.

  2. This: “retired from the California State Compensation Insurance Fund,” is all you need to know. Every filthy piece of trash first wants that guaren-damned-teed pension from the taxpayers, before they move on to even more taxpayer funds. Palm Springs was fun when I was a kid. It had the Hollywood crowd-both old & new. It had incredible hot weather. The tram was cool. Now? People who have lived there for years are leaving because it truly is queer city.

    • Randall Flagg

      The tram. One of my great-uncles helped build that back in the day.

      Now it’s the tram for trans. Nice.


      SS: Word. Cathedral City has been a Mecca for butt pirates since the 1980’s. They are truly a cancer. Since they cannot reproduce, they must convert. As a Peace Officer in Orange County, I watched them for many years doing everything they could to persuade gender-confused post-pubescent and even pre-pubescent males to come over to the dark side. NAMBLA and the Rene Guyon Society were on our radar from the late 1970’s onward. Satan never sleeps.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. look on the bright side:

    Republiscams lost. We need the Republican Pty to

    DIE. Then,

    non self-liquidating Whites will have no choice but move further Right.

    ultimately, to WN.

  5. Don’t forget about these:
    ‘Gender Fluidity’ taught in schools

    Teaching homosexuality to kids

    Drag queens teaching kids about ‘Gender Diversity’

    With all of the above, I guess one shouldn’t be surprised that people are cheering on an underage drag queen….

    8 Yr old drag queen and mom interviewed (pay attention to what his mother says..oh and where’s his dad?)

    Personally I don’t care if adult men want to play ‘hide the Johnsonville’ with each other or even if they want to dress up. It’s when homosexuals feel they have to push themselves on kids through the schools and such that I say, OH HELL NO!!

    Could you imagine this happening in rural Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Idaho, Montana or Wyoming?…

    Just another reason to go full bore on homeschooling!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  6. Are politicians who import voters to maintain their positions of graft committing treason?

    Your whole world is changing…..