Bracken On Alex Jones Today 1115 EST

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  1. I wish Alex Jones and his subordinates would learn basic rules of conversation and interviewing . If they would not ride that wild horse right over Matt and others they would get much more info and irritate us normies much less . Let Matt do the talking and shut your pie hole dammit !

    • Agreed!

      My biggest peeve with aj is that he doesn’t know when to stfu.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Bracken on Haggman and Caravan is better. More detail.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. What do the readers think will be the catalyst to starting The Festivities? I heard the Saudi Coup mentioned-which has a distinct possibility of playing the role of Archduke Ferdinand; drones-which can be anybody’s own distinctive player; and more. My bet is on the House of Saud. The players are far reaching, there is a literal ton of money in each country, and palace intrigue always has its’ own dynamic. Plus the Middle East has been looking to take the rest of us down the rabbit hole with them for a while now.

  4. I’m sure this latest interview of Alex Jones by Matt Bracken will be vastly enlightening.

  5. could not find Bracken

  6. AJ’s motor mouth is exactly why I don’t listen, AJ, isn’t interviewing Matt he’s interviewing himself, Matt’s just their to look handsome, shake his head up and down.

    AJ’s just another symptom of the problem named media.


  7. Sorry, I cannot listen to Mr. Jones interview anyone. It’s 90%Alex Jones and 10%. Guest.

  8. Savage was on AJ today; Bracken was on Hagman, 2nd hour:

  9. I agree. I quit listening to Alex Jones quite awhile ago because he can’t “stfu” as others have put it, and let the guest speak. As a result, he, Jones, comes off as a lunatic and i won’t refer people to him as a source for anything because his presntation hurts any case I try to make. So, Jones. Shut the hell up and let your guest answer a question. Same thing with Michael Savage. Smart as hell and knows his subject, but can’t shut the hell up when he should. Savage frequently complains about being ignored by the media-he shoul dlisten to atape of his show, and he would figure it out soon enough. I like listening to his show but I always end up switching it off because of his lack of self-control. He might call it “schtick”, I call it unprofessional.

  10. Two words describe Alex Jones.

    “Controlled Opposition”