VDH: Draft Indictment Versus The Boomers


The ’92 election sealed the deal.

Everything since then has been and will be denouement.

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  1. more horseshit from notorious (((NatRev))) cuck VDH.

    actually, ‘Murka does not have a “generational” problem.

    it has a trans-generational Jew problem that, as the Jewpower increases

    *via (((Central Bank))) debt-bombing, just gets worse and worse. Cf. also:

    *Kosher Culture of Death: killing the White birthrate via legalized abortion, porn, faggot group-entitlement, and Judeo-feminism.

    *Judeo-globalist open-borders insourcing of hostile ethnic orcs – mestizos, blacks, muslims, slants – in order to drown the remaining Whites in a rising tide of color.

    *the endless, Orwellian “Great War on Terror”, in fact a war to aggrandize Israel, keep the oil-producers on the debtbuck, and blow Muslims out of their own countries so they can be brought over here to destroy us.

    • Indeed…my first thought was how carefully VDH avoided mentioning the two taboo subjects related to a certain ethnicity and its ambitions. My second thought was regarding (((who))) helped shape the Silents and the Boomers into the pathetic pool of piddle they turned out to be….

  2. Sorry, but invoking Hollywood, pro-sports, diversity and whatever else conveniently seems to come to hand in order to ascribe the decline to a single generation is unadulterated bullshit. That’s akin to the notion that an AR-15 could anthropomorphically decide, on a whim, to become self-aware & do evil. That’s some really poor writing; a lamentation maybe, but really poor writing. I take responsibility for what I do & have done. The sociological file clerks can go to hell.

  3. It is easy to see the flaws in our culture. The hard work is correcting the mistakes and paying for the consequences of the mistakes already made. The lampost and rooe brigade would say that it can be done quickly (and there probably is some truth to it…), but history teaches us differently. This sort of problem will take a generation or two to iron out, unless we want to go Old Testament on those that wish us harm.

  4. Chelsea was so HOT!

  5. stop it. Old man Bush fucked us in ’89.

  6. I have told every young person I meet and talk about jobs with, that they have never seen a good economy in their lifetime. They have never heard of Ross Perot and I show them the 1992 debate with the Great Sucking Sound clip and his predictions on what would happen in 20 years.

    That usually gets them riled up at both parties.
    Perot lost because he took on both parties at once.
    Trump won because he first defeated the GOP and then went on to beat the bitch.
    Good lesson there.
    Fight One enemy at a time if you can manage it.

    • Perot lost because he took on both parties…”

      I disagree. Perot lost because he was a foil. He was USED to draw votes away from Daddy Bush, so that Clinton would be elected. In a two way race, Clinton was going to lose BIGLY to Bush, but that wasn’t Deep State / CIA plan. Clinton’s election was a payoff because he played ball with the CIA in the 1980’s, selling the use of the State of Arkansas like a third world tin-horn.

  7. Randolph Scott

    I remember telling my parents that if bill clinton was elected POTUS that it be the start of the decline of America and it Christian values.

    • When the Saturday Evening Post (or a similar rag of the time) did a cover story about Bush Senior with the picture of him and clan in bed on a week end morning, a pyramid was prominently displayed between the ‘adults’.

      My whole clan was touting how great he would be as a president. Then I pointed out the crystal pyramid and told them he was the second worst person we could have touting Christian values.

      I stand by that today and agree it’s only got worse with each succeeding ‘leader’.


    Victor Davis Hanson: Another Cuck talking head who, when he is not crying woe is me because the wetbacks are trashing and looting his property in Fresno County, is lecturing us Dirt People, along with the other Cucks at National Review, about how we should think. I know, I know. Do not shoot the messenger. Some of what was written does ring true.
    However, elitists like Hanson and the clueless fools at Hillsdale College who continue the talking head meme on “Compassionate Conservatism” and other ridiculous topics should take a lesson from the Salons of the effete, cloistered and “enlightened” intellectual pinheads during the run-up to the festivities in La Belle France, prior to 1789.
    When the kick-off really starts gathering steam here in the Failed United States of Amerika, these useless eggheads will be running for their lives. Unless they have secure bolt holes or a plan B, they will be dealt with harshly by the Blue Hive mobs or the National Razor, courtesy of the Basket of Deplorables. Bleib ubrig.

  9. Finally, some one of consequence points the blow torch in the right direction. I may be classified as a Boomer (I also lived in a time when there weren’t labels for everyone, and you weren’t buttonholed as being guilty of shit by everyone you met) and VDH hits it squarely on the head as being the affluent politically and financially that have made all the communist moves that we have with us now. Not the middle class. They (me) were just dupes lied to aggressively and constantly by the boomers with the reins. Don’t like the way it turned out, and would never have done a lot of things if i had known I was being played.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Being played is one thing, but still playing along 40yrs later and living in a state of denial is another. How many here commented last week about how Vietnam was fought to bring democracy to SE Asia? Some folks can’t bring themselves to admit to gov’t corruption and eternal warmongering for profit.

      Everyone loves to laugh at how stupid the Germans were for following Hitler, and yet 70 yrs later, we’re even more stupid….. we supposedly know better. Aren’t we the ones who imposed Nuremberg on the Nazis?
      The level of brainwashing in this country is mindnumbing, whether it involves, sports, Hollywood, history, patriotism, religion, or even simple politics and corruption. Denial is a simple solution when you can’t face reality.

      • “How many here commented last week about how Vietnam was fought to bring democracy to SE Asia? Some folks can’t bring themselves to admit to gov’t corruption and eternal warmongering for profit.”

        Yep, you and I both know it.
        Most people do prefer the perfumed and poisoned lies to the ugly truth.
        I’ll take truth any day!
        Still talking to the “young uns” in my AO, trying to help them wake up on their own so they don’t end up eating the lies and then end up with missing limbs, a shattered and broken mind or lying in a flag draped box because some shitweasel politician had to have his investment portfolio protected and it’s value increased.

        ALL wars are economic; the only truly just war was the Revolutionary War.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • ‘How many here commented last week about how Vietnam was fought to bring democracy to SE Asia?”

        Fair gripe and maybe a pointer to ignorance. The good part is that they were really referencing what THEY were thinking and doing, as opposed to their Rulers. Yuge difference and at least it implies that there’s a “me” somewhere in there. Baby steps.

      • Most commenters here are normie boomers.

  10. That’s a surprisingly great piece at (((never trump review))).

  11. Ross Perot was Trump in 1992.

    But he wasn’t powerful enough and not enough were woke to the JQ.

    No internet then.

    • Oh Geez, don’t blame it on the fact we didn’t have internet. I have been reading about what we are living right now since the 1970’s. It has all been forecasted. I had to learn to keep my mouth shut or the “normies” would call me crazy. Including my own conservative parents. I remember reading about who would become Presidents in ten years or so. Daddy Bush was one. When I read that I had to dig for background, I had never heard of him.
      I was always kinda hoping I would never have to live through this shit, but here I am at 71 and everything I read has or is coming true. We are going to HAVE to kill a whole lot of commies kids. Or they WILL kill us, to the last man.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “We are going to HAVE to kill a whole lot of commies kids. Or they WILL kill us, to the last man.”

        If we lose, they’ll get theirs at the hands of Islam, so we’ll be avenged, albeit unintentionally.

      • Chin up…the odds for collectivists killing themselves off without outside assistance are down to 4,000-1. Still a longshot, but improving. “The trend is your friend.”

  12. It wasn’t the Boomers who elected Johnson, Nixon, and Carter.

    • There you go bring facts and logic into the discussion.

      • Elections are not that important. The Deep State usually gets their pick. And they have a long list of picks, but also with alternates that can fill in.

    • Damn straight it wasn’t. Some of us even fought and lost over and over again along the way. This Boomer is fuckin’ NOT GUILTY. FU VDH.

    • The fact that people are still naive and marshmallow brained enough to think that they NEED to “vote for a leader” IS the problem!

      Voting for a leader is like a chicken that shills for Col. Sanders!

      slaves and ‘citizens’ NEED a “Master/Leader”
      Free men and women DON’T!!
      Free your mind.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • You’re right, we elect representatives to advocate on our behalf in the Legislature. Well, that was the intention of it…

        • “..we elect representatives to advocate on our behalf in the Legislature..”

          It’s past time that people here and elsewhere come to the understanding that the “representatives” DON’T ‘represent’ or ‘work for us’. Every one of them, from drumpfy to pelosi to rand paul are nothing more than hired contractors for the oligarchy/parasite class..all 535 of them along with the 9 black robed nazgul priests that form ‘scrotum’ (supreme court relaying oligarchy’s total ultimate masterhood).

          They are all employees of globecorp..they answer to the banksters and the rest of the oligarchy – not the dirt people.

          That’s why ‘voting’ is suicidally stupid.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Free men and women DON’T!!”

        17th Century pirates were about the freest people there were, and even they voted for leaders.

      • If that is the case, then how are Boomers responsible for the state of the world?

    • Being a ‘boomer’, I recall vehemently criticizing the peanut farmer with every breath, all to no avail. Every ‘boomer’ (and their ancestors) I knew voted for the first of the green weenie presidents.

      Carter’s election is the primary cause of my becoming a ‘prepper’. And ‘things’ have only got worse in the ensuing decades.

  13. The Usual Suspect

    Jesus Fucking Christ !!!
    Whom ever you are, where ever you are,
    look in the mirror,
    there is our problem !
    We are all to blame and we have all been played,
    at some time or ever !

    • “We are all to blame and we have all been played”

      Simple and accurate. The problem seems to be that it violates the current Axiom—“It ain’t me.”

      • it ain’t me.

        i’m the exception to almost all the rules. and, so far, i’ve beaten the system… mistakes? you’re fucking right i made mistakes- big ones. all in all, i’ve left more good in my wake, than bad.

  14. White Blue Collar Redneck

    This is what all of you have ceded
    with your worthlessness.
    Nothing posted here, and none of
    the attached comments, matters one
    wit to the citizens of our Republic,
    Western civilization, culture, Christianity,
    and the rule of law.
    Know that.


    • About 2 km from my work location in Tampa.
      Heavy Muslim population there.
      NYC truck murderer was from the area. CAIR office not too far away.

      Black suspect could be Muslim.

      I doubt anyone demanded a warrant.

      Will be back there Thursday night.
      Bob’s Alabama BBQ on 40th Street is good food.
      Armed security too.

      Know your AO.

    • And why didn’t anyone there tell those suited up morons from the feral buttwipers of impotence to fuck off and take a hike out of there..that they’d be of more use searching for “Mason Jars” stolen Glock and his crappy rolex and his missing manhood elsewhere!!

      It’s past time such shitweasels were taught a very ugly lesson!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  15. Goddamn you, Warren G. Harding! [shakes cane at sky]

    • insightful. It was Warren G., a Republican, who appointed the first (known) Jew to the higher federal bureacracy.

      • Goldman Sachs had already wormed its way into the Wilson Administration before that, agitating for war….

        • And “Col. House” was there every moment to shepherd wilson along the proscribed path that the parasite class desired…just like valerie jarret with ovomit..

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

  16. Jimmy the Saint

    For a guy who’s supposed to be a historian, he doesn’t really seem to know much history.

    Hollywood? Most of its product has always been forgettable garbage. If the old movies were such awesome works of inspiring art, they’d still be remembered. They aren’t, because they most were meant as simple entertainment intended to earn a quick buck.

    Music? Pretty much the same. Most of the music that’s been made has been forgotten, and that’s not going to stop any time soon.

    Hollywood’s politics? They’ve been communist since day one.

    Academia? Sure, there were some scholars and researchers who did great things – and there still are, but most were/are forgettable nobodies who didn’t accomplish diddly beyond earning a paycheck.


      Jimmy: VDH is no historian. He is just another self-prompting Cuck who is occupying space with a lot of other self-promoting Cucks at a magazine which fewer and fewer people even bother to read. His dance card is all filled up.

  17. “The ’92 election sealed the deal.”
    I said then that if your wife cannot trust you to be loyal, your country cannot either; seemed to have been right(North Korea, Chinese military technology, reorganizing funds like social security so the debt looks good).
    The Clintons didn’t start the fire but they certainly poured gasoline on the economic and cultural decline of the country.
    (Obama drove the final nails in, the usa isn’t coming back to the be all end all it was in the world between 1940 and 2000)

  18. If some one believes that a person raised in an society that tells you a bunch of things that they themselves are not aware that what they are telling you is lies, and the person carefully groomed in this web of lies is somehow responsible for the lies, you’r just looking for something to throw mud at. For G*d’s sake, can we get off Vietnam, it’s over and it’s done with. For those determined to condemn me because I happened to be born at a certain time, I wish you all the luck, because chasing off your friends and allies is the best way to win, no? Some times the stupidity and the uselessness displayed here is insupportable.