Vox Day: What The “Alt Right” Is

A briefer from 2016.

Still very relevant to a world in which one party is droolingly mad and the other is populated by bought-and-paid-for invertebrates.

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  1. looks like i’m going to have to find a 20-ish something sweety who needs to be taken care of… should be one around somewhere.

    • If you know how to treat women right, you can have all the 20-something’s you can handle. Their male peers are worthless and everyone is figuring that out. Young, breeding-aged women look for someone who is “good father material” , if that sounds course so be it. Good Luck!

    • Don’t do it! Millennial women are toxic.


    Fine principles. When they are rounded up and put in the camps, they can lecture one another before they are taken out and shot or beheaded. I hope these Alt-Right eggheads are investing some time and money in firearms, shooting schools and survival techniques.
    It will come down to this sooner than anyone thinks. Search for and uncover the trigger effect(s). Get prepped and stay prepped. STFU. History has shown that tyrannies go after the thoughtful intellectuals first. They are the ones who are the nails sticking up the highest. They get hammered down quickly. Remember the cartoons posted previously on WRSA: KILL THE CHICKEN-SCARE THE MONKEY. And, “I BELIEVE YOU HAVE HAD TOO MUCH TO THINK.” That is our future.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Nothing is going to happen.
      Too much apathy…..AND ignorance from the masses.
      Most of them are clueless the ship is sinking………. as they make plans for next summer’s cruise.

      • answering from previous post.

        I’m good dude. Just another year older and closer to death. Like you say “Nothing is going to happen.”

        Might as well take a cruise…

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Yeah, but you own your own boat

          It’s different when everything you have is rented from the bank……. they don’t get it. It’s crashing all around them, and they don’t have the courage or brains to connect the dots.

          I may not have much, but it’s paid for and I’m grateful for that.

    • and that’s why VoxDay hides out in Rome. For reasons unclear, he thinks western Europe will be safer than ‘Murka when the debt blows up. I doubt it.

  3. I done my duty. There are 18 progeny and their progeny running around now, as well as THEIR progeny, and I have a written list to keep track of all of them. Thanksgiving is tough and Christmas unmanageable, but it’s okay, some one always has an axe to grind. Not sure about everything else. Most of them can shoot, scoot and communicate. That’s what comes from taking them to the range when they’re six. Some of them carry, daily, you have to guess which ones. Alt-Right, yeah. I am one of the Americans that does not run.

  4. The Commies/feminists/faggots/wiccans have aborted, contracepted, and sodomized their lineage into oblivion.

    Perhaps of interest to the militant atheists, the main groups in this world who are replacing or increasing their numbers are religious fundamentalists:
    Muslims, (((welfare Master Race Chasids))), and practicing Catholics.

    Figure where that goes—even if (((they))) manage to ignite yet another world war, this time a nuclear war. http://judaism.is/perpetrators.html

    • that’s the plan: a nuke war between ‘Murka & Russia which’ll terminate 90% of the northern hemisphere Whites right quick….that way (((they))) don’t have to wait until open-borders insourcing+ kosher Culture of Death finishes off the Whites c. 2070. Apparently the Zionists calculate that Israhell is sufficiently south of the main blast and radiation zones.

    • any woman who aborts her child has a screw loose…

    • “The Commies/feminists/faggots/wiccans have aborted, contracepted, and sodomized their lineage into oblivion.”

      No pun intended but which Witches are you bitching about?

      For this Neo Pagan Witch the above is NOT the case, my Fn-Fal, Glock and AR15 and the will to use them in defense of kith & kin is not even a question (also just upgraded the triggers on both the FAL and the AR with JARD triggers…MUCH better!!).

      Yes unfortunately more than a few in my religious community are the “airy fairy, crystal crunch’n, granola gulping, hug a tree/love everybody because love’s more powerful than hate, wand waving twits” but not everyone…those men and women that follow the Norse tradition…they can kick ass and take names..same for those of us who call on both Brighid and Morrigan!!
      Best to be on good terms with taciturn Vikings and hot blooded Celts!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  5. No matter what you say, you will be called a racist fascist nazi. Best to stay off the radar and work in the shadows.

    • “No matter what you say, you will be called a racist fascist nazi.”……..
      I’ve learned to embrace it!

  6. Women that will not have at least the replacement number of children (about 2.7?) are pretty much useless since men can do everything else. And with the advent of sex robots….

    • 2.1 is required just to keep a population stable. Above that is a growing population. Below is an accelerating road to extinction.

  7. Let me clarify something: Anybody that uses a sex robot is a degenerate.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. I don’t tie the photos with the article, but the photos are compelling. There is a trend among millennials to self-sterilize for the ‘good of the planet,’ or something along those lines.

    Most of western civilization has been contracepting itself into oblivion for decades, and now the chickens are coming home to roost with bell-curve trajectories.

    At best, it is cultural treason, at worst, it is intentional suicide. For many, the event horizon has already been crossed, and the end is visible, and inevitable at this point.

  10. Artie Fufkin

    Vox Day is a jew.

    What’s that protocol about leading your own opposition ?

    All you need to know about this guy.

    • And I suppose all the Jews researching cures for cancer are chopped liver? You are unable to discriminate (tell the difference between) good and evil?

      • Artie Fufkin

        Good jews researching cures for cancer ??? Not only are they the cause of most cancer (Monsanto, vaccine agenda, big pharma etc. etc. etc), they are the ones BLOCKING any real cures getting to the general public. Start with the jewish Flexner brothers for controlling the medical and pharma industries.

        No such thing as a good jew. Nice try though. We just ain’t falling for it any longer.

    • The line between good and evil cuts down through all the racial, religious, cultural, national, political party, occupational, and etc. groupings. Life is not as simple as, ‘your church is your uniform’.

    • you are mistaken. Mr. Beale is mostly Amerindian with some Saxon mixed in. S’truth, though, that he’s thick as thieves with Milo, Czernovitz, and other Jews currently penetrating the alt-Right so as to make it kosher-safe….and thus useless.

  11. “TS Adams on November 14, 2017 at 12:54

    Let me clarify something: Anybody that uses a sex robot is a degenerate.”
    Don’t knock it it’ll you try it dude!

    As long as folks are minding their own business and not hurting each other what they do is their business…but there’s always some puritanical shitweasel skulking around in the shadows waiting to spout of with his/her asshat judgements…unasked for and unwanted.

    My answer…BFYTW!!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III