Mass Schooling & Its True Objective

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  1. As I expected, Marin Marshall’s “program” is nothing more than more of the same collectivist brain killing feel-good bullshit that Gato, Holt and others have been warning us about for years.

    It’s very telling that he ranks ‘anarchy’ as the worst and dumbocracy at the top of what’s to be desired..but what more can be said for any statist involved in the “public education[indoctrination]” scam.

    A bit surprised that some of the parents there were actually offended by it and spoke out.

    Just another reason to homeschool or unschool!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • marvin not marin..damn autofill.

      The “They Live” imagery is totally on target with marvin and his ilk, not to mention the oligarchy/parasite class.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Most of Pasco county and neighboring Hernando is normal dirt people.
      The leftists are in Tampa, St. Pete Orlando and most of the other big cities, in the rest of Fl they are only around college towns.

  2. Big_Celebrant

    Progressives are the parents of public education. It was originally intended as a way to produce good factory workers. That’s why the bells, the punctuality fetish, and the Letter “grades”. None of these were part of the classical Western education system.

    But to create good factory workers, you have to habituate people at a young age to live on someone else’s schedule, to the minute. And you have to train them to aim for “Grade A”. It doesn’t matter what “Grade A” actually is, so long as you can train them to consistently aim for it.

    Now, it’s not factory workers, but consumers that they are focused on producing. And with the combination of public indoctrination centers, mass advertising, and the entire Info-tainment-ball industry, they’ve all but written consumerism into our DNA.

    But with as plastic and compliant as the people are, their grand plans are failing… they just can’t seem to close the deal. And THAT should tell you something.

    Something good, about humanity. That even though the majority of humans are idiotic, overly emotional, and so submissive that they’re ready to follow a snail into a vat of steaming butter, we’re still probably going to survive as a species.

    Sure, the White Guilt’ers and the AntiFa wonks, and the Greenpeace enviro-psycho bunch are all willing to beach themselves like a pod of lost whales… but when they finally do, that will produce some very good news – that there will be more land, resources, and fresh air for those who survive. A period of rebirth will come for a purified people. Just like what happened in Europe after the Plagues had swept through.

    And if you don’t see how the plagues contributed -in a very positive way- to European societal development, you need to go back and look at history more closely.

  3. Tis an amazement and wonder that I even got a GED. After that, college was a very strange experience for me. Some of the perfessers actually expected me to step out on my own, and write down what I really thought, about a given subject, of course. I dropped out because so many of my teachers in college hadn’t a clue as to what the were talking about, or knew nothing at all about the subject. Hint: Avoid the U of Webster, in the St. Charles County/St. Louis, Mo. area, at all costs. The VA taught me a lot about throwing good money after bad, educational wise. Mostly what I learned in college was to hate.

  4. It took a Chinese director, Ang Lee, to say it out loud. In the movie “Ride With The Devil”, one of the characters tells his guests that the war is lost because the government is opening public schools to teach the kids what the government wants them to know. Sort of like a softer version of Pol Pot killing everyone with glasses. They could read. He only wanted them to know what the Reds wanted them to know.

  5. From the movie “They Live” with deceased former wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper! We all need those special eyeglasses…


      Music to my ears. But since most of them, in my vast experience are leftists to begin with, they are just reaping what they have sewn. Sections of the Blue/Black Hive will become totally uninhabitable and cordoned off by units of the PA National Guard. We are on the cusp of a very noticeable trigger effect and probably a race war.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Another movie that will be banned in the future.
    It is obviously Anti-Semitic.
    Just look at the Dog Whistle Title and the plot.

    That has to be purged from the collective memory.

    I want to add the sarcasm tag but am unsure about it not actually coming to pass.