Mathematics: From The People, By The People, For The People

The Cubeniki explain.

All numbers are equal, after all.

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  1. General Orders 24 (bgm)

    Book reading: Do more, do it faster, and with more effect.
    Notice when you’ve read anything important enough.
    Scribble the page number, author, and title, on scraps of
    paper, save all those scraps, and then someday mail
    all of them to my office, I’ll have paid Gov. employees
    go to the book and the type the fragment up, then it will
    be copy/pasted into all the relevant files.

    So that which is dear to our hearts will succeed and endure.

  2. Big_Celebrant

    Can we just get to the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the truth, please?

    The truth is that EVERYTHING in reality is “racist”, if by that they mean that it demonstrates, quantifies, and proves beyond question that the races are not “equal” in any way.
    It’s biological and irrevocable.

    Look at the difference in IQ and SAT/GMAT scores.

    Ask any PharmD how many classes of drugs there are which have ‘race specific’ dosage and use guidelines, because different races respond differently to them.

    Look at the massive differences in societal organization and development between the continents, prior to the age of colonization.

    There is, in fact, not a single cohesive evidentiary sphere in which we can demonstrate by way of observation and reason that the various races are “equal”. Not one.

    “Racial Equality” is the second biggest lie ever told, and it’s making a strong to move to take the number one slot. (You don’t need three guesses to identify the current holder of the ‘biggest lie ever’ award)

    The only way men can ever hope to be “equal” in this world is before the law of a Just nation… and good luck finding one of those.

    In short, “equality” in the physical world is a farce. Anyone who argues otherwise has their eyes on your property, and is imagining what they’ll do with it when you’re gone.

    So that leaves just ONE WAY that one can claim equality, and that is before God and His Law. But never mind, because they’ve never believed in that, anyway.

    • There is no setting on a smart phone to make it simpler, and easier to operate by the groups your dislike. The claimed difference in IQ is false. Instead, consider a difference in work ethic and deferred gratification/time preference. Watch Prof. whatshisname’s genetics TV show on PBS and see the the qualities the guests have are not matched by the genetic content they actually have. This stuff is transmitted by culture, not genetics.

    • People don’t want the Truth Brother they want to hear something that makes them feel good…If your ever in my AO look me up and I will buy you dinner…

  3. No such thing as racist. It’s just a Marxist pejorative. We are merely ethnocentric.

  4. Math never lies, but I guess it can be racist.

  5. Logic bee raycizz too!

  6. Wait, wait, wait… let me get this strait.

    So everybody in the world, who isn’t white, is saying that this “white supremacy” has got to end? ALL the revolutionaries are saying white patriarchy has to be overturned?

    So pretty much everybody who isn’t white (and male) is saying that Whites are “supreme” and always have been? Is that it?

  7. unfunny cuck stuff, and way behind the times:

    for instance, the new head of the Dept. of Engineering @ Purdue U. is

    a bulldyke lesbian. IOTW,

    the actual subject matter will quickly be replaced by femme-faggot networking.

    • Big_Celebrant

      This is the death of the West – the last blows of the axe felling the tree of objective reality. When mathematics, engineering, history, English, and proper manners are all “racist”… Good night, Gracie.

  8. listen to this shit.


    no wonder the young people are so fucked up.


      I couldn’t make it through the entire video. It reminds me too much of the real existence of the vast majority of Amerikan Eloi.. Amerika ist verloren.

    • Niggers, the curse upon North America, have no more than an average IQ of 85, and that’s those on this continent.

      In Africa, they’re between 65-70 IQ which means that without white dominance, they’re screwed.

    • One has to remember that the parasite class thru their muscle agencies (cia/nsa) HAVE/ARE running drugs around the world – it’s how they fund their “Ops”.

      Drugs/Weapons/Gold, Diamonds, pretty much in that order, for over 50 years.

      And let’s not forget that every ‘youth public indoctrination center’ (aka schools) have their resident Nurse Giggles and Dr. Mengele on site to immediately deal out Luvox, Ritalin and a host of other mind altering approved Pharma drugs to pacify and dumb down kids in their custody.

      As much as some people here may try to fight the idea, people DO have the inherent right to put WHATEVER they want into their minds and bodies, whether it be mental, physical or spiritual..that’s the way FREEDOM rolls. If someone is stealing or assaulting others to get their ‘fix’ that’s another thing and a separate issue. As a man once told me, “Your right to Life, Liberty and Happiness also carries your right to Death, Slavery and Misery”.

      People WILL be “fucked up” on any number of things: religion, politics, sex, food (or what passes for pun intended), gambling, alcohol, money, relationships, race and more than I can think of at the moment. The point is that YOU can’t “fix” anyone but yourself, the most you can do is offer help/love/support to the other individual. It’s totally up to them if they see anything to fix and how they approach it. Sometimes it means stepping back and cutting ties and letting the situation run its painful as that may be.

      I worked for 5 years as a prison guard in Arizona; during that time (and before) it came home to me what a monumental farce the “War on [Some] Drugs” was and still is and the rampant hipocracy that is part and parcel of the parasite class. I worked in one of the most closely monitored environments possible and the inmates STILL managed to get any drug they wanted – this proved to me that if we can’t keep drugs out of prisons (and we CAN’T!), there’s NO way we can eradicate drugs and drug use from any society!

      Here’s a little secret if you haven’t figured it out yet…the parasite class DOESN’T want the ‘war’ to be won…it suits them just fine that it’s a “light at the end of the tunnel Vietnam style loosing battle” If it was actually won, they’d loose a great item to exert control and influence over.

      The hipocracy with the parasite class is that as they believe that they own us that they have the moral foundation to dare to tell us that we can pop the top off a can of buttwiper beer or light up the cancerstick from Marborough…but we better not be caught smoking the leaves and flowertops off a Cannabis plant, ingesting hallucinagenic mushrooms or trying a tab of LSD…all while they smugly sit together out of view guzzling their Martinis, smoking cigars and doing lines of coke or shooting up pure heroin.

      Fuck that shit!!

      Your right to drink buttwiper beer (bleech!)
      a glass of whiskey, smoke a cigarette, stogie, or fat assed first rate doobie or put anything else into your life is up to YOU!!


      Because you OWN yourself that’s why!!!

      And anyone who dares to say different is trying to own you…tell them immediately to fuck off in the strongest possible terms!!

      The sooner that the “War on [Some] Drugs” is ended, the sooner that the symptoms of “illegal” drug use start going away (also the obscene profits that organized crime/gangs make off off drugs with “gov” being their ‘silent partner’).

      That’s what happened when the madness of alcohol prohibition ended… originally brought on by a bunch of bitchy noisome puritanical proto crazy cat ladies and their mangina bois if you’ll recall…

      When’s the last time anyone saw a truck driver for Buttwiper get into a shootout with a driver for Coors?…


      Hence ends my sermon/rant on the evils of least for the moment.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • agree.

        but the lyrics on this piece are pretty screwed up.

        “why does god hate me”?


        listen to the end. “everybody’s high, and they ain’t coming down”.

        pretty scary stuff. i don’t remember thinking like that when i was a yute.

        kinda fits in with the 300 million prediction…

        • Yes, the lyrics are definitely reflecting a deep feeling of nihilism, one that the parasite class absolutely encourages and abets.


          They do so because a people who hate themselves also feel that things are hopeless..and those without hope are easy to control.

          God doesn’t hate them..they hate themselves, and in doing so they reject what’s good and possible in themselves.

          I unfortunately suffered from extreme depression when I was much younger..then one day several of the Old Gods made themselves known to me and gave me a mental/spiritual kick in the ass and basically said “if you got the energy to feel worthless then you got the energy to pick yourself up and be a man – now get up and knock that shit off!!”

          It worked!!

          The 300 million will happen unfortunately because too many don’t know how to be independent and responsible and many don’t want to be…especially those in the hives that have had everything given to them for all their lives.

          The great “re-set” will be a very vicious bitch indeed…

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

      • I approve this message. Wholeheartedly.

      • Isn’t it ironic that when the Taliban started burning poppy fields, the Amurrkins decided that the Taliban had to be stopped?

        Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone.

        • The U.S. is in Afghanistan for the Heroin trade………..FACT!

        • Isn’t it odd that the taliban went all out to try to eradicate the poppy crops..and as soon as American forces (read “christians in action”) had control they re-instituted the poppy crops and went so far as to have active duty soldiers providing armed 24hr protection for the heroin trade by guarding the fields.

          The brutish gov introduced opium to the Chinese to get them start trading their silver to pay for the privilege of being made into opium users.

          Makes one start thinking doesn’t it?….

          Happy Thanksgiving!!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

  9. Well…..I’m glad I’m not test flying aircraft anymore. It was bad enough with the old math. I think the wings might fall off with the new math.

  10. It’s one for her and two for them,
    one for him and three for them,
    none for you and four for them etc…

    Never adds up.

  11. Americans, they thirst for tyranny today. They will seek it everywhere and any way they can.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      People want certainty, not tyranny. However, by wanting the former, they often get the latter, since tyranny is, by its nature, certain in its actions.

    Τhe roman fasces symbol of the family Latin

  13. My poor kid is just like his old man. All the way through school math kicked the ever loving crap out of me. I couldn’t pick it up by rote. Once I got into machining, millwrighting, blacksmithing and construction it all just came together. For twelve years I asked the teachers what do I use this for and never received a cogent answer. Once I saw it in action all the little pieces just started coming together. I fell in love with physics and engineering too late in life to get papered in it. I’m stuck in the dirty end of the deal but that’s not going to be my sons lot.

    You want to make America great again? Get our boys out from under the influence of the legions of insipid bints who populate the educational system. Boys are naturally inclined to tinker with whatever is at hand and form it to the best use for the moment. Native engineering at its finest.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Same thing happened to me, all thru school I failed every test they gave me, never understood how it worked.
      Went back to school at 37 for a drafting degree and suddenly it all came together, started acing the geometry and physics classes, with a huge grin on my face too.

  14. I remember the good ol days of being lectured on WRSA about how I was a “racist” that judged on skin color, that there were Black “Patriots” that put Nation before their blackness… etc.
    How the worm has turned.

    Told ya.

    • Some of us were “racists” before being “racists” was smart. Stay alert, stay alive, and all that.

  15. Racist and White. What an ordeal. Unfortunately for the opposition, I’m also aware and methodical and still a pretty good shot. What adds up for me is 30+1. Place one thirty round magazine into your rifles magazine well, tap the magazine on its bottom, to insure it is fully seated in the weapon, release the bolt by depressing the bolt release and then tap your forward assist to insure the first round is properly seated in the chamber of the weapon. Look downrange and locate your target (s). When you have located your target, you may turn your selector switch to the semi-automatic position, and commence firing. Having down all that without the instructions being given to me, and resulting in deadly constraint, I have the very valuable experience of a weapons free situation. The best part of being a veteran is being confident. Remember, when it’s your first time showing up for combat, it’s like Fight Club rule #8, you HAVE TO FIGHT.