Z Blog: The New Romantics

Men build and/or destroy.

Women do neither.

So whence a feminized civilization?

To whom does tomorrow belong?

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  1. Interesting woman being interviewed.
    White hats vs black hats…

    “Every man ( and woman) to his family and his/her belongings”

    semper vivium

    • Randall Flagg

      One hour, thirty-eight minutes? Like I’m gonna sit down and watch that.

      • Your choice, but others might think and do otherwise.

      • Yes, who has time to search for Truth?
        “Can a free government possibly exist with the Roman Catholic religion?” (Letter to Thomas Jefferson, May 19, 1821)
        “The Jesuit order, which has been revived and inspired with new energy, is straining every nerve to enlarge its numbers and secure a controlling influence in legislation, especially in these United States, with the hope of ultimately bringing them under Papal domination. True to their principles – deceitful always – they laud the liberty of our country while forging the weapons for its destruction.”

        Who is Randall Flag?

  2. Dear Western Shooters,

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  3. http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/the-us-marines-explained-us-when-fully-automatic-fire-23304

    if you never fired a fully automatic weapon you are definitely are missing out… fun is an understatement.

    • Oh hell yeah! Select fire IMHO is one of the most fun
      things to OUT of bed!

      I’ve operated belt-feds, LMG’s (Lewis, Bren MkII, FN-BAR D), subguns (my favs were MP40’s and a Savage M1 Thompson) and others…definitely a blast.

      Apologies for this item being OT but it looks like the ‘space schoolbus driver’ and his drooling equally liburturd wife are trying to cause Ghost Gunner as much hassle as possible. It embarrases me to no end that the giffords are still here in Arizona and still trying to push their victim disarmament crap..as if anyone here would obey them whatsoever…..

      ‘Ghost gun’ kits targeted by anti-gun group

      “A gun control group on Friday asked two web hosting companies to shut down websites selling devices that are used to make untraceable homemade firearms — also known as ghost guns.

      The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence asked that Shopify and DreamHost — hosts of GhostGunner.net and GhostGuns.com — disable the websites for violating the hosting companies’ terms of service.”

      Remember it was kathy’s husband mark that bought an AR15 in a straw man sale in Tucson a while back…thought it’d help him politically to do so for their anti-gun bullshit.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  4. WRSA Headline
    “Local, local, local.”
    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
    The White House itself, and whomever sets
    NASA war policy and attitudes, is the point
    of extreme danger.
    If you’re setting policy and attitudes that
    don’t guarantee access to low earth orbit
    you’re just a loser and your nation will
    vanish and never come back.
    It is a lock that NASA attitudes have been
    infected with liberalism.
    And very probable they’ve been infiltrated by
    Russian agents.
    Cease this talk of “Local Local Local”
    Every time a KGB officer reads that HERE
    at a supposedly serious site he just starts giggling.
    Look at the people who are “local”
    and get real.
    You need hero’s.
    And soon.

  5. Men are meant to either build or destroy. Women are purposed for maintaining and continuing while the men build more (or destroy more, if necessary). I don’t understand the drive to alter those roles. Some things can be made better, for instance women not being seen as property, but why must the roles themselves be changed?

    If changing the roles causes a collapse of societies, then why would someone want to do that? The only explanation is evil.

    • Evil exists, though I don’t reckon it’s why WestCiv is feminizing. The more Women are involved in decision making on a policy level, the more their nature exists at the policy level. That is, nurture and the distribution of empathy, to borrow from Jordan Peterson. Women are being tasked with something they are wholly unsuited for, as a result of men White Knighting each other.
      The problem is ours to solve. We are destroyers, so we must destroy this ridiculous system. We are creators and builders, so it’s up to us to build upon the destruction.
      Same as it ever was. If that has theological meaning to you, suit yourself. Civilization is cyclical, Endtimes and New Dawns are cyclical.

  6. Tomorrow belongs as before to whom can seize it. Like the young man singing at the guesthaus, in that movie, Tomorrow belongs to Me. The reaction of the right to all this bullshit spewed by the left is going to be something breath taking to watch. The left always complains and sees how many chains they can place on the right, but as ever, the left will not despoil whom they will. They’re not producers either, and all their stuff is built on lies. Feminized civilization is like binge watching Lifetime. Sooner or later, real women want something of substance.

  7. Not true according to the bible! Proverbs 14:2 says, “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears her own hands.”

  8. About 16 years ago I think I heard the best definition of Men of The West, while eaves dropping on two young hot Babes at NH International Raceway/Louden Road Course.
    I have raced a number of different machines most of my life, the last 20 years competing in Motorcycle road racing, the racing you see racers dragging their knees and elbows on the asphalt.
    It has always been a pursuit where you find out right away if your spouse/girl friend is a man hater. To put it bluntly. You find out if you, and other men you associate and race with have a set of balls also. To put it bluntly again. It is not for the faint of heart this kind of racing. It is inherently very dangerous, it kills many, seriously injuries almost everyone eventually.
    Thats background to put the two above young ladies conversation into context.
    I was alone in the open garage pits a group of us shared, engrossed in changing tires for my next race. One of my fellow racers wife was sitting with her new friend she had invited to the race weekend, they where lounging in the sun just outside the garage, wearing bikini’s and enjoying conversation. I was hardly listening while remounting a rear wheel when the new girl, who was frankly drop dead gorgeous, but thats all I knew about her, says with this blood dripping fangs & claws out shrew like disgust, these men, whats with them, playing with their toys chasing each other like little boy’s? I was kind of taken aback by the vehemence in this womans comment. It was pure derision. I sat up and was about to ask her what the fuck was she doing here when her friend said, “you have to understand something about these men.” They know what fear & courage are, the seek both constantly, its in their blood. They are the warriors who in times past grabbed their spears & swords and rushed to the sound of war.”
    She stopped for a moment waiting for her friend to respond, but all she got was the most classical response imaginable, a nose in the air and a hrrrrmph.
    She was quiet for a few more moments and said to her friend, “One day us woman are going to need these warriors, and they will need us. Everything comes full circle, we will need these men to protect us and our children. A couple of the guys came in from their heat race & I couldn’t hear what else they talked about. But I walked over with a couple cold drinks for the two ladies and said thanks to my friends wife. She nodded winked and smiled. She knew I heard her comments.
    What this Woman said, I was never before so proud of being a Man as that, it truly defined something I took for granted because how I was raised. It’s carried right to this second.
    Told her husband later her observations, we all nodded and we all shook hands and grabbed each others balls. One was killed 2 months later. All of us suffered serious injuries at some point. I had major head injury and 23 broken bones. No one ever quit.
    One of those moments when everything is crystal fucking clear.
    Like now, today.
    You can spot the losers, the whiners, the almost brave ones just getting it. Its the quiet men among us, who look in your eyes, its past words now. It’s that time when we check the edges on our swords, check how it draws out of the scabbard. How our Mags seat, the bolt sliding home slick & keen like a razors edge through fresh muscle, does the sight come ip perfect every time, how our gear sits, snug, ready but never constraining our movements.
    Its that time that Lady spoke of.
    Everything else, the fools and braggarts, the ones who let their fears run their mouths, who believe resistance is futile, who have already lost in their hearts & minds, the threats from our enemies, their chest beating and predictions, are total fucking bullshit.
    Bullshit because if you got courage, your heart is true, that fighting and never giving up, that preparing yourself and your weapons, your mind, you got nothing to say except lets win.
    Winning is what Men of The West do.

    • Inspiring.

      Except for one thing.

      The majority of murkin wimyn just aren’t worth fighting for, as well as most of their spawn… I said it before, they will pay dearly for how they have treated their men. It will be sad, but it WILL be.

      • Right on! Thats the sad truth right there. I didn’t marry till I was 45 because it took me that long to find a real woman who would keep the faith.
        It will be what it is and many of us will have little reason to risk our lives and loved ones to rescue the female part of the human extinction movement.
        It will take fortitude to keep from saving them. Even though they made that bed.

        • I say fuck em.

          I’m as close to an exit as possible.

          I’ll pack up, gear up, and shove off.

          I won’t risk one hair on my head for murka or it’s wimyn.

          Let The Mother Fucker Burn To The Ground.

          I’ll come back when the dead are buried or rotted away.

          I owe nothing to this country.


    • This is distilled Virtue, Manliness to the very Ur of Manliness short of open physical conflict. Thank you for sharing that.

      • Thanks. I was hoping you guys could identify with what that faithful women said. She is a real woman, married to a great guy, we been friends a long time I think because of that connection.
        Whats the character from one of Plato’s fables about keeping the Patriarchal/Matriarchal faith we are discussing?
        Her name was Faithful Penelope wasn’t it?
        This is a thing as Men I think we are all going to come across in stark terms as things progress further.
        CA has posted some pieces related to it in the past.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Good comment.
      Some of us are born adrenaline junkies, I raced Enduros until about 10 yrs ago. Lots of other crazy shit before and after.
      Some women are attracted to that, others find the most spineless male they can, and then dominate them every moment they can. As we’re seeing today, being gay and defenseless is cool among the youth.
      But I believe a lot of the comments are correct, time will erase this period when the next societal collapse comes along, history is full of them. We just won’t be here to cheer it on. Or burn up all the ammo we collected.

      • You got that all right I think. Well said. It’s surely something to see and consider the consequences of. Like you say, it’s this self destructive thing that is considered a virtue by those who adhere to it. Lord love a duck, looks like insanity to me. It could very well end up a difficult snap decision choosing who to shoot first in an expedient time environment, the mangina or the barren vagina. Both are are self extinction writ large across the social networks and virtue signaling media of all types.
        Do they even have a clue?

  9. Rule by women progresses rapidly from foolish to catastrophic…Check out the progression from Victorian England to the present day clusterf**k with London already in the hands of the invaders…Lord Acton pointed out that their decisions are whimsical and should in no event be followed, but obviously his advice fell on deaf ears.

  10. Bullshit, I’ve lived all over the world, their ARE no women, like American women!. Other cultures women are good at regional stuff, American woman can do it all.

    If your pissing and moaning, you went fishing in the wrong pond.

    Mrs. Williams is a lot of things, include mild, meek, and loving, she would not hesitate to shot any of you in the face if she felt you a threat.


  11. I know this: God instilled in ME a warriors heart. Know what else? You too!! These vapid, pussyfied, skinny jean wearing, murse toting peter puffers make me want to puke right after I slap the fag right off their bezitted faces.
    I went down to the border with MX near Arivaca AZ a few years back with a group of others that were, like me, hell bent to see the immigration/open border first hand.
    I carried an AR, herded bad guys through the desert and handed them over to border patrol and heard the sound of aluminum ladders being thrown up against the ‘wall’ in the middle of the night. I never felt so alive in my life! I fucking loved it.

    • Bowman1966, interesting. I live on the Oregon California border. And I feel the same way, Mexicans and Californians sneaking across the border, into Oregon.

      Just wrong!

      In all seriousness, until you have hunted men, you have no idea, what a real hunt is all about. Hunting amateurs is one thing, hunting professionals is an entirely different ball game.

      You sir can check that box.


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  13. Pope Francis and 2018

    Please note at 9:48 “Reverence of the Divine Feminine