NYT: We Promise Trainloads Of Hard-Hitting Anti-Nazi Coverage In The Coming Months, Fersure

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17 responses to “NYT: We Promise Trainloads Of Hard-Hitting Anti-Nazi Coverage In The Coming Months, Fersure

  1. Centurion_Cornelius


    This recent NYT article’s money quote:

    “What we think is indisputable, though, is the need to shed more light, not less, on the most extreme corners of American life and the people who inhabit them.”

    BLM? Soros Goons? Antifa? Marxists? Demorats? Feminazis?

    (all I hear are the crickets chirping…)


  2. Was this sourced from The Onion? It reads with a breathless pace that sounds insincere if not pure sarcasm.

    The fish wrap of record indeed.

  3. “The Reader Center is a newsroom initiative that is helping The Times build deeper ties with our audience.”
    The premise being that the New York Times already has ‘deep ties’ with their audience.
    I reject the premise.

  4. Mao – 25 million killed
    Stalin – 15 million killed
    Hitler – 6 million killed

    Why is Hitler the bogeyman again?

    • Because the allied Communist forces of the Anglo-Russo-American empires won.

    • 1. Mao and Stalin kept it behind closed — umm — borders. Hitler wandered around Europe picking undesirables for immediate liquidation and not rightly giving a crap about the rest, especially in the east.

      2. Everyone says 6M. More like 12M, and that’s only in the “special holiday camps” I referenced last week. (There’s a reason even the Germans called them “Vernichtungslager”.) Lots of Aryans met their ends standing in line with Rabbis, classical violinists and other vermin.

      • A 1948 the Red Cross released a report that found no evidence of genocide on the part of the Germans. The Red Cross was allowed to send parcels to prisoners and eventually were given full access to the camps. They were never allowed any communication with any Soviet prisoners.

        So either the Red Cross completely failed at its primary function during a World War and just “missed” 6,000,000 dead people or…

  5. oldanddecrepit

    Interesting that the NYT says that Heather Heyer died as a result of the “violence” in Charlottesville. Heather’s mom said she died of a heart attack.

  6. Seeing NYT and it’s blanc mange-like readership ‘agonizing’ over this is absolute fucking gold. Next thing you know, the snowflakes will demand NYT change it’s font, as it might too closely resemble Fraktur, and trigger trigger trigger. Mag dump.

  7. Anonymous Goy

    Who cares about confirming zero?
    Waste of time. All your guns and Ammo were a waste of money.
    There will never be a shooting war. The goyim will simply continue to be ass fucked by Jews while 50% of us don’t even know it’s happening.