BPS: The End Of The Post-War European Structure

5 responses to “BPS: The End Of The Post-War European Structure

  1. @Orban:

    a nation & race that can’t decouple from the (((Central Bank)))

    will not survive.

  2. article I read from the American thinker entitled, “why isrealis are successful fighting terror” from nov. 4 and it noted from 2000 to 2005, there were 1030 killed which would equate to 295,000 americans during the same period. I wonder how long it is before Europe lives something similar related to its overall population.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Americans entertain a romanticized view of Europe.Many years ago the facade was ripped off if you knew where to look.
    Socialism/communism is a cancer which devours and destroys everything in it’s path.Much of Europe has been socialist for many years. Fabian socialism is a way of life in Europe. The Fabians have been pressing the socialist agenda since 1884.The”homeland” of your ancestors is found in fables and storybooks. A mongrelized shithouse with faux aristocratic tendencies is a realistic view.
    Recipients outnumber providers…similar to the USA. There is not a square foot of Europe that has not been drenched in human blood multiple times. Butchering,raping,pillaging and plundering is the history of the continent.
    “Same as it ever was…”

  5. I’m sure that now Prince Harry is marrying the American Mulato, everything in the UK will be fine. No more “All For The Snack Bar” cries, no more killer trucks or gaily wrapped concrete barriers to protect those unwanted Whites. I am positive that a B list actress can fundamentally change every Darkie into a well spoken, educated, enlightened Citizen of the World, in the entire European Union. After all, we are told she is wearing the Queen’s favorite nude nail polish, “Ballet Slippers”. Royals aren’t allowed colored nail polish as it is considered vulgar. So there you go, from Windsor Hills to Windsor Castle. (And only those from LA get my inference.) 😉