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Aesop pronounces the Mandalay Bay massacre.

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  1. The assignment of motive is a LEO precept. Understanding motive can assist in case resolution. But even LEOs/DAs know that there is one in a thousand instances where motive was not involved, it just ‘was’. The Press however is pushing the motive angle in a hope that it can attach a meme that will further their SJW screeds.

    • Right.

      Name those instances where something just “was”, where a person toted 23 firearms and 5000 rounds up to a location, planned months in advance, and then attempted hundreds to thousands of murders and killed 58 people, all while leaving not a single whit of motive or indicator for decades prior in their entire adult life.

      Not counting this incident.

      The closest you come – and it’s barely similar, but it is as close as one can get – is Charles Whitman at the UTA Tower, who unlike Paddock, IIRC, was a USMC-trained shooter, who had killed his wife and mother-in-law immediately prior, admitted it in a final note, had been under major psychiatric care, and had a whopping tumor in his head when autopsied. Oh, and was shot in flagrante on the day by one of the responding police, with one of the smoking murder weapons in his hands.

      So you’ve still got zero prior exemplars, ever.

      Then Google the term “deus ex machina“.
      Or “grasping at straws”.

      Absent something other than his dead body being there after the fact, there is no reason whatsoever to suspect Paddock shot anyone, ever, including himself.

  2. All the comments, conjecture and speculation aside, just why does anyone out there think they would ever get a straight answer from a governmental agency (of whatever nature) unless it fits their narrative? That perhaps, is the real question. Trust your government? Raise your hands kids ………….

  3. It is said Paddock used screws from the inside to secure the room doors. If so, and Paddock did not commit suicide, how did his murderer escape the room? (I admit to not following the shooting closely.)

    • Source and documentation for that?
      I’ve heard supposes, but no one’s said what was done, officially, AFAIK.

      And screws can be put through a door from either side, plus he had a suite plus the adjoining room, so there was one single door, and one double-door, and much like at Waco, and the Ambassador Hotel kitchen circa 1968, those doors seem to have become Gone With the Wind.

      I’m sure that’s just a coincidence in this case.

  4. According to the US Army and US Marine Corp. It took Approx. 10000 to 100000 rounds of ammunition to kill ONE! Chinese solder staging a human wave assault during the Korean War. That’s wave after wave after WAVE of tightly packed men running toward several hundred dug in, TRAINED shooters, armed with every weapon known to the US Army in 1950. In Vietnam it took 250000 rounds per man, to kill every VC and NVA solder. But this guy was supposed to be a BAD shot making “58 dead and 198 wounded”(or 1 in 4 shots hit) out of ONLY 800 rounds fired? With an AR-15 fitted with a bump stock? At 400 yards? On moving targets after the first volley? With multiple weapons failures.(AR15 worlds best rifle) But if the internets leading expert on everything says so, it must be true. RIGHT! –The TRUTH is that we don’t know anything about this. Not how many weapons were fired. Not how much ammo. Not the weapons type. Not from where the shots originated. Not who shot, not when, and certainly not WHY. We don’t even know the actual number of wounded and dead. The number has changed several times. The day after the shooting fox reported “600 wounded” The FBI and cops say “500+” total wounded with 59 dead. Aesop says “58 dead 198 wounded” . But unless he was standing in every ER in Vegas with a clip board, or he works for the FBI, he doesn’t know any more than I do. The TRUTH is that we don’t know shit about this, and the cops and feds are not going to tell us.


    I noticed one more shooting victim/witness has become a casualty of a: “…mysterious hit-and-run accident.” Since the Deep State cannot get the traction they wanted out of this event, anyone who could possibly shed some light on this false flag is succumbing to a severe case of Arkansas Influenza.
    I hope and pray the patriot with the AR who took on the psychopath at the church shooting in Texas does not have any skeletons in his closet. Ihope he regularly checks his Six. I am not a fan or supporter of Ghoul Pools, but as things continue to deteriorate, maybe we need to start one for 2018. I am open to suggestions, wagers, etc.

    • What is it, 5 so far? In 55 days? At this rate all the surviving witnesses will be dead within 295 years.

      Nature will be more efficient…

  6. Interesting how we know everything there is to know about shooters post-vegas but this asshole is still an enigma. My bet is another fast and furious op gone to shit and the “suicide” at the end was actually a .GOV employee covering his/their tracks on the way out. That said, It’s hilarious watching Vegas advertise for visitors on TV. Maybe honesty will pull their clients back to town?…. Something along the lines of “We’ll TRY not to allow you to be machinegunned while you’re here giving us your cash”…..

    • Hey they are being very truthful with the ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ pretty much applies to a corpse last I checked.

    • Maybe the Vegas Chamber of Commerce should try this ad:

      “Vegas – The City on the edge! Come! You’ll just die for the experience!”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  7. The whole thing is made up bullshit by several layers of govt. The people we pay to do certain jobs for us are our masters, or why else would they conceal everything from their tax cows? TPTB look at it as a “You can’t handle the truth”, situation, and to that I say correct. We’ve not heard the truth to my recollection for more than fifty years, and not only would we be unable to handle it, we’d most likely turn on our masters and upset their retirement plans. They are constantly at work, getting us to be at each others throats. Great way to distract people from what is going on, that you don’t want them to know. Throw in a massive sex scandal (which doesn’t matter) and you’ve got the masses well in hand. Lies are the cement overshoes which take us to the bottom. Lies keep us in the dark. Lies are the grease for their vehicles. Lies are what dumbs us down. Lies are the way to keep all the pertinent and valuable information to themselves, as precious as gold. Lies are an unbreakable habit.

    • There is a lot that several layers of govt isn’t talking about, but then again, I am not of the impression that a-n-y of those govt types are in charge, in the first place, and I have the distinct impression they are for the most part, at all levels of power but more so, members of special committees, nothing more than order takers…overpaid Sonic Hamburger Joint types, albeit, better dressed.

      This is an enlightening interview, with a few very special nuggets of specific intel, from a Senator who would know. I hope you all take the time to hear what he is telling us.

      caravan to midnight Senator Richard H. Black – Yahoo Video Search Results

      As far as Mandalay Bay is concerned…Aesop makes as much sense of it as anyone I have heard thus far. I will catch the H and H report. Thanks MB, for the head’s up.

    • “..We’ve not heard the truth to my recollection for more than fifty years, and not only would we be unable to handle it, we’d most likely turn on our masters and upset their retirement plans…”


      Their worst nightmare is of the dirt people grabbing them, convening a hasty court (if done at all) and if found guilty being introduced to vertical cervical therapy from the nearest lamp post, tree limb, telephone pole or given a cecescu sendoff.

      And they know that in the way to whatever fate awaits them they will be facing a lot of muzzles of “evil assault rifles” and battle rifles in our hands…

      Just like Matt wrote about in “What I Saw At The Coup”.

      What cheery thoughts for them to go to bed with every night..especially leeches like hiligula, thugosi, mc’connjob, mc’shitstain, ryanitis, franken and frankenfeinstein and,all the rest.

      Sweet dreams you murderous bitches!…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  8. So…..what Aesop is telling us:
    1-That the Federal Bureau of Incompetants has scrubbed any loose ends to fit the official narrative
    2-Paddock was a gun dealer looking to unload some pre-holiday merchandise
    3-Pain in the butt witnesses who deviated from the official narrative have been successfully “accident-ed”
    4-Other shooters, who had another goal in mind, were busy lighting up the concert
    5-A helicopter of military/US gubbermint/other police had to get
    some-important-someone out of there and did so. And that isn’t part of official narrative
    6-Any and all firesticks and whiz bangs were uploaded by multiple persons using clandestine methods, payoffs, and an invisibility cloak.
    Hell yeah I believe this. Your tax dollars in action. And people think magic is fiction, but it isn’t.

  9. Nazi. Ah well, there goes the neighborhood.

  10. I’ll take Muzzie Gun Deals for $500 Alex.

  11. So much for #ButGorsuch….

    SCOTUS Refuses Two Gun Cases

    Boot @MomsDemand from @Everytown #GunSense=NonSense #2a #NRA

    • Gorsuch did similar in his lower court rulings.

      that’s why Trumpenthal appointed him.

    • Who gives a flying rats ass what the black robed nazgul priests of scrotum say about ANYTHING?!?

      The sooner that folks start to understand that they and the rest of the parasite class has NO legitimacy, let alone “authority”, the better!

      Fuck all the dark robed priests!
      And fuck the badged orcs and orcettes that go forth in their name!

      Remember, Neither Predator Nor Prey!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  12. Cover up for an attempted assassination of a Saudi prince makes most sense

  13. Sorry, folks, but some of those details aren’t factual and Aesop’s evaluation is light, shall we say.

    • Wild speculation is easy, Pat.
      I’m sticking with acknowledged and reasonable facts, and even in the truth-averse released-to-the-rubes public version, it all amounts to pure undiluted BS, top to bottom.

      I’ve read some great speculative fiction, some right here on this site, but absent actual, y’know, evidence, it’s just a great novel synopsis, or a Bigfoot Hunters Convention seminar, not actual information, despite how plausible (or not) it sounds.

      If you see or hear anything substantial, please share, by all means.

      They’ve been working three shifts a day for two months to make this go away since Hour Two post-shooting, because it’s seriously inconveniencing somebody, and probably a number of three-letter agencies, but absent actual facts, it’s just digested broccoli gas.

  14. Matt Bracken

    Doug Poppa, ex-cop and Las Vegas casino security expert, will be on Hagmann Report tonight to talk about the LV massacre. He has loads of LVMPD sources, and he’s been breaking a lot of scoops that don’t get picked up by the MSM. Catch the show tonight if you can.

    • Hi Matt,

      Thank you for mentioning that interview with Douglas Poppa. I just finished listening to it and unfortunately Doug is swallowing the “Paddock was the shooter” bs narrative without the least bit of skepticism or critical dicsection. He puts more emphasis on issues like the fact that the radio traffic of the swat units was broadcast for all to hear and that the keystone cops of LV had to borrow (I say RENT) a couple of armored vehicles. He’s also miffed that the ‘crime scene’ photos were linked to the press (crime scene integrity compromised).

      Also he mentions several times that this is the worst mass shooting in American history.


      That event was the massacre of Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek and also Wounded Knee by a known terrorist organization – the united states government and it’s armed orcs of the day!

      We aren’t told the “truth” of the Las Vegas massacre because the parasite class/oligarchy that sponsored and ran it know that they don’t owe any of us jack shit in way of an explanation..we’re expected to swallow what they offer us and be satisfied and calmed with such moldy tidbits from the table of “our betters”.

      They didn’t offer any ‘explanations’ for:
      Pearl Harbor
      JFK assination
      U.S.S. Liberty attack
      Murders of:
      Gordon Kahl
      Vince Foster
      Ron Brown
      Vicky and Sammy Weaver
      Karen Silkworm
      Chandra Levy
      Jack Yantis
      Lavoy Finicum
      Jose Guerna
      The Branch Davidians/ Waco
      500+ Mexican men, women and
      children as well as Brian Terry via “F&F”
      Andrew Breitbart
      Seth Rich
      50,0000+ infants murdered each year by “choice”..
      And the “inconvenient witnesses” of the
      Las Vegas massacre that are conveniently turning up dead…
      And more than I can think of at this moment.

      There will be NO meaningful answer to any of the above as it neither profits the parasite class nor advances their own position or goals.

      Dont try to overthink it..consider it what it is..


      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  15. I am beginning to sense that the LV murders where warning
    through executions of innocent bystanders, and some not innocent,
    to cease, desist and terminate the “coming
    of the storms,” meaning investigations into the belly of the beast.
    How does it go… “”Head on a swivel?”
    Yeap – That’s the ticket.

    Operation DIDOONOTHIN – Authenticate…
    Lima Alpha Charlie

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  16. If I were on the White House press pool, I’d be asking this same question every day, a little louder each day.

    There is a story here, and it damn sure seems no one is wanting to win a Pulitzer anymore for anything other than bringing down a President.

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