Rise Of The Cat Ladies

On The Anti-Trump, Anti-Incumbent Resistance

It’s easy to scoff and dismiss this energy wave as a bunch of hairy-chinned, hot-flashing, post-menopausal C words.

But consider:

1) These people (and the Bernie supporters across generations) are the post-2016 Dem party, and their power will grow as Bill The Perv and Hillary The Drunk continue to lose power.

2) Their platform is More Power To Government At All Levels.

3) If the Hairy Chins are the anti-Incumbent Dems, where (besides within the Trump family) are the anti-Incumbent Republicans? If they exist, what is their plan? If their plan is valid, how do others get in contact and support it?

4) The most dangerous aspect in the article is the “Run for Something” concept, based on the single threshold question, “Are you Progressive?”. Imagine what local politics alone will look like after a couple cycles of that.

Simply put, if the pro-gun, alt-Right, anti-Communist, pro-Male, pro-Trump, pro-private property, and pro-Freedom minorities do not get into the game for 2018, then 2020 and out will be grim.

Politics matter.

Who, whom.

The cat ladies are serious.

35 responses to “Rise Of The Cat Ladies

  1. Well outcome in our antigov view is self fulfilling. Women are inherently Maintainers but are generally not Innovators. Not that individual women are not Innovators, but as a class they are not. The outcome therefore becomes one that the society as a whole remains in stasis while societies around them advance until ultimately out world males invade starting the cycle over again sans the cat ladies. Unfortunately there is one mountain of pain associated with the Turning that could have been avoided.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Tell me ’bout ’em. My local vill, once 25 square miles of cornfields 30 years ago, was “discovered” by out of town developers, land speculators and TBTF banks. Now, homes are cheek by jowl starting @$500k, chock full of the Cat Women. The old man is at the office all day, busting his hump, whilst “Mummy” is seeking perpetual “causes.” Usually for “the children….”

    One recent “cause” was renovation of our 1920 Middle School Campus here. That ballooned to a (((get this))) $82,000,000.00 thirty year bond issue, up for a vote, which was passed by a thin margin of 500 Cat Women. The local screeching, howling, and caterwauling was so intense, I had to run to put on my range earplugs and earmuffs.

    Me and few local retired USMC tried explaining to the mob that facts and data showed that our community was actually loosing middle school students and the actual need was for special ed facilities at existing schools. We were shouted down. Screamed at. Community leaders and “umpires” looked away.

    Door to door spiels, local newspaper ads, yard signage, coffee clatches, and the ever present “social media” spearheaded the attack. The remaining men and what little testosterone available to them were overrun and steam-rolled. We now have a 30 year assessment on our homes and farms via a “duly voter approved” tax levy.

    Don’t think these wenches don’t want your ass and pelt nailed to the well–THEY DO!


      C_C: You have my deepest sympathy, sir. I am undergoing the same thing up here in Rawles Land. The first thing the (((cat ladies))) and their (((manginas))) did was infiltrate the local school boards. The rest is history. In the two+ years I have dwelled in Kootenai County, my property taxes have increased almost $300.00/year and will continue to go up, as more Cosmic White (((Marxists))) abandon the Blue Hives they have created and pollute the local body politic. Bleib ubrig.

    • In our high school district (one of the wealthiest in the midwest) a bond issue was proposed ten years ago in the amount of $172 million to provide for some improvements (not a new high school) and a huge parking garage for the spoiled students’ Mercedes. It was narrowly defeated with a widespread yard sign campaign mocking it….By my estimation, the district could have built three state of the art high schools for such a sum…

    • See what you can do with numbers of committed people towards a common goal…The left can and has used it in numerous instances to accomplish their goals…To bad the right/Liberty folk can’t get it through their heads to do the same thing…Sad That…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The Left is all on the same page with respect to the big issues; they’ll kill each other over the small stuff after they’ve won on the major points. The Right disagrees with itself as to the major points.

        The eventual outcome is therefore sadly predictable.

      • Anytime you get deep thinking people together they are going to have a lot of disagreements and a lot to work out.

        These people are drones.

    • Thanks for that link, here’s my response to it.

      “I’m a bit non plused on this article which mentions a study.

      How did a Sociology Department get funding for a study of gun owners? Federal law prohibits using tax funds for such a study.

      As chairman of Nurses for Self Defense Rights, I’d like to see studies that give us usable information, rather than an ad hominem attack on white people.”

  3. The “over 50” cat ladies are the voters who made Britton and Germany the places they are today.

  4. When you’ve had no pain at all for an extended period, your food is always found, and you don’t walk anywhere except the treadmill, pain that does come will psych you right out. During the fading days of the Roman Empire, when Rome was under siege, some Romans let the barbarians in through a side gate, rather than endure all the horrors of siege. We are overrun, not only by barbarians, but with our own people vying with each other as to who can let the most scum in. The Turning? As good as name as any for it. Replete with Turn-Coats. Traitors, all of them.

  5. I never, ever vote for a woman. Ever. If they’re single I am suspicious of what the hell that they have done, and if they’re married, I wonder why they don’t have other stuff to run/do. So, no, never vote for a woman-on principle.

  6. The cat ladies biggest weakness. The cats.

  7. Rule by women invariably leads to steady deterioration followed by collapse…The cat ladies have had their day, which will be followed by a very long night…

  8. Red in OleVirginny

    When the day comes – and it will – to rescue these cat ladies from urban youths or muslim savages I and my tribe will not be available. We will probably be fighting for our lives elsewhere.
    I don’t mind cats – but I can never eat a whole one.
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  9. I just have a question for all you readers here and that is how many of you are controlled by your women…How many of you can’t move to where you need to, prepare how you need to, or do what you need to because of your women…How many of you are lashing out at the cat ladies but have your wife holding on to the reins of your household… Something to ponder and correct if needful…

    • My wife loves my current location. I’m a native son of South Carolina, she isn’t. She was raised in California by a California native father and a midwest mother. She’s a retired US Army reserve Lieutenant Colonel, as a RN.

      We live at our retreat, which isn’t a primitive home, we have 11 acres, a spring fed pond, and good neighbors. We have chickens and could have other livestock if we wished.

      She and I love it.

    • you mean the guys who have been snipped?


      their balls are in their bitches purses.

      I can hold my $ and my balls myself, thank you anyways…

    • They’re not happy controlling the home anymore, now that the “home” has been destroyed….
      They want YOU !


      Well, said, my brother. I am blessed to have two gun-toting, knife-toting Idaho women under my roof. My oldest stepdaughter is a dead shot with the AR. My spouse has a hip-shooting technique with her Mossberg .410 which gives me pause when I am ready to argue with her. And, both of them spend hot days in September canning the bounty from our small garden. I am truly blessed. The downside: Their cats, Stella and Princess. But then no one is perfect! Bleib ubrig.

    • Marriage is a balancing act, a lot of give and take is involved, and separate areas of expertise… It’s possible to be deceived about what is going on with marriage. Obviously there will be some changes when SHTF; a lot of women have the sense to defer to their men when that happens. Those who don’t may end up abandoned as a waste of time, and rightly so.

      In the meantime, quiet, obedient women are in high demand and in short supply. Good luck with your search.

    • This.

  10. Gonna have to bring back witch burning.

    We’ll start with Hillary and (((Feinstein))).

    • Your comment is framed as very dark humor but this Neo-Pagan Witch isn’t having any of it and has the Fn-Fal to veto any such conclusion.

      Hiligula and Feinstein are enemies because both are part and parcel of the parasite class.
      Neither of them have ANYTHING to do with my faith or religion however.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  11. Women invite. Men invade.

  12. Anyone who has their head so far up their ass they can’t see the economic genocide that’s been perpetuated against white heterosexual masculine males for the past 40 years is not going to benefit much from anything said here, nor anywhere else.

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