Ryan Bundy’s Opening Statement

Read it all.

Godspeed to them.

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  1. I read this when Gary sent it over a couple of days ago. I am of the opinion that Ryan Bundy’s pro se representation in Oregon was a primary factor in the Not Guilty verdict rendered there.

    This statement has accurately set the stage. I hope Nevadans are listening.

  2. Randall Flagg

    “Both capitalism and socialism are opposite sins against property. Capitalism emphasizes private rights to property without any social responsibility to the common good; socialism emphasizes the social use of property, to the forgetfulness of personal rights. The true solution is one in which the rights to property are personal, but the responsibility is social. A man is free on the inside because he can call his soul his own; he is free on the outside because he can call his property his own.” ~Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

    • Is trade not social? That Capitalism is anti-social meme is dead. I do agree with his last sentence.

  3. Brings to mind Henry V. “Hold their manhood cheap,that they were not with him on that day”. This is what we should be defending. Being thier would be worth more than all the words typed in comment threads.

  4. I think the Bundy affair is a stageplay. His alleged murder, a grainy Bigfoot event filmed from a chopper, gives it away. What else does? The “rural” whites in their clean Carharts and boots. Almost like actors. The healthy zmiling white familiez. Mormon actors, maybe. Beware any event in Deseret that the jew media runs at you. The LDS Church and state has a special relationship w/ ZOG. By the way, Brigham Young U. is the CIA’s primary recruiting ground now.

  5. I think the Paiute Indians have a better claim to the land than the Bundys, after all, if Bundys argument is “We were here first so noone can tell us what do do later”….then THEY were there before the Bundys.

    • Maybe so, but those are just the claims. That is, they’re conceptual. Attendant with tangible property is the necessity to defend it. So-called “civilized” peeps have endeavored forever to do it with words alone, and delegate the forceful action to others. Well-intentioned maybe, but as we see it’s a huge mistake in reality.

      The Bundys–nearly alone in this country–recognized this and are doing the best they can, albeit through a mix of the two. Right or wrong, I figure “the best I can do in the world as it is with the knowledge I have” is as close to perfection that it gets for the rational man. That’s why I’ve always offered whatever moral support I can to them, and bash the loser naysayers who believe they should’ve done differently.

    • Good job. Good luck. Admirable. Way to hang in there.

      Note though, there is not enough planet earth for freedom for 7 – 10 billion people. Can’t have 11 kids and have your cake, forever…

      As for the land belonging to the Paiutes, well that time and their time has passed, hence they conform. The same will happen in this case if ‘business as usual’ were to continue.

      Except, how does that happen? 9.5 – 10 billion people on a planet with a decaying / dynamic environment by year 2050, ~30 years away? Don’t know about those odds. That does not sound fun or healthy anyway.

      The present day human experience is progression, not progress. Acknowledgement is step 1.

  6. Robert Mathews ~ Call to Aryan Warriors

    • When David Lane was alive and in prison. I would cast he Runes each morning and calculate them into a three digit number value. I would then play the daily Pennsylvania 3 digit number. I would then take the winnings , sometimes into the hundreds of dollars, and mail them to his wife Katja Lane, and Ron McVan in Idaho in a priority mail envelope.
      David Lane Speaks from the American GULAG

  7. The Bundy’s are doing…have taken action…were defended by thousands from across the country who saw a video or two or three, and said “NO.” Now they are making their case in a court which cares not for those things held sacred by people like the Bundy’s.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. SemperFi, 0321

    If the Bundy’s lose on account of popular opinion, then what makes the rest of us think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell we’ll ever see an iota of freedom in the remainder of our lives?
    Wishful thinking at it’s best is the only thing keeping any of us afloat today.