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#Counterjihad indeed.

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  1. I know Matt keeps offering his books for free every so often, but I’ve bought paper copies of all but one.
    Christmas is coming, I might have to get a couple copies for friends.

    It’s about time to read this one again.

  2. 173d Viet Vet

    An excellent plot which will keep you from putting the book down. Even wives of my shooting buddies are enjoying reading this ” could become true” story.

    Highly recommended!!

  3. FreedomShouter

    As a happy buyer and reader of all of Matt’s informative books, I am puzzled why he calls for more gov’t involvement, more popo in place and feeling up citizens, and more political involvement in “keeping us safe”as he espoused in his recent Hagmann and Hagmann interview. I thought I was listening to a head of some govt agency or chief popo as he bowed to the same powers that more than likely created the LV scenario, along with every other mass sheep shoot.
    Yeah, get his books for sure. Maybe pass on his perspective that only the uniformed ones – military, popo or otherwise are capable of intervening or preventing shootings. They are violent actors or the ones supporting the violent actor. That is what I expected to hear from Matt – not the blue gang perspective.

    • Military men are volunteers. Thus, they are self-selected … pre-disposed to both Obedience and a love of Authority.

      When you join up, you actively seek those things. The corollary is the rejection of individual’ autonomy.

      Hope that helps.

  4. NightBreaker

    Excellent Book, you can not put it down , looks like Matt has taken over the mantel from Tom Clancy ! Keep up the good work Matt I enjoy your novels

    Highly Recommended make sure you have time to read it once you start it.

  5. Pedrothemerciless

    A really, really good book! Even better if made into a high-production movie. I’m kinda surprised there hasn’t been a tide of apocalyptic books made into movies. Anti-mainstream-narrative much?

  6. One of the many Bills

    Yes, highly recommended! It helps to read his first novel in this series but standalone would work too. I’ve really enjoyed all of Matt’s books. Waiting for the next one…..

  7. I’ve read all of Matt’s books. His last two – the Dan Kilmer ones – were both quite good. I’ve misplaced my copies of the EFAD trilogy and will probably reorder them soon. Good reads.

  8. I detect some slight influence from THE DOGS OF WAR.

    but that’s real good writing though.

    for wider distribution, Bracken might sometime contact VoxDay…his Castalia House operation is doing quite well, and Bracken’s stuff is better than 90% of the fiction he publishes.

    and fiction it is…western Europe is supine and will remain so. Eastern? We’ll see.

    • The problem is the Dope and media. They have all the young men and women high on dope pills and they won’t fight doped up. Plus the TV never tells the truth.

    • Wider distribution in brick-and-mortar bookstores, like Borders? Where my books will be buried in the middle of the stacks? And in return, my royalties will drop from 50% (self pub to Amazon) to 15%? NO THANKS!


        True that. Borders and Barnes & Noble are just hang-outs for Cosmic White Marxist lounge lizards. They are managed by Cat Ladies. They will be the next casualties in the 2018 retail market. Women lolly-gag around Malls burning up gasoline, fondling merchandise and staying away from the “boring”, “stifling” home life. Women shop. Men buy. Men have more important things to do.

      • no, Castalia is mostly an e-book operation. By listing in their catalog as well, you’d broaden your audience beyond the prep/gunsel crowd.

  9. As usual with Matt’s work, quite enjoyable. About time for a re-read. 🙂

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Truth is stranger than fiction; France proposes surrendering
    before another attack.

  11. Travis Hayes

    Great story, I highly recommend it. Thanks Matt.

  12. Read it. It’s great.

  13. Bracken kills it again with this book! Well written excellent story applicable to today’s issues. I can’t recommend it enough.

  14. Exasperated Citizen

    Yeah, just buy the book. I’ve now read four of his books, and they’re ALL worth your time, and not just for “entertainment” purposes. Good stuff, Sir.

  15. -this is a great book – Matt’s working on the audiobook version now. And if he writes another I will buy it!

  16. Buy ALL his books! In fact, I need to send him a little bit of BTC for a case of his books. Helluva thinker, writer, and man!

  17. Got them all, hardcopy.

    Unintended Consequences, the fore runner, as well. All you need to know….

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  18. Did you read the notes in the back? The TV guy from FOX, Brian Kilmead, wrote a book about Thomas Jefferson and his dealings with the “muslims”. Does “from the shores of Tripoli” have any meaning to you? The kind of stuff the muslims have been doing since muslimhood began, go north, steal women and children and enslave them, use them up then slay them. Somehow that was never mentioned in any history books. Imagine that!
    Even Joseph Plumb Martim heard of them and made mention in his book of the evilness of the “musselmen”, that is the spelling he used but today we know them as muslim.

  19. I would like the next book to expand upon the various ways each country dealt with this invation. UK appeared to grab their ankles while Spain and France faught back. What other options are being tried.

  20. The Usual Suspect

    Why don’t you write your own book ?
    I’m sure we would revel in your daring do
    and wealth accumulation fiction in the
    frozen north “eh hoser “!