French Author: Divide France to Avoid “Civil War” with Muslims

Via Bracken on Twitter, this trial policy balloon.


C’est dommage.

It is a pity.

And do not fool yourself: that same bitter choice is already staring North Americans in the face.

Tempus fugit.

70 responses to “French Author: Divide France to Avoid “Civil War” with Muslims

  1. Good luck with that here. You’ve got a couple of million at a minimum, knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, meat eating pissed off Americans waiting for the go ahead. And when shit gets spicey, that will unite most of the bitching and moaning factions about what to do afterwards. Like scalping the motherfuckers who brought this to our shores, for starters.

    • Roger that. We’ve already tracked them to their homes. Tick Tock…

    • But first,,, you will have to deal with the states badged thugs…


      tic toc


        Not too sure about that, my friend. If Katrina was any indication, a large percentage of the Orcs and Orcettes will be running for their lives or staying home to protect their families. When the Rodney King festivities kicked off in 1992, LAPD was pulled out, and you had the Rooftop Koreans and others defending their property and neighborhoods. I saw that one with mine own two eyes.

        • Sure, but only AFTER everything goes south. until then the blue devils will swarm any and all who step out of line.. Broken windows…

        • The Police can handle individual dissidents with ease. They can also perform area denial tasks quite well. And Basic Patrols. They cannot, and have never, been able to handle a full blown insurrection.

          • Yup.

            And btw, thanks for your recent postings on practical field marksmanship which you seem to know very well…(in marked contrast to your ranting on social issues and BoomerBlame) and valuable contribution to the common effort.

            Thanks. But this pre-boomer is reminded that this is very similar to the battle sight zero I was taught at Ft Wood, using the M1! 30-06, in 1963.

            Great refresher course nonetheless and demonstrating why the 5.56 case so resembles the ’06, and why battlefield practicum is ageless in the modern ballistic age. How’s about a .30 cal parallel???

  2. Just plain todd

    +1000 on josey wales comment!

  3. The Globalists have been at work in France for over a century. It is not happenstance that the French elected a ‘man’ who has never been allowed to mature past the age of a school boy, nor for that matter that the Brit Royal Family will soon be multi-kulti or that Merkel is the reincarnation of Bonaparte/Hitler and their New World Order. Europe is not worth one drop of American blood, allow their fertile women in with the understanding that they will become a baby factory and will never gain citizenship. This fight is for peace in our time and will only end when the Globalists have been purged.

    • Wrong. Hitler fought against the Bankers and Globalists. America, fully under their control, crushed him.

      • the Third Reich was crushed

        by a Capitalist-Communist alliance. That is,

        by both wings of Organized Jewry: Bolsheviks+Bankers.

      • Why were the Bankers and Globalists hiding in Poland?

      • Between Germany and the USA, who declared war on whim first? As our gracious host is fond of saying, show your work.

          • Objection: No such nation as “Judea”.
            Second Objection: USA never identified as “Judea”.
            Question repeats: between USA and the German Reich, who declared war on whom first?

        • These videos are not presented as an endorsement of Nazism, but as economic history explaining the animosity of powerful Jewish banking interests that, then as now, drove the world to war.

          Adolf Hitler & The German Economic Miracle

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Declaration of what?
          – USS Greer (DD-145)

          • correct. Roosevelt and his co-conspirator Churchill waged an undeclared naval war against Germany throughout 1941. US destroyers escorted Brit convoys through the mid-Atlantic war zone, attacked U-boats, and several heavy naval units – cruiser Vincennes, battleship Texas – circled about lazily, hoping to catch a torpedo. No dice…the U-boat commanders knew the drill. And so did the Congress: even after the Greer and one other US DD were hit (at night, no ID possible), Congress refused to declare on Germany. That’s why Churchill and Roosevelt, acting on a plan hatched by Jew-communist cells at State and Treasury, arranged a back-door entry to the European War by provoking Japan.

            all of which Hitler put up with, because he wanted no war with England or America. His goals were in the East.

            however, beginning on December 4th, 1941, a Russian counterattack blasted Army Group Center back from Moscow, and Hitler desperately needed a Japanese attack into Siberia to hold Soviet troops there in place. So, on Dec. 11th, hoping for a Jap declaration against Russia, Hitler declared on America.

            more fool he.

            • Error: Britain was in a declared war with Germany as from Sptember 2, 1939, while Churchill was a mere MP (C-Epping).

    • Europe is fucked. You cant recover from 50 million Muslims and Traitor Leaders.

  4. This is how Islam has stolen Indian land now know known as Pakistan and Bangladesh. It all begins with conquest. Islam date begins with the hijra (migration) from Mecca to Medina so migration is how the modern Islamic conquests begin. Note how Merkel and other EU leaders assist Islam in their conquest by warmly inviting migrants into the land. If you want to save Western Civilization, you first must rid yourselves of corrupted Marxist “leaders.”


      It is not only the corrupted Marxist “leaders”. It is all about cheap labor. The Germans started it with the Turks over 50 years ago, referring to these low-lifes as “Gastarbeiters”(guest workers). The corrupt business establishment has been complicit in the cultural and social degeneration of Europa, since the end of WWII. Ditto here. Our Mexican invaders have been referred to as America’s Palestinians. We are just as doomed and the corrupt, syphilitic, degenerate Europeans.

  5. Islam and its pimps are a festering Social Disease. It will spread its rot until cured.

  6. Nobody Could have Predicted this.

    Good thing we have the Fly Formula. Works on Large Groups and Vehicles too.

  7. How can a man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his Gods.

  8. Some French want to surrender parts of their country, good some things never change.
    Personally, i’m hoping the british will man up at some point and physically start throwing them into the channel seas, that would be some great television.

    • Too Bad they are too busy listening to rap music and snorting dope. FYI, the hot chicks are all long gone. Taken by foreigners. England is Done.

      • The british have a history of going walking dead brutal when faced with being overrun and losing England, not giving up on them yet.
        And English hot chicks ? isn’t that an oxymoron. personally, i’m looking to travel to Germany and get a hot german chick, being “German-American” myself.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “The british have a history of going walking dead brutal when faced with being overrun and losing England”

          We respectfully disagree.
          – The Romans, Angles, Saxons, and Normans

          • but the Picts will rise again.

            with Royals marrying niggers and London with a Muslim mayor, I think England – as with the rest of western Europe – has passed the point of No Return.

          • Yeah I was just about to say. The British have been beaten and/or subjugated for the last 2,000 years. They were on top for a while when they had a bunch of people convinced to fight with them and work with them. They are hardly a lot of winners.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    Interesting supposition while we are drowning in Mexicans

    • 40-50 year old fat Mexican women that look like they are gonna develop diabetes and menopause any minute.

      • Nawt Hawt!

        But, hey… they want a gal, just like the gal, that married dear ole Jose!

        And extrude a buncha citizens!

      • Daniel K Day

        Nah, not just them, there are plenty of 20-30 year old fat Mexican women that are squeezing out muchachos and muchachas on a yearly schedule here on the Left Coast.

  10. Josey Wales, I’m right there witcha. Scalping motherfuckers who betrayed you is a good first step, and sends an unmistakable message. Scalping moslems is just de rigueur. But since none will sit still for it while alive…….100 minimum, and you will have earned your stripes. Or 100 heads, just as good. You should always leave survivors, and even send them back to their masters. Let it be known that it is war to the knife, and the knife to the hilt. Those without the stomach for all this, can carry and stack ammo, or cook meals, or run supply routes and depots, as before in all wars. They do their part as well. A little too rough for some of you? We’re not fighting tin soldiers, we’re fighting the most ruthless garbage ever to pick up a gun in world history. We will have to be more nasty than they are to win.

    • Their Heads/mouths full of pudenda, sent back by the truck/ship/plane lode.

      Then a bright flash………..

      As in life, so in death.

  11. thesouthwasrght

    The fuckstick known as Prince William could go down in the annals of history with the likes of Alexander and Charlemagne if he would stand for his people and nation and lead them in purging England of the Muslim vermin. But he won’t. Short of the Murican ruling class there is no group of parasites more worthless than the English monarchy.

    • Meghan Markle is a nigger.

      • Have you ever done a DNA analysis of yourself? You might be less Irish (or German if your forebears changed it from Heinz after they got off the boat) than you think you are. If your family actually resided in NC for as long as you’ve claimed, chances are there’s Native American in you.

    • fundamentally, the current Brit Royals are all

      (((Battenburgs))), alias “Mountbatten”.

      so their anti-White Western civilizational maneuvers should not surprise us.

      nor should (((Kasner)))-alias-Merkel’s.

      • Not Jewish. Hessian and Polish. You beclown yourself. Again.

      • Prince Philip is a Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg on his father’s side, which strangelly made him part of the GREEK royal family; the Mountbatten name came from his mother, and was assumed by him for political reasons when he obtained permission frm King George VI to court Princess Elisabeth, herself of the line of Hanover, changed to Windsor during the First World War and carried on by her descendants (other than the Armstrong-Jones’) despite her husband’s adopted surname.

        “Battenberg”, the name given to a German-Polish family upon its ennoblement, is from a 1200 year-or-more-old town in Hesse.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Battenberg, not -burg. The family was Hessian nobility.

    • He lacks the power. Even with the Crown, he will be a figurehead.

    • The Murican ruling class is a bunch of sellouts living in gated communities. The real problem is the people and the media.

      Nothing Will Change unless the Media is taken down. Its basic college Mass Communications/ Marxist Indoc.

      Who ever gets the first word in, or the most words in, wins.

      Propaganda 101-404

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. First, the notion that the United States is a unitary “nation” is and always has been utter bullshit.

    We of the south demand we be free of Modor on the Potomac, the town whose decadence and corrupt is at a level that not only can it NOT be kept under wraps, those participating in it now revel and wallow in it publicly.

    It has been many centuries since France was more than one nation, probably 20 centuries or more.

    There is no “American” nation, there never has been. We of the south attempted to leave the drunken wife beating husband of the US government and were almost successful, now that it’s collapsing in upon itself, we applaud it.

    Soon, a southern homeland, free of the Yankee Empire.

    Oh, one more thing, looks like the English crown is ready to commit beastiality, Prince William is marrying a nigger.

    • Randolph Scott

      Well I would have never thought that niggers would be married into the British Royal family. The fucking end is nearer than most people think.

  14. SHOCK VIDEO: Students undergo ‘disturbing sensory experiences’ to drive out prejudice

    • Today, In my Mass Communications 204 class, I was taught it is the white man’s fault that blacks act stupid because the media 70 years ago portrayed them as stupid.

      Dead Serious.

  15. TheCollegeFix: Portions of SDSU’s ‘Journey to a Shared Humanity’

  16. The Prince marrying a mixed race lady is fine. He is not the line of succession. His older brother is. We have all been told however that theirs is a superior form of government and we should accept the wisdom of their divinely inspired leadership. We should all go out an emulate the Prince and marry a mulatto actress.


      I am looking forward to the televised ceremony. It will be interesting to watch a bunch of spineless ne’er-do-wells strutting around in their Nutcracker Ballet outfits while there country disintegrates.

    • Black Women, and their friends, are way too bossy(And Big) for my taste.

    • Can’t have no blue eyed babies thataway…….

    • “The Prince marrying a mixed race lady is fine.”

      No. It is precedent, Friend.

      That is exactly how we have arrived at the present dire straits.

  17. mudslimes are not the real enemy, they’re just the orcs you have to survive when they attack you and your own folks aren’t prepared.