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  1. Aber: Es ist NICHT in Ordnung Musulmaner zu sein!

  2. funny but pathetic,
    same as in ‘Murka. Next up:

    “it’s OK to be Jewish”. And then we’re back to

    “I’m OK, you’re OK”

    • What, you’re not of the “Free to be, you and me” generation?

      This shit has been going on a long time. It’s not going to get cleaned up over night. There’s a truth found in the garage that applies equally to social problems – to clean up a sticky mess, you need the right solvent.

      For social problems, the ‘right solvent’ is almost always blood, spilled copiously in the streets until the worst offenders are all worm food and the quislings are converted back to the truth or cowed into utter submission. When I say “cowed into utter submission” I specifically mean not passing on their corrupt beliefs to their spawn. As in, ‘we find you doing that and we will eradicate your family and your entire social circle. We will burn you all’.

      Anything less is just kicking the can down the road.

  3. Pushback. Let’s hope it has adult supervision or it will flame out. I’m waiting for, “It’s OK to hate Jews.” Then we’re on to something.

    • thetinfoilhatsociety

      That would only play into their victim narrative. Don’t go there, what we have now is the result of that.

    • Nah. The next step is “It’s OK to want to live in a White country”.
      Simple. Clean. No hate in it. It puts the ‘hate’ ball right back in the court of the multi-culti bunch.

  4. Ping me when the when the “Kill all Muslims!” signs appear, there and here.

    • But, yeah, I’ll take what we can get.

      Good on whoever has the balls.

      • you have no balls old worthless loser of a man.

        fuck off and die scumbag.

        • Hows that bodycount comin, chickenshit?…….. hahahahahahaha

        • Alright cocksucker. Enough. I haven’t bothered you lately but a friend sent me a warning about your threatening me with death on the Bracken thread. What has that got to do with anything I wrote there?

          I take that seriously, even if it is just you idling away the time nursing your sore ass. Keep it up dickbreath and see what happens. Even a shit eating soopertrooperwannabescoutsniper can’t hit shit from Canukistan. Better stay up there where your all safe and cozy.

          Death threats to total strangers on the innernut is used to define “pathetic” and “impotent” and “stupid” just about everywhere intelligent people congregate.

    • wendystringer48088

      Respectfully, I think negative messages (“It’s ok to hate…” “It’s ok to kill…”) are not nearly as effective as positive ones (“It’s ok be…”). Most people would agree that it is ok to be yourself and to take pride in who you are. That is why the “It is ok to be White” signs are so brilliant. The counter to that (“No, it is not ok to be white, and saying that is racist.”) starkly reveals the other side’s true agenda and objectives (subjugation and elimination of white people).
      I think a message like “It’s OK to hate Jews.” or “Kill all Muslims” would not be effective as most people, including myself, would instinctively recoil from messages calling for people to “hate” and “kill” other people.
      I think it is better to speak to people’s real word daily lives and concerns that they can relate to on a personal level. Make a positive statement or ask a simple question to make them think about their own situation and that maybe they have the same rights as others and should take pride in themselves and in their heritage and culture as the others groups are allowed to do.

    • Musulmaner muss Weg!

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Hoffentlich machen sie etwas jetzt. Die zeit is schon vorbei.

  6. Good start at the least. Can’t say what might happen beyond, when Merkel’s Stasi-lite coppers get assigned to the case. Most all the good German genes got theirselves Todt am Ost some time back.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Both of my uncles never returned from Leningrad and Moskau, one had a family already and they too disappeared amongst the carnage of East Prussia in ’45.
      Wonder what they would have been like today?

  7. no, its not. and TPTB will not allow that

  8. Jeffery in Alabama

    Auslander aus!

  9. Editor, please check the WRSA email address for an image.

  10. The Reconquista Germanica folks are supporters of the AfD, anti-Merkel, etc. (Not a bad thing.) Nice.

  11. It’s OK to be White, and OK to be German. To be Volksdeutsche Amerikanischer is just f’kin’ AWESOME!!

  12. Die Duetschen sind nicht nur ok, aber richtig! Ich bin mur eine Volksdeutsche Americanisher auch! I’m guessing that the war of words will lead to a war of bullets and other things. Ja.

  13. Here’s yet another blatant example of why there’s a Jew Question.

    “Tim Wise: If Roy Moore Wins, It’s Time To Destroy White Alabama”

    And, @GS: Yes, I’ve been DNA analyzed and am 95% Celtic, 4% German/Dutch, and 1% Other Northern European. No nigger and no Asian DNA.

    • Many of the Jews are Northern European. Hey, if all the humans started out Black in Africa and one drop of Black blood makes you Black, how did Whites come about? Or if a god created just two humans, they must have been Black because early humans were Black.

  14. It appears the Germans are inching ever closer to a repetition of history. All they lack now is 1 charismatic nationalistic leader…..

    • European American

      The whole world is now seeing the Elephant in the room. The Zionist Jews days, of manipulation and control, are numbered. And let’s hope a charismatic nationalistic leader returns to the Fatherland, to flush them out.

    • Who will stop Germans from making their nation a German homeland? Certainly, I would help them.

      If you’re making a sly reference to the hoax of Jew killings, that only reveals your ignorance. There was NEVER a systematic murder of Jews by the German government.

  15. chicken thief

    LoL No. My wife’s best friend is German and is concerned about that very thing. However, their unwillingness to take action against the invaders is cultural suicide. Oktoberfest attendance is down due to the Islamic threat. Rapes perpetrated by Muslims go unpunished. Regardless of Germany’s past they have a right and duty to protect themselves,

  16. European American

    When the ZIonist Jews declared war against Germany, in 1933, they knew they wouldn’t be “happy” until they brought the Germans down to their knees, and neutered the ones that survived the killing fields (POW and Civilians) post WW2.
    Germany, once the greatest country in the world, is but a empty shell, now.
    Long live the Soldiers of Odin!! May they help bring White Nationalism back to the sleeping German giant. May the Bolshevik, Communist, Zionist Merkel be brought to trial and punished accordingly.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I was explaining to a friend a few weeks ago that in 1933 Germany, you basically had your choice of voting for Antifa or a Nationalist, who would you have voted for? He said he never thought of it that way before.

      Most people have no clue of the struggle that went on from 1917 to 1933, or who was behind it.

      Then again, most people have no idea who was backing the 2 sides in the 2 Russian revolutions of 1917 either. Let me give you a hint, one side was backed by American bankers (yeah, those guys, the new Federal Reserve) operating under the guise of the American Red Cross ( I like to think of them as the early version of Christians In Action).

  17. Es verdad…cangrejo de gran tamaño aquí. ¡Sin embargo, los pescadores contagioso los en invierno , ellos tienen huevos más grande!

    Escusa mi español…yo soy herrumbroso.

  18. In Sweden things are even worse I heard: