Z Blog: The Shadows Grow

What and who stand against transnational collectivism?

And how?

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Q: How to stand against trans-national collectivism?


    A: Local. Local. Local.

    It’s gotta be taught and learnt family-by-family. Family is the key. (notice how the “Visiting Team” constantly attacks the Family in all its iterations. Look to what the enemy attacks–then, strengthen that!) Viz.

    “…Let’s go to work!…”
    (Sgt. from the 77th Div–2nd assault on Okinawa’s Maeda Cliffs (“Hacksaw Ridge”)


    As more and more sheeple continue to suck at the Leviathan’s teats, collectivism will continue to strengthen. The family is the basic unit, but when you have “parents” who allow their sons to be feminized by wearing make-up and embracing our syphilitic culture(see today’s Breitbart site), what good is the “family” then?
    Give me parents and grandparents who inculcate the values and laws of human behavior laid down in the Good Book. For those who disdain religion, there are the tenets of The Golden Rule and the two principles of Natural Law which Maybury explored in his book: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUSTICE? And first and foremost, if at all possible, remove your children and grandchildren from the Amerikan public education system.

    • ha.

      the Red tide is rolling in faster and faster…. as the remnant of yesteryear gets older and weaker.

      like it or not, teevee is the glue that holds collectivism and cultural marxism together.

      and those electric jew boxes are selling like cold bottled water in the desert.

      your family, neighbors, and community are firmly in the grips of the commies.

      it’s not even safe anymore to express your opinions to those folks.. they may report you for being un-murkin…

      • “it’s not even safe anymore to express your opinions to those folks.. they may report you for being un-murkin…”



        You’ve made it quite clear you’re ALL about saving yer ass and to hell with everyone and everything else. That may be a rational assessment, given the circumstances, but it begs the question:

        Why bother commenting here, of all places, except to flaunt, flagellate, frustrate and FLATULATE???

        Die now… avoid the suspense.

      • Check this, skim to about 1:11:48 It’s not just tv.

  3. I’m hoping that these new, big-shadow “intellectual giants” are smart enough, and practical enough, to have concluded by now that if being intellectually consistent, virtuous, fact-based, and logical were all that was needed to succeed in a physical world, there would have been no need to invent the Colt 1911 pistol. Otherwise, as far as I can determine, they’re just one more evolutional iteration of a big-brain circle jerk: Success begets success, and failure begets failure.

  4. Stay loose. Flexibility is more important than having a political anchor. Pick a strong horse. Being on the winning side is an amoral but logical point of family survival. The thing is to not present as a good target, and when your opportunity comes, then you show who you really are. Totally without morals, but then who doesn’t jettison anything to stay alive? First live, then, speak. A boomer who has had to eat a ton of “conservative” bullshit his whole life, just to find out, surprise, the conservatives were playing him the whole time.

  5. Anyone else seen or heard about US Marines landing in force at CIA Langley?
    The Feral Gov. CW seems to be heating up, CYA is always prudent.

    • yes, the Marines have been storming Sodom-on-the-Potomac for at least a week now.

      so far, casualties range from light to nil.

    • Hello?


      If even 10% of those allegations came to fruition, it would rock the foundations of the world.

      I pray the Lord God of Hosts, the God of Justice and Vengeance is in accord.

    • ben ful o shit

      this guy is a fucking joke.

      always with the white hats are going to save us all.

      just fuck him.

  6. We may have to postpone this convo until after the end of WW3

  7. Not that this has anything to do with the article, but I struggle to think exactly what the ‘government’ on any level has done for me or mine. Not that I want anything other than being left alone ………….

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. The problem is communications.

    The Colleges educate with lies and brainwash the youth while the media is their backup.

    Communications is the most important aspect of any organization. Good or Bad.

    They have the Best Comms, So they are winning.

    We cannot win on their comms, playing their games.

    We need to get ride of their Bull Shit Communications and Lies. Everyday they recruit more and more people to the Anti-America point of no return.