On Finishing A 1911 80% Build

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Fundamental gunplumbing.

It’s a skill that must be transferred to the younguns.

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  1. That’s one good looking .45 there, you betcha.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Interesting how many people will tell you that’s a piece of antique junk.
      I still miss my old issue US&S.

  2. Much easier and cheaper to build an 80% ghost glock. Those frames are actually more ergonomic than the oem glock frames and a variety of aftermarket slides, triggers, threaded barrels and caliber conversions, and lights, sights, red dot mounts and magazines are readily available. Use a glock 22 or 23 slide and you can run 9,40,357Sig, and 22 rimfire. Holster availability is still an issue, but a diy gun should be considered a range toy until you ring it out with a bunch of rounds of various kinds.

    File your mother may I Form 1 and the Polymer frame guns can be sbr’d easily via front rail attachment or modding an Endo stock adapter. Although for sbr the AR9 glock mag pistols are a better base to build from.

    If you’re intent on 45 nobody makes a diy G21 (probably the best stock 45 ever made for duty use) frame yet so 1911 is still best viable diy 45 option but you really need at least a bench top mill to get the build hours and frustration down.

    On the subject of 80% builds, building a Form 1 suppressor is a super easy project and actually has economic viability. Most 80% pistol and AR builds are more expensive than factory hardware although glock facsimiles are approaching parity. However the secret squirrel premium on cans makes diy Form 1 builds an actual money saver.

    As long as you’ve heard commercial suppressors and don’t have unrealistic expectations one can fab a simple Form 1 build for a third to half the cost with 90-100% the performance of commercial items. Just understand the weight/cost/strength-durability-performance trade space and build accordingly.

    Individual tax stamp approvals are running 5-6 months right now and entities like corps/trusts are running 11-12 months. The cost of a diy build can be spread over time unlike a commercial can. And you can build style/Form factors that are commercially rare like short fat cans or boosterless wet pistol cans. But for a first build a rimfire suppressor or a 30 cal rifle can will yield the most utility.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And how exactly was all that related to a 1911 pistol?

      • I knew it wouldn’t take long for a Glock fanboy to show up.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Yup, he missed the point entirely.
          Besides a 1911A1, I also own a G20 and G23, but I was trained and raised on 1911’s, can’t ever get past that either. They’re still beauties to me.

          Reading comprehension and staying on topic are lost here (even I’m guilty).
          Just like the last post on 25m BZO, excellent lesson he gave, but next thing you know you’re being told that’s shit, you really need a $5,000 sniper rifle.

    • Individual tax stamp approvals are running 5-6 months right now and entities like corps/trusts are running 11-12 months.

      In Britain, nationalized healthare surgeries are delayed a year if you’re overweight or a smoker. Liberty delayed is liberty denied.

  3. Don’t know about this, did read last week that Trump Was going to allow the sale of 50k military 1911s. Via CMP, early next year.

    Those will be early model Colts. Being a 1911 fanboy I can see several in my 1911 shelves.


  4. I think I read the CMP is getting the last batch (100,000 or so) of 1911’s from military storage soon.

    Brownells and Know-How from there on.

    • Yep. If the price is reasonable I’ll be getting one and installing modern internal parts and keeping the outside original.

    • CMP will have 8,000 M1911s to sell in 2018, 10,000 for 2019. Eventually, about 100,000 will be released for sale.

  5. Damn! I miss the stainless steel officer model I once had.

  6. meanwhile.

    i shot the living shit out of my steel targets today with an AK.

    and practiced head shots on my plastic ivans with a .380 and 9mm at close range 🙂

    the nearby beef cattle are probably still shaking…

  7. Hokey Religions and Ancient weapons are no match for a good 10mm by your side, Kid.

    _Han Solo_

    • Is that a railgun or are you just happy to see me?…
      – Buck Gadot

      • wendystringer48088

        As to your previous post in the Book of Q message thread regarding the EBT cards going down in 2013, I did a Google search…
        Yep. Interestingly, apparently some people’s cards were no balance, and some people’s cards were no limit.
        Appears to me that having a Concealed Carry Permit and being armed and prepared in dangerous times would certainly be prudent.
        Reliable full size high capacity 9mm or a .45 1911 would be the way to go in that situation.
        As well as making preparations and plans and practicing ahead of time what you might need to do in such times.
        “…– Buck Gadot”
        If they ever make a movie with Gal Gadot as a female Buck Rogers you just know they’ll have to work that line into the script. 🙂
        I’ve been expecting that line to pop-up anytime now on The Orville (Fox, Thursday nights). 🙂

  8. Mountain Cracker

    In defense of Glock, they are a great tool, they go bang every time, and there is little to no fitting. Are they the crafted handgun of a century ago? No, nor is an Ar15 compared to a 1903 Springfield. The dirty little secret is you don’t appreciate them until you have had to do some shooting under stress.

  9. “It’s a skill that must be transferred to the younguns.” That will have to be a judicious pick of younguns. I have had students ask for jumper cables then come back asking how. They are not worth my time to train them on the use of a rattail file.

  10. My Son, 22 years young can disassemble, clean and service everything I’ve acquired over the years. From the old warhorse Mausers, Mosins, Garands, Luger’s, K31’s, to modern Glocks, M&P’s, and everything else. Currently on a next batch of AR builds. He’s actually caught the bug before I did and realizes the relevance. It will be passed on after I have. No roadside assistance needed for a flat tire with my kid. I’m hoping he’s one of many.

    • He’s not.

    • wendystringer48088

      If he can do all that, and find himself a good girl to have a family and a life with and pass on his genes and knowledge, that will be great.
      Even if he is not one of many, he just needs to be one of the few survivors. I think there is a great die-off going to be coming soon. The strong ones will survive to refresh the gene pool.

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  13. What a shame, make what you got work. It’s that simple.


  14. I wasn’t commenting on 1911s I was commenting on 80% builds. And that’s why I brought up suppressors as that is an even simpler DIY technology. I’ve built 1911s too and like working on them but there’s a lot more hand fitting and most people don’t have patience with files and stones and immediately go to a dremel and screw things up. You can dovetail a sight slot with a file but a cutter in a mill is really the best approach. Dremels are for polishing.

    As to the Glock fanboy trope, you don’t know anything about me and my firearm preferences or experience and nothing I’ve suggested disparaged the 1911. The Glock is easier and cheaper to build is the only value judgement I made and it’s objectively true. Sometimes money matters to people. Also you are more likely to interest most younger gun plumber with a glock build than a 1911. It’s a gateway gun. An 80% 10/22 isn’t too bad either but there’s no economy in it unless you do custom metal finishing. And there are lots of ways Glocks can be modded and customized owing to all the fanboys you disdain supporting a supply base that dwarfs 1911 logistics. I don’t like it either just like I don’t like how Sig can’t stock and HK won’t stock and Desert Tech…it sucks that the functional brick is the most popular portable lead thrower but that’s reality. Did I mention the 80% frame fixes the fucked up glock backstrap? 80% Glocks don’t suck as bad as the real deal.

    As far as the NFA and rights delayed I agree 100%. But I don’t know anyone with a tax stamped gun who doesn’t wish they’d done it sooner. Right now is a golden age for suppressors, like pre-86 was for MGs. Having a stamped item is a canary in a coal mine. They might be registered and eventually outlawed but with all the non-amnesty crap floating around they’ll never be completely confiscated. The registered guns/items are the weeds that all the wild flowers are hiding in plain sight amongst. The registered guns also provide teaching moments. I also file my taxes truthfully every year. If someone wants to extort $200 out if me and test my patience so I can actually practice and learn then ya I’m a house neighbor.

    As to mufflers, check out the Form 1 boards sometime and you’d be amazed at the effective and clever builds that provide real value. The more normalized and popular cans get the more likely their removal from NFA purview. They have been growing at an exponential rate and the registration process is really no big deal.

    One side benefit to NFA is it keeps impatient high time preference people (liberals and immature, marshmallow test failing, r-selected snowflakes) from getting real world exposure and experience with lots of beneficial hardware. You can bitch about rights or you can adapt, overcome, and move forward, learning, practicing, teaching, and building.

    I’d discuss the merits of various grades of various alloys and appropriate welding and cutting tool requirements but so far I’m the only one in this thread actually talking about building things and their merits. Sorry I stepped in the wrong rice bowl.

    • I think it’s accurate to say that many, maybe even most, of us that read this blog regularly appreciated your posts. Keep up the good work, please.

  15. I own two 1911s…a ragged-out Ithaca and a near-pristine Colt, both WW2 vintage, and both run like butter. Love ’em, but I love my youngest (22 y/o) son too and gave the Ithaca to him. He carries it!

    I own a G23 (40S&W) also. We put several hundred 9mm rounds thru it last week using the Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel and Lone Wolf stainless guide rod/recoil spring as the only changes to the gun. Didn’t change the extractor and had no extracting problems. We even experimented loading 9mm pills into the 40sw mags. I had no hiccups, but my oldest son had one feeding failure using the 40sw Glock mags. 9mm Glock mags ran perfect.

    Love the 1911, but if I’m putting on my warface, I’m bringing my Glock or my CZ75.

  16. Praxis, wasn’t poking you,,brother. I’m an equal oppertunity pistol guy. I own several of both flavors. While I’m a old school Col Cooper guy, who is into 1911s, I also own Glocks.

    Had the argument incorporated the P-35 I may try that argument.

    To each their own my Brothers and Sisters. Make what you own work for you.

    Dirk Williams

  17. Their’s just something plainly beautiful,,about that bone stock 1911 slick slide. A work of art, a pistol which brought so much to modem pistols.