On Training

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Strong structures are based on strong foundations.

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  1. ” you cannot prove to your team mate that you can drag his 250 lb. body behind cover in a fire fight in the event that his legs are shot out from under him, then you are doing a disservice to him. ”

    250lbs? what a slob.

    fuck that fat ass. that tub o lard can haul is own bacon to safety.

    and i thought i was heavy at 185 and still wearing a 33″ waist.

    the murkins are fat, slow, broke, AND stupid.

    • Ya know, I weigh 240 and am in pretty damn good shape.

      A fool is thought wise if he keeps his mouth shut. That’s obviously not something you’re capable of.


      Uh, sir, that brave soul in Texas with his AR stopped that church shooter. He looked to be about my age and did not appear to be a Triathlete. Yes, a lot of Amerikan Sheeple are out of shape, clueless, and stupid. Some of us who do have a clue are making the best of it, given our age(70) and our disabilities(arthritis). Be careful about your broad brush. If you ever make it to Rawles Land, I may be your only back-up.
      I cannot speak for others. I only know that when the adrenaline starts pumping and I have to act, I will do my best, given my past training as a solider and a Peace Officer, to defend myself and my tribe. Some of the worst fights I have gotten into as a Deputy Sheriff were with obviously out-of-shape folks who did not want to go to jail, even though they needed to. And those were the days before stun guns, pepper spray, etc. It will always be: “…the size of the fight in the dog.” Bleib ubrig.

    • outlawpatriot

      And you are an idiot. 🙂

    • I weigh 225, and have the same 32″ waist I graduted High School with. With just rifle and chest rig–not wearing my plate carrier–I’m an easy 250#.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      250 can be a slob or rock solid – it depends very much on height/frame. You can easily find 250-pounders in football or hockey who have little, if any, fat, to give just one example. There are people who are 100 pounds lighter, but total jelly-rolls, too.

    • I weight a 195. With all my gear and a rifle I probably tip the scales at 240 easy. If I carry extra food and water I can easily hit 265

    • allahu akbar

      I weigh, uh, 300 pounds….and I’m, um, 6 foot 9, yeah, with a 30 waist.
      I bench press 500 lbs, and my penis is 10 inches…in diameter.
      when i was in “the stan” and “the sandbox,” with delta and the teams, i never carried a rifle, because my masculine greatness would shame all the male tangos into suicide, and seduce all the females…I made like 100 kids over there.

      Thats why im not really a great shot…i only shoot 1 inch groups at 1000 yards, offhand, with my ruger 10/22..I’m too busy fighting off the atttention of sexy, nubile women, doing missions for C.I.A. S.A.D., and having sex with women (ONLY WOMEN) to put any effort into formal training. Also making lots of money sharing my knowledge of killing people, particulary my neighbors. I think it is very important for all true patriots to know how to eliminate everyone in your neighborhood the next time the electricity goes out during a thunderstorm. I don’t work out, because my natural manliness gives me muscles automatically. I am also very secure, and not gay at all.

      I don’t mind if you guys worship me; alot of people do, in a totally non gay way. In fact, i give you persmission to. Just remember that I am definantly not insecure about my sexuality, and completely ungay, even though i talk about mens bodies alot. All strait guys do that.

  2. Thanks. Been meaning to build one of these.

  3. Strong medicine, for those able to swallow it. I would only add one caveat. Do not make a habit of using twelve year old girls or plumbers who are 100+ pounds overweight to shame your other students with their amazing scores and accomplishments. You may get a grudging acceptance, and you may get something else entirely, like a ghost town. I don’t know a single human being that enjoys being held up to ridicule. A go-no-go basis is just fine in a timed exercise, with a shooter coming in at an accepted time. When you got real fast AND good ones, turn them into trainers, and spread that goodness around. I listened to my superiors my entire Army career, tell me I was no damned good at anything I did, no matter if I met or exceeded standards, or how much I exceeded them. All I learned was how to hate my superiors, and how NOT to train my soldiers. The borderline and poor performers I encouraged to do better, and always succeeded in bringing their performance up. I’ve had younger sgts and pvts. outshoot and outmaneuver me in all kinds of situations, and ENCOURAGING them makes the plt. better, and makes others want to out do them. Next thing you know, you got one frosty plt, with a lot of budding leaders, and a lot of skill. Integrity makes that happen.

    • Great post.

    • Sean:

      Often folks get offended by certain things when they perceive it is directed at them. The reference to 100lb over weight plumbers and 12 year old girls is simply to illustrate the demoralization a Tactical Timmy Crossfit Ninja may experience if he has to perform on demand and gets spanked by the above offenders. Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. outlawpatriot

    Excellent training prop. Been using them for a couple years now. 🙂

  5. Masthead: “The Reds ain’t gonna kill themselves.”

    That’s true as stated. But I have to tell ya, they are certainly shooting themselves in the foot with all the sexual gerrymandering they have been doing. The question to be asked — how do we make them aim a little higher?

    • What better way to take down the Patriarchy even if you have to throw a few of yours under the bus…

    • too funny.

      like half the people here would do anything more than run to the blue-colored skirts for protection…

      fucking weasels.

      stay out west where you’re safe from men who actually have street fighting experience.


  6. Jimmy the Saint

    “The Reds ain’t gonna kill themselves.”

    They will, they just wait until *after* they’ve seized total power to do it. Most other groups get impatient and do it beforehand, which is why they fail.

  7. Firing Port Training is excellent Training considering 90% of people live in a major city surround by potential Firing Ports.

    But what if you end up in the woods?

    How to Properly Use a Tree or the entire Forest for cover.

    1) You can flag your barrel around a tree and tuck in very tightly, but you sacrifice visibly and, you will give away your position with constant movement to scan for targets; If you stack up on a tree, make sure you have a buddy(Or Buddies) watching your other angles. Communicate and Identify these sectors of fire.

    When Setting your sectors of fire in a woodline there are a few things you want.

    A) You want maximum overlap of sectors of fire on THE FARTHEST trees you can from what you believe to be the enemies most likely point of attack. This will prevent your enemy from using these trees against you. Giving you MAX visibility on their Cover(A Round Tree).

    B) A solid Healthy Hardwood Living Tree. Not a dead piece punky lumber or a wimpy pine tree(Although some pines are quite dense). Avoid the trees that are laying down. They are most often old and rotting so they make for poor cover, infested with annoying insects and spiders, vermin, and potentially Fleas from the vermin, and you’ll be breathing in moist toxic air full of spores from God knows what. I have had a sinus infection from sleeping next to pile of dead lumber. It’s best to just avoid dead wood. There is much better cover nearby. Also, Some trees have some nasty sap. Avoid Sap Trees, It will be all over everything; In your hair, your gear, and your skin. Its hard to clean and is irritating to most people after it sits on your skin for a while.

    2) You can be offset from the tree. It really doesn’t matter how far away from the tree you are as long as you are not under direct fire when you chose your tree, or are going to initiate an ambush from this position. In fact, hugging a tree too closely makes for poor visibility, and requires you to move your head around A LOT to properly scan your area. I avoided getting to close to trees because of this rounded nature. If someone misses you and hits the tree next to your head, The bullet has a good chance of bouncing into your face, which effectively doubles the size of your enemies target(Your Head). Stay off the tree please.

    Use your eyes to scan rapidly, and your head to pan SLOWLY.

    This will prevent you from giving away your position. This also requires practice to exercise your eye muscles. If you haven’t done woodline treeing for a while, you will exhaust the muscles in your eyes and have trouble keeping your eyes open past 24 hours. Maybe Less. Practice stretching and exercising your eyeball muscles. This can be done throughout the day, and helps for long periods when you stare through a scope all day.

    3) What ever you choose as cover, avoid scuffing up the trees, algae, and moss too much. It takes very long for this stuff to grow, and will give away activity very readily for up to a year in most areas outside of the south.

    4) Big Bullets go through living trees at close range. Small Bullets sometimes go through living trees(Hard Or Soft Wood?) at short range.

    5) Pick a tree that is about the width of your shoulders with a rifle up when in the prone. Practice this move on a column in your home or around that tree outback. If you are behind a tree, in the prone, using it as cover, peering around the “Right” side of you tree(Rifle Up). You can slightly roll to your left side(Staying behind your tree) WHILE pulling your weapon back and swinging down so the rifle looks likes its in a tight “Low Ready”, Switch hands for a “Goofey” Or “Left Hand” grip on the weapon, then, complete the roll out, and post up quickly on the other side of your tree. This is the best way to change sides of a tree without giving away what you are doing to your enemy. Or getting ripped up by gunfire exposing yourself. It’s fast, uncomplicated, and will feel natural if executed properly.

    6) Your enemy will not, and can not, maneuver or flank you quietly through the more dense parts of the forest. FYI, every wooded environment has areas that come in different densities. You cannot move through the dense areas quietly. These make excellent back drops if you are short on Eyes and Ears. And You can dive into them real quick to escape being completely overwhelmed. At that point some brave enemy has to flush you out. Which will be near suicide. You should have a few minutes to gather yourself and plan something while they try to burn you out, bomb you out, or flush you out.

    Regardless, You are the Shark. I recommend Swimming away as fast as possible, but you do get a second chance to initiate an ambush. I recommend running, You ARE being flanked. If you blow through the thicket or draw, you can probably catch their flanking element. 50/50 odds they go left or right.

    Also, Dense thickets of fleshy and woody plants can slow down and deflect bullets a lot more than you would think.

    7) Stay at least ten feet into the thick woods, and ten meters into the open woods, if you border an open plain or a field.

    8) If you are in Sage Brush, In a fresh set of Army ACUS, you are very scary.

    9) Rock a 100 meter Zero in the Woodline on a bolt gun. Inches matter when someone is tucked into a tree or behind a tree.

    10) Wildlife will investigate you eventually. Birds will fly away from you.

    11) If you plan to fell some trees and make some cover or level 3 fighting positions, two small trees with dirt in between is better than a large tree. Large trees are hard to move, make for a sore back when you need to shoot over them or pull security, and open the canopy more when you cut them down(Increasing the potential for being spotted by aerial recon)

    12) If you take a pile of slightly moist(Not Damp or Wet) organic material(Leaves/Needles) and pour some gas mixed with oil on it. You can light this up and create a blueish white smoke out that is worth ten smoke Grenades. Very cheap and effective. Checking your wind can help, bad smoke is better than no smoke. Helps you run away when some dude at 200-300 meters is trying to kill you. It could block or obscure his LOS. He probably wont be able to IDFF. Could second guess himself. Doesn’t hurt to smoke. Makes a good Plan B escape.

    • Also, Use hand signals. Noise travels very well in the woods.

      • Another good one Rockstar,
        Specially in the winter with ambient density being so
        thin and vibrations/sounds traveling further.

        “Every man to his family and his possessions”

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  9. CA the link isn’t working.

    Going to order the book asap, will also keep an eye out for it this weekend at the Crossroads Gunshow in Phoenix Az at the State Fairgrounds.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  10. If you plan on cutting branches or limbs, a saw is much quieter than a hatchet or axe. The sounds of the latter carry very far in the woods (any rhythmic sound does). Also – angle the cuts so that the ‘bright white’ exposed wood does not gain attention from others. Unless used for distraction of course.

  11. JM, gotcha. What with everything all fucked up all the time, partisans and soldiers will not do well with discouraging situations or descriptions. During the Big Change, it will be more so, and anything that will keep morale high will serve to improve performance. Totally get where you’re coming from. I just learned as a plt. sgt. that every thing you dish out gets magnified by the troops, for good or ill. And you seldom have the time to go back and correct misconceptions, along with butt hurt, and soldiers tendencies to look not for a better way, but the exits. There were people in my last line company who transferred to my plt because they wanted to. I dug the article the most, man. And please, more of them.

  12. Height and weight must be commensurate with the mission. Over weight and out of shape? Stick to last ditch defense.

  13. This shoot tree modeled above is an invaluable tool, the application is across the board, ding weed shooters, or urban shooters stand to learn much from these training platforms.

    Most men are not comfortable rolling a rifle on its side or using scope cross hairs sideways. ” they work just the same” , shooting weak hand of the ground in the lower ports, is challenging,,and great confidence builder.

    Important to understand shoot don’t shoot, distances. Your mistakes will be terrifying, were eye protection you fuck up, it’s splinter city, but it’s also an oppertunity to learn from your mistakes.

    These shoot trees have been around since the early 2000s, maybe earlier, that just my memory of using them. Others may have had the oppertunity earlier.

    Lead on observation for long range gunners. Learn to,shoot from a blind with a 2×2 hole is also challenging, distance from muzzle to blind is critical, for a bunch of reasons.

    Start at 100y work your way to whatever your comfortable with.

    Good stuff.