The Book Of Q

From over the transom, a compilation of posts, allegedly regarding machinations behind the scenes in the USG.

Interesting times, as noted on the final page:

What to make of this so far?

Well, it’s hard to say at this point. Some of this Q stuff is hyperbolic, some of it is not verifyable. Codes like PHIL_B_O_Extracted – which some anons believed te be code for Barack Obama being arrested in the Philip- pines – can’t be verified. Obama was filmed arriving at a Democrat fundraiser in New York on november 15th, seemingly in a good mood. If he really was apprehended and struck some kind of a deal to fry the bigger fish, it is possible he would be allowed to attend such meetings. But this is all speculation, of course.

That some many things did seem to touch upon real events on the other hand, is stunning to say the least. On Nov. 3, the day before the Saudi purge happened, Q posed the following questions: “Why did JK (Jared Kush- ner) travel to SA (Saudi Arabia) recently? What is SA known for? Where do the biggest donations come from?” Ten princes are arrested, including prince Alwaleed Talal, one of Hillary’s biggest donors, and one of the big- gest shareholders of Citybank, who had a big say in picking Obama’s cabinet during the banking crisis, and who, according to some conspiracy theorists, actually payed for Obama’s college tuition (though this again, is unverifiable).

Q’s pictures of a city and some islands taken from inside an airplane, when analysed, match location and tra- jectory of Air Force One as it flies across Asia. This logically, points to the fact that Q may indeed have been a compagnion to president Trump on his 12 day trip to Asia. Some have argued Q may be Dan Scavino, White House Director of Social Media and assistant to the president, though this is entirely speculative.

At the same time, it seems a large number of sealed indictments were being issued. A sealed indictment remains anonymous until it is unsealed. This can be done for a number of reasons. It may be unsealed, for example, once the named person is arrested, or once an entire network is arrested.
Roseanne Barr’s Twitter was back up the day after it shut down shortly after she publicly asked Q to contact her. She tweeted she’d explain later. She been retweeting a lot but hasn’t given a word of explanation yet.

As more news comes out, we’ll quickly see how much of Q’s picture turns into reality. God bless!

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  1. “Independent experts said that the launch sent a North Korean missile higher than ever before, demonstrating a trajectory that could put Washington, D.C., in range.”

    Thank You God.

    Please make it happen. 🙂


      Be careful what you wish for. This Kabuki Theater could get out of control real fast. And, that would give the Leviathan the excuse they need to really start stomping on faces. I often wonder how different the FUSA would be if Al Gore was POTUS on 09/11/2001. Of course one could make the argument that since it was all orchestrated by the Bushes, the “event” never would have happened.
      In any case, I still believe that Kim Flung Dung will not move a muscle unless he gets the green light from the Chinamen. He has nothing to gain, as his country would be in ruins within 24 hours. The only individuals on the planet who would benefit from WWIII are the (((Banksters))) and their useful idiots who make up the Deep State. Bleib ubrig.

      • at this point, do you really believe it’s better to postpone what’s inevitable anyways?

        do you really believe there will be a sudden awakening of the flag wavers?

        do you really think waiting till you can’t wipe your own ass is a better option?

        NK is expendable and everyone knows it. wouldn’t surprise me if the Chicoms sacrifice fatboy with the bad hair cut to draw murka into yet another qagmire it can’t win… the murkins must stop being so selfish, they need to take their medicine or their disease only metasasizes to infect all the world.

        oh wait…


          Sir: Regarding your questions: 1) No, it is not better to postpone the inevitable, but I have absolutely no control over who launches first. All I can do is prepare for the onslaught of refugees when Seattle turns into a glowing pile of rubble.2) No. there will be no mass awakening of flag wavers. I hate to say it, but most of the Sheeple will be running around in tight little circles emitting high-pitched squeaking noises. They will do whatever TPTB tell them to do. 3) As far as waiting until I can no longer wipe my own ass, are you asking if that involves my physical infirmities or a lack of Cottonelle? I have anticipated that scenario with constant prepping and planning.
          I agree that the vast majority of my fellow citizens are self-absorbed, narcissistic, and clueless. After watching THIS IS OUR WORLD by Steve Cutts on You Tube, no more needs to be said. The debate is pretty much closed. All I can do now is follow the slogan which reappears on this site all too often: TO EVERY MAN HIS FAMILY AND HIS BELONGINGS. Take care. Stay in touch.

          • HAAA HAAA

            I LOVE YOU.

          • wendystringer48088

            “do you really think waiting till you can’t wipe your own ass is a better option?”
            “As far as waiting until I can no longer wipe my own ass, are you asking if that involves my physical infirmities or a lack of Cottonelle?”
            I think tfA-t means waiting until one is too old to do anything of value.

            I do think that is a lot of peoples’ plans however, to just assume that life will keep going on in a long term slow decline, until eventually one is old enough that whatever happens won’t matter to them anymore.
            It’s why people keep buying large screen tvs, going to mindless entertainment and watching sports games, playing video games, and buying houses and cars and boats and recreational vehicles and motorcycles and all that other stuff that keeps them in debt up to their eyeballs without any effort or time or expense spent to preparing for really bad things happening for any length of time.
            Drives those of us who care about preparing for hard times and who would like to see others take more steps in preparing for hard times crazy.
            But in the end, everyone makes their own decisions.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “In any case, I still believe that Kim Flung Dung will not move a muscle unless he gets the green light from the Chinamen. He has nothing to gain, as his country would be in ruins within 24 hours. ”

        Megalomaniacal types don’t mind having their country destroyed, so long as it is utterly, and operatically destroyed. That level of devastation is proof of their awesomeness. See, e.g. Hitler’s Nerobefehl

    • I am continually surprised by the stupidity of your comments.

      • fuck you flag waver.

        • I note your profanity, as well as the fact that it does nothing other than further demonstrate that you are likely the least intelligent participant here.

          That’s a little misleading, and I should qualify it:

          There are many here that are above the average intellect – in fact, most are, from my reading of their comments. That said, there is also a subset of those who blame everything on “the JOOS,” “the NIGGERS,” and other remarkably stupid reductions, and of those, sir – you are by far the champion among them.

          You are truly, the stupidest among the staggeringly stupid.


    • Coward still wishing others with balls will do the killing for him. Tfaggot, you’re a bigger piece of shit than even I thought. That’s an accomplishment…..

    • Bubba_Shrimp


  2. “Build a bridge on the East to attack on the West”
    A similar Q-uote I read from Stratagem in Tsung Su

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  3. Acceleration-the rate of change of velocity per unit of time. The velocity is increasing as time in office accumulates under Trumps reign. Heads are rolling at an unprecedented pace. Pedos should be publicly executed. I will donate my time and ammo to shoot the dirty cocksuckers in the face. First up..the Podesta brothers.Line the dirty bastards up and mow them down.Running these cretins out of town is not good enough. They need to be humiliated and eliminated.Update your Hundred Heads Insurance policy.

  4. The latest regarding QAnon postings noted Q is not posting on 4chan anymore (last posts there was Saturday, 11/25). Has moved over to 8chan but has only made 2(?) posts so far. The community there is not so welcoming to Q from what I can tell while I am looking for updates.

    While this is all very intriguing stuff, I am cautious in accepting it at face value. However, if anyone is following closely, there have been many incidents happening over the course of the last several weeks. As a friend once told me “coincidences are for civilians”.

    I guess time will tell on this one. Thanks CA for bringing these forward to the readership. I was wondering when this might become a topic.

  5. The fuse is lit.
    Ironically against an evil Fusion…

    Hang on to your hats…

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

    • Oh just WOW. George Webb is a very difficult man to keep up with. He has put together the most concise picture of what the deep state is, and how it functions. This is just one of hundreds of revelations he has delivered.

      This is going to get very ugly, very public, and very soon. I can’t even envision what it is like behind the scenes, from either/both sides, now.

      I don’t doubt one millisecond that POTUS has a very special security detail, for obvious reasons.

      Can you imagine being a 10-20 year, nameless, faceless, any fed agency employee completely compromised by what he/she has ignored, enabled, or personally committed against the people, or person, or national security at the behest of superiors? Superiors who no longer hold the power, and whose files are in the hands of those who now hold the power? I bet those folks are lining the sidewalks like it was Black Friday, camping out till their number is called, to tell everything they know, or eyeing foreign properties with non-extradition agreements. Too little, too late. One side or the other is going to call their number.

      I wonder if RXs for Xanax are off the charts round the Beltway?

      If “Q” is right, and they have Huma, its gonna be a long cold wait round about DC this time of year.

      Now these employee files are in some very nasty hands. I think the last train for whistleblowers left the station some time around Jan. 2017. Everything we are hearing about now has already happened.

      How does one wake up a nation? How does a CiC wake up a nation?

      “hang onto your hats” indeed.

  6. Here’s another link to 4chan archives providing Q posts(Q !ITPb.qbhqo), up to 11/25/17 (Saturday). Click “VIEW” to expand and read comments/replies on each of his topic submissions.

    If anyone locates an archive map to his current location, please consider linking it here in the comments.

    CA, any consideration to keep this particular post active over the 24 hour deadline of closing comments? There is a lot of reading ahead for our readership to consider this topic for discussion. I don’t see 24 hours enough to consume if any are interested. Or, I guess new topics could be presented in the future as stand-alones. (thoughts anyone?) Thank you!

    • I can keep it alive a couple of ways. Let’s see how people engage.

      • this just in –

        Marines led by General “Mad Dog” Mattis have stormed CIA Langley; traitors and pedos are being executed en masse.

        meanwhile, neo-Confederate militia have blown up the Lincoln Memorial, and DC police are on high alert for further outrages by Right-wing terrorists.


      • Agree with Leauxryda. I have one read through, and scheduled a second.

        That interview with Senator Richard H. Black on youtube, at Caravan to Midnight would have never happened under Obama regime. That, coupled with this, coupled with all these bizarre disclosures of high profile personalities, none of whom have surprised anyone who knows them, meaning, why now?

        Something is afoot. There will be a response. It won’t be pleasant. We should be ready for it.

        While my feelings are not the determining factor in the final analysis, I have learned to give them a seat at the table, if you will. There are some very serious people in this country…on both sides. Imagine what happens, if you can, if a third of elected officials, (a conservative number, by the way, I’ve heard 70% are compromised) don’t run for reelection. Aside from popping champagne corks at the very thought of it, who exactly, takes their place? Are we ready for this? Never mind those esteemed gathered here…are we ready for the normies’ reactions? ‘Cause I’m thinking there are going to be some reactions.

        It feels downright biblical…”Old Testament” biblical, if you know what I mean.

    • Oh that is a mess over there. I may be able to give it some time, but damn…

      Nonetheless. I am interested.

  7. While I would celebrate a wave of arrests, prosecutions and executions, I think it is just more internet trolling to those who actually want to see our overlords suffer and pay – myself included.

    Wish it were true, but I’m not holding my breath – even a little.

    I’d be happy to eat a pile of crow, though….

  8. White Blue Collar Redneck

    If you’re not burying them like
    Mud does, you ain’t doing shit.
    Yeah, that includes me.

  9. Carlos Danger

    Percy Sutton verified the tuition payment in an interview that was posted on 9 December 2008 (?) on American Thinker. The date is close but not certain. It has been that long since I watched it. He was being interviewed on a local Harlem TV show and said that he was asked to provide a recommendation for Obama as I recall and said so with pride.

  10. Well, that was an interesting, energetic read:
    I see people wondering ‘Who’s “Q”?’ Maybe that’s the wrong ‘w’…

    Some crumbs I thought were interesting:
    $1.7B sent to Iran [that’s real money to you and me, but is it to Iran?]
    Iran is not cooperating w/ world re [alleged] nukes
    Pakistan has nukes (POKK-EE-STOHN)
    Where did both get their nuke tech?
    Why all the attention on NK?
    Who’s really HMFIC in NK?
    Geronimo?? [There was this aero plane over the Atlantic on its way to New York…and it was full of men from the United Nations…? Remember 9-11?]

    Not in the book:
    Why 1st visit by US sub to JEJU island recently (S Korea)?
    Which island are Bad War Criminals taken to (kind of funny if you think about it).
    Why so much hand’s off vs Iran-Pakistan-NK misbehavior in [esp.] previous admin?
    Valerie Jarrett = Wicked Queen? (from Snow White)

    • re; why hand’s off Iran-Pakistan-NK:

      George Webb likely has info regarding Iran/Pakistan (perhaps NK as a side issue) at his youtube site. Iwan brothers running IT for about 80 members of House, and are/were Pakistani Intelligence assets. Inran Awan was arrested while attempting to leave the country a couple of months ago. Debbie Wasserman Schlutz kept him on her payroll for weeks after his arrest. There is a body of evidence presented there. It appears that Anthony Weiner brought them in while still a sitting member of Congress. They have been running the IT, and the Blackberry programs for sitting members of select committees, to include Intelligence, Armed Services, etc. Any info those 80 or so members had access to was shared liberally with Pakistani Intelligence, at a minimum, according to information obtained and published by George Webb.

      There is no telling who Q may be or even if Q is real. George Webb on the other hand, is a real person, who is presenting his findings daily, on youtube.

      Highly recommend taking a look at his findings. I will warn you though, it may cause nausea, headache, and elevated blood pressure at first. Anyone who goes through the info will realize that we are in deep trouble, on a level heretofore unthinkable.

      This is why I am not surprised to read Q’s info that prosecutions likely cannot happen without unthinkable consequences, so this “deal” is being offered…’we got you, cooperate, don’t run for reelection, announce your intention to retire.’ According to one FOX News report, 40 incumbents have announced plans to not seek reelection. So far. 19 members of high profile MSM have been fired for some version of “misconduct.” So far.

      I am just doing what I have been doing…getting my ducks in a row.

  11. its all a lie, you get out, what you put in.


  12. None of this means anything until there are mass arrests in NYC, DC, LA, Baltimore, Chicago, and Miami.

    • ha ha


      mass arrests….

      and who just will be doing this arresting?

      the cops? LOL

      the marines? LOL

      a good old fashioned nuke on mordor is what will cure DC once and for all..

      then, let the games begin.

    • Their will be no arrests. This trail leads to one, and one only destination. You get it, you know the destination.

      Tic Toc.


    • oooh oooh i know.

      the green boogers or the sqeals will save the day- NOT.

      their just fancy boy thugs for the corrupt regime and nothing more.

      fuck them all.

  13. I’m not clicking on a dropbox link, are you nuts?

    • wendystringer48088

      I read the .pdf at the DropBox link.
      Lots of reading, but if you don’t like to read somewhat cryptic novels, I’ll give you my short summary and save you the trouble,
      My take aways are that (if true) it’s all happening over our heads and in God’s hands anyway.
      The bottom line is still the same – Keep Preparing and Practicing for whatever may happen at any time.

  14. Randall Flagg

    I dunno.

    These are not just some low-key people being rearranged on the Stratego game board. These are big and heavy players, the kind that do not go silently into the night. It would seem that for any of this is to come to fruition, it would be like the shifting of massive tectonic plates, Richter 10.0.

    • Yes it is.
      From what I have been reading/hearing/seeing.
      The many particulars are about Uranium, Opiates, dark weapons,
      sex trafficking (even snuff stuff), “fusing” unlawful collection of
      data to extort and intimidate, and further putting many many people
      in harms way, via control of satellite. fiber optics “secure” lines.
      Of course, much kickbacks via foundations, like the Hillary Foundation,
      contrary to foundation protocols (and co-mingling).
      And, bringing in and out enemies, foreign and domestic.
      Plus more…

      • Randall Flagg

        It’s not that I don’t believe this stuff… my concern is more along the lines of whether anything will come of it. Because when/if that happens, there will be a massive earthquake which us dirt people are going feel.

        Buckle up.

        • Agree.
          Also heard the thousands of indictments are mainly
          for the mules, so far.
          Even said the guy with the u-haul in N.Y. which ran over
          many people recently was part of the transportation mules.

          semper vivium

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Depends on what comes of it, if it comes to that.

          The Commission Trial was big because it shattered the Five Families of the NYC Mafia. But other trials just led to a bunch of lower-level guys and hangers-on getting killed/disappeared and didn’t amount to much. If Persons of Significance actually go down, there will be big ripples, yes. If a couple hundred DC staffers decide to re-enact Jonestown in Ft. Marcy Park? Not so much.

  15. Interesting, but LARPers, posers and fabricators. Remember folks. These are the same people whose posts filled out the Steele Dossier. No one has a name, everyone is an Anon, and there is never a single shred of proof or evidence for anything said.

  16. SemperFi, 0321

    All power revolves around the control of exchange mediums, those being Oil, Drugs, Gold, Weapons, and Diamonds.
    Who’s in danger of losing control of their share of that market and who’s going to take over next?
    That pretty well explains world politics and war.

  17. Whispers of Marines being put on alert and to prepare for domestic violence on U.S. soil.
    Possibly coinciding with unsealing of indictments and leftists rioting upon hearing their politicians being removed from office and being arrested on treason charges.

    • Fuck him. Maybe a few white people in Alabama have done some math and ciphered how economical it would be to just off him.

    • wendystringer48088

      ” If Roy Moore Wins, It’s Time To Destroy White Alabama ”
      Wow. They keep dropping their mask further and making it ever more easy to choose sides.
      I don’t live in Alabama but I want to see Roy Moore win the special election for the United States Senate in Alabama on December 12, 2017 just as a way of saying BFYTW to the Progressives / Leftists. Still has a good chance of winning.
      I could see a vacation trip to Alabama next year if this pans out.

  18. Randolph Scott

    All the more reason to prepare according to how you feel. Tribe/Local are the way to go with this and whatever the near future may bring. Do you have your lists made mentally, not paper.

    • wendystringer48088

      Yep. I read the .pdf at the DropBox link. If true, all of this is happening well above my pay grade. Bottom line is still the same – Keep Preparing and Practicing for whatever may happen at any time. Looks like Internet Social Media sites would go offline first – might be the first indicator of serious stuff happening.

  19. wendystringer48088

    Also, all electronic transactions could suddenly stop. Maybe the electric power grid goes down too. That would create a lot of confusion and chaos and panic. Lots of potential for all sorts of criminal activity and violence and riots all over. Would definitely be down to your preps at that point in time and whatever local family and friends and neighbors and tribe you are a part of.

  20. As I was reading Q’s “biggest drop,” I came to the realization that we are all nothing but warts on the rear end of time.

  21. no-one has enough toilet paper, stock-up!

  22. No one is coming to save you. Rule number one.

    Not on.four chan, 8 chan, super secret squirrel chan. Justice has been gone a long time Focus on saving yourself, the ones you love and the less fortunate if you can.

  23. Hi Wendy,

    “…Also, all electronic transactions could suddenly stop. Maybe the electric power grid goes down too. That would create a lot of confusion and chaos and panic…”

    Think emp or that the grid is non existent in one way or another and what that means when millions of people’s ebt/SNAP food cards are useless for getting the cartload of “food” that they’ve pushed up to the cashier at Chinamart or any grocery store.

    Remember back in 2013 (I believe it was) thst the ferals in Mordor on the Potomac told 7 states NOT to re-fill/re-approve their ebt cards as they (the ferals) were running a test…

    Immediate results?

    Looting and rioting in several areas (definitely intentionally under-reported by the govmedia as to not startle/awaken the dirt people).

    This incident happened back in 2011 but is indicative of what to expect:

    Georgia runs out of food stamps

    Louisiana 2013

    Food stamp program cutoff

    EBT Card outage

    Food Stamp Outages Could Trigger Nationwide Riots (reported in 2016)

    Remember what Matt Bracken wrote about in his essay, “When The Music Stops”.

    It won’t be pretty..especially in the hives…

    Here’s a link to that essay:

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III