A Very Short NRx Correction to Z-Man

A link-rich reply to this current Z Blog post.

Strong cup of coffee and your B-complex, followed by the Z post, then its counter.


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  1. Missing is Elizabeth Warren striking a pose pretty much identical to all pictured. Perhaps it’s something taught at commie school..

  2. Huayno, was it you who introduced all of us here, to the all girl band ” Zeperrella” ” last year?, I’m hooked were off to see them tonight in a little tiny bar in central,Oregon.

    Thank you, or whoever here made the introduction. You posted a YouTube of the ladies doing ” When the levey breaks” , wish I knew how to,do,it, I’d repost that YouTube link,for everybodies re review. The best version I’ve ever heard, bar none.



    • Randall Flagg

      If you’re a fan of Zep, you need to check out Greta Van Fleet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJg4OJxp-co

      • thin stuff. Here’s (((Jess Greenberg))) covering Born to be Wild:

        as many have noted, Jess’s vibrato is excellent. And

        she also plays the guitar. Currently, the Greenberg is utilizing her organ-playing talents on (((Wall St.)))

        • Hey, Hax… in what way is she not “white?”

          Not to mention hot as Hell… in a superficially ‘augmented’ sort of way.

          Was she bleached too?

          • during the course of (((their))) westward Wandering

            from Khazaria (somewhat north of today’s Armenia) c. 700 AD to Eastern and Western Europe, then on to north America

            the ashkenazic Jews have taken on various degrees of external genetic camouflage via closely-regulated exogamy. Inwardly, however, they remain what they always were:

            savage, high-IQ Asiatic collectivists. Who are determined

            to destroy individualist Western Civilization and

            exterminate the Whites.

        • O.B.T.W….

          You want guitar pickin’? Without tits in yer face?

          Here you go, and a bona fide white boy too:

          • only a faggot doesn’t want tits in his face.


            • Thats true.

              Faggotss hate their dads and boobs.

            • It’s about M.U.S.I.C., troglodyte. (Look it up.) Guitar virtuosity, as opposed to a fascination with artificial boobs… there’s a reason they call ’em (and you’re kind) boobs.

              I’ve nothing against big boobs… on a woman. Men who are reflexively Boobistic however, are a drag on the effort and too fucking stooopid to live.

              I’d prefer her lips on mine, hers eyes on mine, regardless of (((boobs))) as I give her what she really wants the cowboy way… get on her and stay on her.

              Instead of slam, bam, kill you bitch, like you.

    • lastmanstanding

      Major score for you brother!!! Central Oregon?…probably fuckin Bend. Bend used to be nice place a million years ago.

      No chance of anything like that happening in central Montana…but the country and hunting is like going back in time 50 years if you know where to go.

      Be safe and rock the house!

  3. I find any analysis of governmental systems, and the people governed, to include corporations, to be inherently flawed (on purpose, I suspect) if it excludes or minimizes a due-weight understanding that the peoples and institutions of Western civilization have been under attack for well over a century by the shadowy forces that gave us Bolshevik Communism. Being “under attack” means you are in a state of war, not a state of peace. Any analysis that ignores this state of war is inherently flawed, again, on purpose I suspect.

    Ignoring an actual state of war, when one exists, would force you to conclude that, for example, as a resident of Dresden, Germany in February of 1945, one of natural symptoms of a less than perfect governmental system is fire-bombs falling out of the sky without giving due credit to the RAF.

  4. OMG-I needed a second cup of coffee after trying to slug through all 3 articles. Let me, as a front & center warrior on the global warming issue, (because I am in the INSANE state of Kommiefornia) give you the inside scoop. It’s all horse manure! I used to willingly shovel it by the carload at 13, so I could ride for free. The GW Imbeciles are doing the same thing. They are willing to shovel this shXX because they ride for free. What the hell do they think is happening when you plug in the Volt? The Volt is really a lovely fun car to drive-but I don’t kid myself. Somewhere, somehow, in a distant place, there is a GD power plant chuffing away to pimp my ride. So now to keep the Deplorables in line, the great wastrels of idleness…..yeah Moody’s looking at you!-are going to beat the cities, counties, and states in line? Well, Moody’s is a political organization that doesn’t mean much to me. I’ve never checked Moody’s rating on anybody. I am much more interested in how indebted an area is when searching for property. It’s like these assholes actually take themselves seriously.
    Now for a shot of good eggnog with just the right amount of global brandy….

  5. The reply is virus infested big time.

  6. The (((New York Times))) is a 100% jewish terrorist organization. Not even trying to hide it. Masks off long ago.

  7. Glick and Warren seek to emulate their beloved Lenin, so striking a pose like that is the fashion. The part I hate about all this is that the commies are seeking our censure done by US. Self censure is the cheapest, most effective way to blot out freedom of speech without passing a law or any other effort. If you’re afraid to open your mouth and say anything about anything, because if you do, there goes your livelihood, you self-censure, and the commies get what they want too, another silent cash cow. You wind up herding yourself into a cattle car for that relocation and the “work” camp. That damned Anglo-Saxon morality and reasonable behavior gets you massacred, every time. It’s used on us daily. No matter where I look, Left, or Right or alt-right, I see people fashioning chains of oppression.

    • Me? Self-censure? Not going to happen. Durauchs nichts. And the other folks can take a flying leap and see how far that gets them.

  8. The source article provides a good pointer to the origin of Italian fascism. Defining fascism as being a collusion between private and public entities, resulting in an impenetrable bureaucratic bloc, that is *exactly* what you have in the private, non profit organizations such as the Oregon Natural Desert Association and the State of Oregon. If you look closely at the resumes of Gov. KGB’s natural resources staff, as well as that of she herself, you can see that those links are long standing and neck deep. In fact, it is a matter of public record that one of her immediate staff postulated the idea of establishing a road block along one of the less traveled roads in order to decapitate the growing level of support that the Malheur protestors were achieving. Put another way, they were not concerned about public safety, they knew full well the occupation was peaceful in nature. Their concern was a growing level of support, especially by the sheriff in a neighboring county, and that simply ran afoul of the land grab that was at the heart of all this. It was an Oregon State Trooper that took the kill shot.

    That’s fascism in practice and if you want an entire book of outrages along the same lines, read “Government Bullies” by Sen. Paul, or research the American Policy Center (best resource against Agenda 21/2030), or the American Lands Council, or Veritas Research Consulting.

    Cutting the head off the snake, research, too, some of the efforts going on currently at EPA to roll back “regulations”, the efforts at Dept. of Interior to release more resources for economic utilization, and of course the withdrawal of US support for the Paris climate fiasco. Point is, progress is being made.

    • Amen on that Brother…

    • Trumpenthal has not “withdrawn US support” for the climate fiasco. The Regime’s latest: “climate change is real and we have to do something about it”. As for “rules and regulations”, the net/net after 4 years of Trump will be more not less.

      as usual.

      • drumpf is as much the enemy as the rest of them.

        if you support the scumbag, you too are to be considered the enemy.

        same as any flag waver = enemy.

        the collectivists = enemy.

        commies loves them a leader…

  9. “In America, the First Amendment allegedly guarantees the right of the people to publicly speak and debate public issues.”

    It does not.
    None of the amendments guarantees anything at all and everybody needs to just stop saying it does. It just shows you laziness and ignorance on a level with the average 3rd grader.

    The BOR places *limits* on the gov’t behavior towards what the founders believed were inherent rights that existed prior to the formation of the US gov’t. These *limits* are mostly ignored by said gov’t.

    Can someone, anyone, show me where there is a guarantee in any of that?

    Next time you’re standing there filling out that 4473, and then get turned down by the NICS check again, think about that imaginary “guarantee.

    Jeeziss christ on a hand truck, doesn’t ANYBODY know how to think any more???

    Look, if you have not yet realized that you live in a criminal state with highwaymen, quislings, and do-gooders, all over the place then there is no hope and all the guns in the world won’t help you.

    • Jeeziss christ on a hand truck, doesn’t ANYBODY know how to think any more???


      they’re too busy waving the murkin rag and bragging on how they were used like a gas station restroom vending machine condom in the ‘sandbox.

      like anyone gives a fuck how dumb you were and are for falling for the oldest trick in the book.



      • “like anyone gives a fuck how dumb you were and are for falling for the oldest trick in the book.”

        You did. And no, I don’t.

        Except or the distraction, disruption, degeneration, deflection and dysentery you spew.

    • Did anyone else notice that providing your SSN on an ATF Form 4473 is now optional? Was this an Obama/Holder “upgrade”?


      • Randall Flagg

        Been optional for at least the last five or six years. I don’t recall ever having provided my SSN.

      • Number one. Anyone filling out a 4473 needs immediate medication and psychiatric couch time. Fuck that paperwork. Anyone buying papered firearms is fucking doing it wrong.
        On a brighter note ,Hawaii announced it is confiscating all firearms owned by marijuana med-card holders. Homeland security’s computer was hacked giving up around 250,000 employees personal information.How is that paper treating you now?

      • Always optional. By ‘law’ (Lol) you are only required to provide SSN to the SSA. Never gave it for 4473 and nobody batted an eyelid.

    • Even if they know Brother and they don’t have the numbers to effectively resist then all the guns in the world won’t help them either… Until people wake up and realize that without power you don’t have Liberty we will continue down the slippery slope of tyranny…

  10. Unbelievably, she was hired as a lecturer at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wa. I lived in Spokane. Great place, right- leaning, easy to get out of town to fish or hunt, inexpensive. Gonzaga is the most liberal institution in town. A Jesuit university with a good reputation. Kinda screwed the pooch with this move.

    • “Unbelievably, she was hired as a lecturer at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wa. ”
      Not unbelievable at all.
      “…right- leaning”
      Perhaps you haven’t been here for the last quarter century or so.
      “A Jesuit university with a good reputation. ”
      A good reputation for harboring, empowering & training marxists, perhaps.

      • F. Fredburger

        Yup. GU law school was full of commie sjw types when I got my JD in ’93. They knew what they were getting when they hired Click: a fellow traveler. Spokane County is right-leaning, outside the city limits.

  11. TFat the Yoopee SamK is going to be especially unbearable now that he’s in mourning because Jim Neighbors rolled tits up in the water.

    Be strong Tfat!
    100 Purrfect Push-ups Strong.

  12. passed out about half way thru the climategate story. sucks the life right out of you with fdr and carbon credits coming and going. this climate change thing is settled science anyway, right? 🙂 everyday when i wake up (and i’m very grateful for that) the weather is different. and i know it will be without asking the weatherman. whole thing ain’t worth two dog farts talking about. speaking of dog farts, any politician that makes a move to promote climate change, or worse, carbon credits, immediately moves three places up the list. and i don’t mean santa clauses’ list of good little boys and girls.

  13. I’m a little late to the party but sent you & Matt a hushmail FYI.

  14. Henry V – Treason

  15. Brief reply???

    I’d bet any amount of money that no one here or anywhere could or should wade through every article at that site.

    Lots of jargon and flights of intellectual legerdemain, the stuff that stuffs stuffed shirts… and bullshit.

    • I got through most of it. Lots of dated info there. That “leak” of thousands of documents back in 2010-2011? or thereabouts…confirming “data” was uhm…”slightly massaged” or put more succinctly, manufactured, has been largely and roundly ignored due primarily to the endless propaganda campaign waged by every institution of gov. and NGO 501c3 orgs out there, with a healthy dose of Hollywood celeb spokespersons, and pulpit purveyors of all things Romans 13, for and only for (imho) their sacred tax free status.

      There ain’t enough B-Complex and coffee, nor mornings long and languishing enough to inspire me to finish the entire thing, including all links, despite the fact that I do so love the author’s wordsmithery. Wish I could say it was breaking news…but not so. Still, hat tip to the author…I do so admire his pluck.