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9 responses to “Hatespeech

  1. “The Reds ain’t gonna kill themselves.”

    you better watch it CA

    nought sux will run and tell that you are threatening to kill people.

    typical commie… no doubt sucking off my tax dollars to buy diapers.

    • puss puss

      Lemme explain something to you, you ignorant semi literate knuckle dragging mouth breather:

      1. “nought” “sux” (misspelled attempt at ‘sucks’) means… Not Sucks.
      Right. I don’t. Thanks for helping to clear that up.

      2.You are the one threatening to kill people, specifically, my self. Lots of witnesses, screen shots, even and not just by me. Oh, and, not to mention…
      300 million complete strangers (other than your precious self of course) with whom you would happily dispense if only you had the means, which, despite your vast wealth and superhuman accomplishments and abilities… you don’t.

      3. Thank God. Only Satan can match your bitter envy,hatred and fear, and you “ought” to learn how that turns out… for him and for you.

      • you weasel.

        anyone can back thru the months and years and read all your threats old timer.

        go lay down.

        pussy. you westerners are the biggest pussies in murka.

        you shit stains have never been in an alley fight or a gang war.

        fuck you.

        • Recon by fire.

          Thanks for the clear confirmation. Alley fights and gang wars- that’s some pedigree for… killing 300 million people or, at least not giving three shits or doing anything to contribute to the contrary outcome.

          Of course, 300 million is just your sanctimoniously despised ‘mukins’. You don’t suppose, or give twelve diseased fucks about the >>>> millions world wide who will also die?

          Of course you don’t, which is why I will oppose you and all your sick, pestilent, psychotic ranting from here to the end.

          Spawn of Satan. Get on back to Hell from whence ye came.

        • “anyone can back thru the months and years and read all your threats old timer”

          And, if they did so, they’d have to wade through all the venom, puke and diarrhea you spewed, the death threats and fevered longings for the deaths of millions that you have scribbled through out those same threads….

          That’s a comparison I will gladly stand.

        • Oh, yes… the title of this thread is, what, exactly?????

          The subject of this thread is, what? again????

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Whoa–Hold yer horses! What says “Sinterklass” and “Zwarte Piet” from Holland?