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Civics Re-Education

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Wisdom begins with the realization that a whole lot of people lied (or at least repeated lies they’d been told) to you as you were learning about the world.

Keep testing what you learned against the bitter truth of reality.

It will set you free.

Buppert: Cold Zero – No Weapons Laws

Got a better idea?

Your answer reveals who you are.

PSA: The Rules


They are serious.

Are you?

Herschel: On Non-Permissive Carry

The intersection of theology, law, tactics, and duty.

Men do what is necessary.


Z Blog: 2018 Predictions

Food for thought.

Interesting times.

Enjoy the good old days.

Our Democracy


Supplemental here and here:

The Reds will not stop.

But for the anomaly of the Trump surprise in 2016, their game would be even further advanced.

And everything that initiatives such as the above achieves is completely legal.

Traditional Americans are the class and race enemy of a majority in this country, and the numbers supporting that fact will be increasing inevitably over time.

You have exactly nothing to counter it – peacefully.

You really don’t have enough armed, trained, and provisioned friends with hard hearts.

Deal with it, kulaks.

Food for thought on the eve of 2018.



18 U.S. Code § 1368 – Harming animals used in law enforcement

If A Suspect Gets 34 Years For Killing a K9, Why Does A Deputy Only Get Fired?


Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Remove clothes before ironing.

And under no circumstances share with the Petroleum Warfare Department.

On Civility, Chaos, And Cops

Equal time on the concept that “domination policing” a la the most recent murder-by-SWAT is not the only turd in the punchbowl.

Make barbarians, expect barbarity.

On both sides of the thin blue wall.

Herschel: SWAT You!

Read both Herschel’s piece and the local coverage.

Money quote:

“A male came to the front door,” Livingston said Thursday night. “As he came to the front door, one of our officers discharged his weapon.”

Herschel’s phrase is perfect:

“Police Home Invasion”

With more to come in 2018.

See also Denninger’s take.

A Reminder From Bracken

Pass it on.


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Jane Fonda Says She Never Thought She’d Live to 30: ‘I Assumed I’d Die Lonely and an Addict’

On Korea



Word Of The Day

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Brushbeater: High Frequency Ops – A Dedicated QRP Rig vs. Full Power in the Field

Read, learn, do.

You do have someone in your group with their General license, at least?

The Color Of Crime

Horrible badthink.

Is It Racist to Notice That on Average Blacks Shoot People More?

Repost: Dealing With Winter

From last year, via Colorado Pete.

This material will be on the test.

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Totally Legit

Biometric data collection, banking, and you.

What could possibly go wrong?

These Are The Good Old Days

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Refugee Resettlement Watch’s Decade In Review: Dominated By Minnesota, Somalis, And The Death Of Europe

Read all of the links.

Then consider Christmastime, 2027.

Teach your grandchildren well.