Buppert: Don’t Talk to the Police…Ever



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  1. My plan is to act as if I were a POW.
    ‘David D*****, citizen, senior grade, SSA # 000-111-2222’.
    And never say a word more.

    • Wrong.
      You need to add the words, “I refuse to answer any further questions without my lawyer present.”

      Otherwise, name rank, serial number, and DOB works.
      Add the demand for counsel, and refuse all other questions, and you’re bulletproof.

      • Aesops got it. If you want to shut it down, utter those very words. Then keep your soup coolers closed. Not a word.



          I would also add that in any interaction, such as a car stop, neighborhood dispute, etc. activate your cell phone or other electronic device and get the incident documented. The Orc or Orcette may be related to your antagonist or their children play together.
          This is especially true if you live in small or medium-sized communities. I saw it when I lived in Curry County, OR. Know your rights. Protect yourselves. The Leviathan is oppressive, self-serving, powerful, and frightening at all levels. Remember what has happened to innocent souls such as Miriam Carey, Kelly Young, Jose Guarena, LaVoy Finicum, and many others. We are already engaged in Civil War II. Bleib ubrig.

    • My thoughts exactly. Then I see them unleashing the interrogators a la the Hanoi Hilton or Bataan……

    • Jimmy the Saint

      1. Ask to know the charges against you.
      2. Ask to be brought before a magistrate.
      3. Ask for an attorney.
      4. Invoke your right to remain silent.

    • Orwelian inversion- Lies of Tolerance
      Recently this Title and link by TL Davis, was posted here on WRSA . Contained within the article was this paragraph.
      Their hatred (often self-hatred) drives them to making statements about “all.” That is the language of bigots and racists. Anyone who uses the word “all” when discussing any class, race (including the white race) gender, religion or age is a bigot and/or a racist. There is no people who “all” share a common trait, something diversity should undoubtedly prove again and again and while they have laid claim to these words “diversity” “bigot” and “racist” as the only ones able to utter them, they violate or endorse the very definitions of these words and they have become common lies among those who choose liberalism, leftism, collectivism or communism as their ideology. It is a time-honored tradition among those with those social views.
      a follower – How many on (our side) are doing these exact same things? All cops, all women, all blacks, all muslims, all government, all catholics, all protestant, all religious, etc. The list goes on and on.
      How can you be an individual when you yourself can see none?
      As far as “Never Talk to Cops” goes, Every situation is also Individual.

      • POd American

        “As far as “Never Talk to Cops” goes, Every situation is also Individual.”
        No it’s not, never…never ever talk to cops.

        • You would think the prepper community would see and understand prepping for all situations. Each situation is individual.
          Ayn Rand – Minority Rights. The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights, cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.
          Also consider one of the objectives of the communist manifesto is to discredit FBI, which i would imagine upon further investigation would also include “ALL COPS.”
          Many of you are foolish for falling for this game. many of you are childish, just as the left appear.

  2. Also, Some more Good Advice. Below is a link to the law firm General Flynn Chose. Be careful who you choose as friends and allies

    I Used to work here and this place is a globalist pit. Why on earth Flynn choose this law firm is a mystery to me. They are tied in heavily to everything. I would say Covington and Burling is one of the most powerful organizations in the world.

    They will do pro-bono work for gay black muslim immigrants from Africa migrating to America on emergency refugee Visas, but they’ll drain General Flynn’s piggy bank in a second.

    Pretty sad how we can’t even trust our own institutions to protect us.

    Michael Chertov (First head of the DHS) and Eric Holder(82nd AG for the US to Obama) work there. Among countless other traitors. The NFL headquarters has their legal team there.

    Almost certainly he was pressured or given bad advice by his legal counsel.

    In the same office buildings they occupy is the AHA(American Healthcare Association… Healthcare bill anyone) Arab Center For Washington DC(Muslim Democrat Headquarters whose occupants worship the Clintons) Qatar Airways(Assholes), and what appeared to be a some sort of blacked out (tinted) area hidden sandwiched between two floors. I assume it linked to one of the other suites but it was hard to tell whose it was.

    They also represent heavily in Silicon Valley and LA. They represent youtube, google, apple, Microsoft, Uber, Airborne. You name it. Colt Aerospace (yet they have offices in overseas(Missile Secret links)

    I also think the manager of this Law Firm, A Mr. John Waters, has a brother or cousin who manages some big organization tied to the Clintons. I remember Alex Jones talking about some law firm giving people trouble and when I researched it these dudes had the same names, friends, and pedigrees.



    Have a scroll through this. Take a look. The recently expanded

    If you haven’t noticed or figured it out.

    Vegas and the Kate Steinle Verdict are messages.

    As well as the continued rape and destruction in Europe.

  3. Jim Rutherford

    Off topic for the post above…….Hello all, I’m not a tech savvy guy and I’m Leary of how most, if not all of our doings on the computer are monitored but I wanted to throw out a simple observation. This website, MB’s Twitter and a few other sites I visit every so often. Rarer still is how often I will comment but all the information I have learned has increased my, for lack of a better term, “situational awareness IQ”. Invaluable to my train of thought, decisions toward me, mine and my belongings. One thing that is now becoming more and more clear is how the book of revelation in the bible (not a religious person per se, just an avid reader of many many texts) is coming to pass…things like one world govt, one world religion, beheadings if you don’t believe…things like that. Eventually the demographics will change and the folks that shout “aloha snack bar” will have the keys to the kingdom (voted in) along with launch codes for really big bullets that carry really big heat generators in their tips. Now I’m not being all doom and gloom but this whole European invasion thing is gonna get worse! Just curious if I’m alone in this vein of thought and what of anything can be done about it….CA thanks for all your hard work linking all the varied sites so folks like me can be red pilled daily. just thinking out loud.

    • Glad to have you here, sir.

      We have to help each other.

      No one else will.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “We have to help each other.”

        Does that mean that the circular firing squad should aim carefully so none of us suffer, or that it should intentionally miss? 🙂

    • you mean the buy bull?

      it’s a hoax. a sham. a cult. a jew playbook.

      fuck the so-called god in the sky. only a retarded shit would fall for that lie after witnessing this world and it’s criminals who benefit from the dumb asses who believe.

      god? hahahahahahahahaha

      give me a fucking break.


      “there’s no praying your way out of this”

      • Those who believe God is in the sky only, most likely do not know the living God, nor His Son.
        Those with wisdom pray for endurance, not escape. His protection, His seal.
        Of course you are correct in seeing that many of the worlds criminals use the bible in ways they are not supposed to. We were warned this would happen.
        Seek for yourself the Truth that is within the bible. Stop listening to the worlds spin of it.

  4. And it turns out Flynn’s contact with the Russians was within the course and scope of his appointment as National Security Adviser, and the outreach approved by the Obozo administration. After the election was over and done with (to everyone but whiny Special Snowflakes trying a retroactive coup).

    So he’s on the hook for stepping on his dick, no more and no less, and will likely be in the list of Christmas pardons this year or next by the President.
    Worst case, Trump waits until after he’s re-elected, but Flynn never sees a single day in jail either way. Likelihood he has anyone to roll over on: nil.

    Game over for Mueller.

    • TY, Aesop. Given your record on Grand Predictions, we now know that

      Trumpenthal will not be re-elected.

      in fact, he’s more likely to die of Ebola,

      or get swept out to sea by Hurricane Prunella.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. There is value in silence. Every thing you hear is not for publication. Every thing you know isn’t to be shared. Chatty Cathy is a cheerleader in high school.

  7. This attorney knows.

    You folks are aware that Israel trains most major police Depts. right?

    • If you have to learn a skills set, why not from their security sector.

      By the way it’s bullshit, been to hundreds of trainings and never saw a guy with a fez on his noodle.


    • Israel? i have become aware that most have confused a physical location with that of the True House of Israel.

  9. Had a friend who was questioned over the phone about an association he had with another individual. Person was asking all sorts of questions about said individual and my friend immediately became cautious about these inquiries. Asked this person several times who he was and the answers he got and manner in which questioner replied (basically refused to give straight answers as to who he was), made him highly suspicious. In short, it was a Fed. And his reluctance to provide answers ended up charging him with lying to an FBI agent. Did 5 years on a trumped up charge.

  10. Muzzle Blast

    I pledge resistance to the Fascists of the Police States of America, and to the Repression for which it stands, one Nation under Suspicion, indefinitely detain-able, with surveillance and tyranny for all.

  11. Just plain todd

    God bless you James q. Rutherford. You are one shifty negro. Hope you get out behind the curtain soon .

  12. dear jim rutherford,
    the only thing we can do, since this is a job for superman [God], is to pray earnestly.
    i ask God to remove the evil doers and fill the government with His own men.
    i think i see His Hand at work a bit in the federal government recently.
    the rot and corruption are too far gone and demon inspired to be cured by any human actions.
    if you give the Bible a thorough reading you will see perfect descriptions of nuclear devastation written thousand of years before such weapons were invented.
    the mediterranean region will be nuked. it is written.
    i ask God to make the americas places of safety for His people, and to lessen the terrible suffering that is inevitable in a fallen world.
    i am almost seventy and if you had told me the country and its morals could sink this low in just my lifetime i would have not believed to be possible.
    yet here we are, living in a sewer.
    only God Himself can save us.
    even though you are not religious you can certainly pray. it cannot hurt.