They Are Saying It To Your Face

Bloomberg: We Share Red China’s View Of The Internet, Sez Apple Boss

One word:

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  1. We’ll vote the bums out and get some real constitooooooshlists elected in 2018.

    • So aside from poking fun at a bunch of people who might otherwise be your ally, what do you propose? I ask because you gave no ideas for a fix.

      • many of us have a fix in mind, nitwit.

        but it doesn’t involve voting for the Zionist uniparty.

        which is owned by open-borders faggot-billionaires like Tim Cook.

  2. lastmanstanding

    That’s two words. 🙂

    I defy globalism at every turn. These pieces of garbage will do whatever it takes to keep all the power and all the money.

    We eat local, grow/buy local, live local. Still have a shitty ole flip phone from a decade ago. Got rid of dish, excede, have a local internet provider…yeah, they are probably connected to some corpco sat. Until it all goes, I’ll be patient. When it all goes I will become even more vigilant than I already am.

    Fuck it…I think I’ll go hunting.

    • Good ideas for all. At this point I do t even have Internet at the house. I’m doing my Internet work on my phone with unlimited data. Excede internet service is too pricey and too slow.

      • lastmanstanding

        We are kinda in the sticks web wise and excede was the only option for a long time…as soon as it wasn’t, we sent them all packing.

        The new local service is actually a repeater and it is way better, way faster and hardly noticeable.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. It doesn’t matter if they say it to my face or not, I already know the end- game. Problem with their plan is, it’s been worked before, and the whole tinker toy operation comes crashing down on its maker. Water seeks its own level. When you want something kept secret, if it is valuable, it will be sold sooner or later.

  5. Commie fag

  6. Odd that they would select a broken model to emulate. By that I mean the Chin firewall is not omnipotent. It leaks every day and if you know what you are doing can be circumvented with only moderate effort by the Chinese themselves. Then there is the whole mesh technology thing that could be implemented and the PTPB would not have a single way to stop it short of having the ITU do worldwide frequencies reassignments.

  7. Unfortunately unless you don’t want to use anything but the old school flip phone, you’re going to be stuck doing business with one of two companies ran by hard core progressives (the difference between the liberals of the hippy Era and progressives are small, mostly with the progressives being very OK with murdering anyone who won’t go along with any part of their vision of utopia). It’s either Apple or Evil Corp. Blackberry had some great phones and their last OS was very solid, but the company couldn’t survive a decade of idiots in the boardroom and executive suite.

  8. So are we declaring the official shift to Spray Paint Resistance?

    Spray Paint Revolutions dont live long. The standards of speech that lead to the original problem are retained for civil purposes in public.

    • ha ha

      the so called patriot movement has failed spectacularly.

      like i said years ago… get out of Fusa while you still can.

      you have Zips in the wire and are being overrun.

      sure feelz good having a wide moat filled with deep cold fast running water to slow down the zombies…

      when that is compromised, there’s over 30,000 islands in the Georgian Bay just east of my pos.. where are those green boogers and their “De Oppresso Liber”?

      HA HA HA

      fucking useless bastards. keep worshiping them though.

  9. Yeah, masks have been way off since 2014.

    Still nothing happens other than white men bending over and taking it while our confused women watch.

  10. Tim Cook is a feckless Sodomite. He never fails to sully the Apple corporate reputation.

    “Here’s a worthy, true, and clear statement that all Orthodox Churches and hierarchs in America should support.

    A coalition of conservative evangelical leaders across America issued a public declaration titled the Nashville Statement that affirms universal and traditional Christian principles on marriage and human sexuality. It is a response to an increasingly post-Christian, Western culture where many homosexual advocacy groups aggressively attack and purposely distort the moral teaching of Christianity.”

    • Randall Flagg

      “Tim Cook is a feckless Sodomite.” In that, we can agree.

      However, it will be a cold, cold day in you-know-where before I sign up to any coalition with evangelicals. They can talk all they want about marriage, but all of it is meaningless as they condone one of the greatest threats to the family: divorce and so-called re-marriage.

      Oh wait… so do the orthodox.

      Two peas in a pod.

      I’ll most definitely pass.

      • Apparently you don’t know much about Orthodoxy.

        Further, the celibate Latin Church has divorce as well, they call it annulment.

        • Randall Flagg

          I know plenty enough about orthodoxy to stay away from its heresy.

          Apparently you don’t know much about Catholicism. An annulment is a finding that no valid marriage ever existed; hence there can be no divorce (since there never was any marriage) and the person is allowed to marry (which would be for the first time). The Church also permits divorce, but not so-called re-marriage. Divorced persons are not allowed to validly re-marry until one of the spouses dies. Hence the “…until death do us part…” as found in many marriage vows. You do know what “until death do us part” means, right? Surprisingly, the vast majority do not… especially Protestants.

          And for you ‘sola scriptura’ enthusiasts out there….

          “Therefore now they are not two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” Matt. 19:6

  11. the Usual Suspect

    And I will say it to their face; FUCK you too , Faggots !!!

  12. I ll eat my hat if that fucker is not a pedo. Something non-human lurks behind those glasses. Chicoms banned new crypto — exchanges two months ago and BTC rose $6000 since.Nobody gives a fuck about Apple’s , China’s or anyone else’s ‘view of the internet’ . The view is fine where I’m sitting.

  13. Well, evidently the cat is out of the bag:

    It appears that our friends in China are embracing the new normal. Mr. Cook seems to favor things with an Asian flavor, and his gentleman is quite well connected, including “Department of Defense Fellow.” Who knew?

  14. If you read, listen to, or watch teevee, all these clowns have one thing in common.

    NONE of them actually work. Probably have NEVER worked a fucking day in their lives.

    Fuck them. Dick suckers couldn’t even change a tire.

    300 million.

  15. Urbara Scott

    Time to by-pass these treasonous jerks.

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