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  1. gather up a bag of $.

    get a boat.

    and get out.

    that is all.

  2. EF&D is prophecy and required reading for all patriots.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Cant wait, thank you sir.

  5. Thanks Matt.

  6. Just finished Red Cliff’s of Zerhoun. An outstanding read, a real page turner. I only wish you could write them as fast as I can read them.

  7. jBryan314 or 1314 or whatever. What I’m referring to as coming crashing down is to China-1976 (Great Leap Forward killed several million, and destroyed the Communist Party as established by Mao) and Russia-1991- they hauled down the Communist colors and the Communist Party was no longer in command of the govt. Both countries began their classic drift to the Right, as the old fighters died off, and new technology spurred the younger generation to make money and shoot their mouths off on the internet. When such a thing as a millionaire shows up in Russia and China (they both have several hundred millionaires now) private property and all the trappings of capitalism crash the planned economy. During the eighties, China and Russia both were using capitalistic methods to pay the bills for socialism, which was a qualified failure at producing wealth, for either the state or the individual…… socialism is the attempt by the state to build a planned economy using tinker toys when it should be getting out of the way of free markets and the way they drift. They both ran out of other peoples money, and excuses for the resulting failures.

  8. Boss, is “Confidence Target” a term to describe a target that is solid as far as the information leading to it becoming a target being above conjecture? Or does it mean the target is a con-man or con-woman?

  9. Nice offer. I have all of ’em in print form.