Excellent Christmas Gift Suggestions


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  1. Pilgrims Progress is one of the greatest books ever written. John Bunyan was a true man of God.

  2. we used pilgrim’s progress as homeschooling material. the children’s version is called “dangerous journey”. interesting as a story, with great pictures. interesting as a cultural tale with morals and a little christian values to boot. from 1687. buy it before it’s banned.


    • Your link leads to the book with dialog and some pictures. The Offering from Boo-Ink has the dialog emanating from the mouths of the characters. This would have a larger appeal to younger kids as comic books do. Plus the graphics work is phenomenal. It’s really as much a piece of art as it is a book. Either way … it’s a great story. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. what with the near-complete dumbing down of 3 entire generations – X, millennials, and Z – by the Jew-communist Teachers’ Unions, picture books (or movies) are a good idea: since 90% cannot write or read the English language.

    for instance, I’m sending (((Anna Piller-alias-Baltzer))), my favorite Red, a DVD of (((Steven Soderbergh)))’s (((KAFKA))). I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. So can you. It’ll be my gift to all the Jews and cucks who frequent WRS:

  4. Steve Vossos

    I want to heartily thank you for kindly posting a link to my books. I would be happy to send you a complimentary book if you are ok with sharing a mailing address etc. Let me know! Merry Christmas…Steve

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  6. Sounds great.

    I remember while getting my feet wet, that
    June Griffin sent me a couple of Primers years
    ago. I miss Tennessee. RIP Bill Monroe

    Ivan Harmon, a former Knoxville council member and Knox County commissioner, tells of defending godly ideals in office. Behind him and June Griffin, event organizer, is a view of the Dayton public library and its stacks. (Photo David Tulis)

  7. fuck the stupid fable books. how retarded.

    get yourself some of those smoke grenades from ANSGear.com

    i just received mine and the EG18X are da bomb.

    get 1 for every member of your tribe. true stocking stuffers.