Steyn: A Land Of Mini-Coups

Deep State autodelegitimization.

Just wait ’til January.

Got local accountability lists?

7 responses to “Steyn: A Land Of Mini-Coups

  1. These “mini-coups” will continue until the final coup is accomplished. The question becomes, what do President Trump’s supporters do at any point along the way and, certainly, upon accomplishment of the final coup?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Why should they be held to a different standard than anyone else who looked on as the collectivists seized every institution in the US? Nobody’s ever done much to stop them before, largely because anyone with an idea of doing anything could be sure of: (1) at best, they’d be acting alone; and (2) more realistically, half (or more) of the Right would actively side against them.

    • suck on a beer can

      watch monkeyball

      wave flag


  2. Self immolation is always an option if you really want to “do something”.

    If choosing that course, please do so with a congresscritter under your left arm, and a media talking-head type under your other left arm. Under your right arm, please take a (R)epublican politician of whatever degree you can catch at your nearest NRA fundraiser.

    I recommend doing this as soon as possible, if you are considering it. After all, its the gift that keeps on giving. Also, after the holidays they will all be out chasing hookers and drugs – also called campaigning – for the next 9 months, making the task thst much more difficult.

    • Certainly.

      If you just can’t stand the thought of doing something ‘constructive’ because you’ve been reading HERE far too long; if you’re so far gone into cynicism and nihilsm that you long for, not only your own death, but that of 3 million more… by all means, take at last six of the enemy with you as your huckle bearers.

      Over in six weeks.

      All it takes is commitment………..

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