Why the Democrats Will Run Michelle Obama in 2020


27 responses to “Why the Democrats Will Run Michelle Obama in 2020

  1. The Usual Suspect

    2020 Year of the Wookie !

  2. Mountain Cracker

    Never happen, Wookies are not even from the same planet much less born in the U.S.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      We can laugh and make fun all we want, but that wookie would be back in the WH tomorrow if the dems had their way today.
      In this day and age of mindless insanity, NEVER underestimate the opposition.
      I keep coming back to this, and some of you really don’t get it, but ignorance and arrogance will be your own undoing.
      Bragging about the accomplishments of your forefathers as if they were your own does not make you a warrior/ politician, you have to earn that individually, and most of you aren’t up to the task. Many of you have no training and can’t think past the TV brainwashing, it’s gonna be a long tough struggle, IF you can handle it.

    • Same planet, continent, sovereign state…

      Hey, don’t be antiPlanetary!

      What! Are you a cosmicallist ‘r sumpin’?

      • shut up.

        you useless old fuckwad.

        go kill yourself.

        you have no purpose in life and never did.

        no doubt your rotten spawn are even dumber than you.

        retards only create more retards.

        just as the poor create more poor.

        same as it ever was.

        • “Stupid” is making assertions about someone of whom you know basically nothing.

          Speaking of “purpose in life,” what’s your’s? Other than preening constantly about your superiority, success, money, pussy… oh, and braying for the deaths of everyone not you, running from the battle, hiding out, scared to death, while incessantly complaining that it’s all everyone else’s fault.

          Now, there’s a high calling all right, a vast and noble contribution to “life.”

          Self absorbed cretin. Hate filled sack of bile. Hairy palmed, raging moron, barely able to form a thought without spluttering like a leaky steam engine.

  3. Beat me to the wookie comment! However, Joan Rivers is not available for comment…


    Hey, we have already had a butt-pirate-in-chief. Why not a trannie-in-chief? This syphilitic, self-absorbed septic tank of a country is through.

  5. No, the US is not ready for a trannie…

  6. Moochelle reminds me of the monster from the Star Trek episode The Man Trap.

  7. Randall Flagg

    She’s so… dreamy.

    But in a nightmarish sort of way.

  8. Oh, please, let this be true.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The best picture of Michelle has to be the one where her dress has the same pattern as the couch that she’s standing next to. Apparently that one’s been memory-holed, though

  9. it’ll be a negress. Just not that


  10. wendystringer48088

    Joan Rivers • Obama is gay, Michelle is a tranny
    And she said it perfectly seriouly.

  11. Big Mike doesn’t have a chance in hell.

  12. Notarealperson

    Kamala Harris is the prog and MSM favorite. But she’s worse than moochelle. She’s a vicious fanatical bitch who slept her way into various positions in CA and has the right racial pedigree to boot.

    Basically Maduro in a skirt. She gets in and we get our civil war within a year tops.

  13. If Huma”s perv is out by then I”d go with Wookie Weiner 2020 “Longer n Stronger” campaign.

  14. a lawyer being disbarred and license removed for life, or the alternative being to go to jail, running as a Democrat would be according to the ‘job description’.

    for the Democrat left wing of the bird of prey called the fedgov, that woman(?) would likely be the best candidate according to the ‘requirements of the job description’ considering how well she fits that job description.