Warm-Up Exercise

ZH: 58 Dem Congresscreatures Vote To Impeach Trump; Vote Fails 364-58




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22 responses to “Warm-Up Exercise

  1. Hadenoughalready

    Neanderthal in a suit…

  2. Just plain todd

    Wheredaphuck is that mud monkey from? Sweet jeebus.

  3. How about these giant fires popping up out of nowhere?

    And to add some highlighter your headliner.

    In College world And Clown World, one of the major talking points is “The World Is a Stage”

    Especially in the Mass Communications, Gender Studies, Marxist Courses.

    The same ones marketing this whole resistance.

    Know this and remember that.

    They believe it whole heartedly.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      There’s an important side note to these fires.
      For decades Haliburton has been providing firefighter support, like mobile field kitchens and other services, fuel and aircraft services come to mind.
      So when we like to complain about the military industrial complex and how they are busy making money every moment overseas, don’t forget Haliburton is doing their share on the home front too.
      And the fact the USFS now sits around and lets the fires burn themselves out, UNLESS in close proximity to structures. Another fine tactic to extend the fire season and still make money. Around here the fire trucks drive out, spend the day watching a fire burn up 2 or 3 valleys away, and draw fire pay as they sit in the truck til after dark, then come home. Repeat daily until first snowfall puts it out.

      • more tax sucking filth.

        college professors
        .gov clerks
        welfare scum

        all need a date with death.

        fucking parasites.

      • Used to be, they were “forest” fires. Meaning that they were relatively remote. Now it seems they’re burning down a couple hundred homes at a time, and in exurban/suburban areas.

        Political Kabuki theater? Mexican pot growers don’t don’t give a fuck about their campfires? Exothermic chemical reactions from meth labs? You be the judge, our lines are open…

    • The same giant fires that have “popped up out of nowhere” for the last 500 years?
      Sh’yeah, pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “How about these giant fires popping up out of nowhere?”

      Lots of rain last winter. Lots of rain means lots more vegetation to dry out in summer. Lots more dried vegetation means lots more fires. It’s pretty predictable.

  4. Good, another page to add to The Enemies list. Won’t be long now.

  5. Negro’s seem to be over represented in that group of people.

  6. Niggers and Jews for the most part, as expected.

  7. Hope the local zoos have been alerted.

  8. ambiguousfrog

    Impeachment, even a caveman can do it.

  9. This is nothing more than more kabuki theater from the parasite class…no more and no less relevant than “professional sports”, “reality tv”, “Flouncing with Witless Morons” and “WCW/Cage Match Bloodsports”.

    Are you not entertained?!…

    Question for now is what are the morons on both sides going to do from this point forward…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Well, if we all went on the “Great White Strike” and stopped going to work…
    The parasite class would do an economic national security seizure of all bank accounts, pensions, credit unions, etc.

    To teach us a lesson about who is the slave and who is the master…

    Got prepps? Got ready?

  12. If someone wanted to contend that at least 15% of the Congress, and 30% of Democrats there, on any given day, are certifiably clinically insane and functionally retarded, I concede the point.

    Ab initio, these are Democrats, so you’re already trolling those from the left-end of any bell curve for either intelligence, sanity, or both.

    Looking at the names, those are, to no one’s surprise, the exact Usual Suspects on every list of the dumbest bumps on any forest’s log, and most of them have been such for decades.