Z Blog: Theories Of The Crime

A recap.


ChicagoBoyz: The Attempted Trump Coup

CHS: The Path To Impeachment

More to come.

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  1. “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  2. Trump was always our weapon-not our Saviour. I hope that these asshats do decide to yell Revolution in a darkened theater. That will be The Deplorables call to action. I hope everyone in New York state is ready, willing, and able to issue the first command in Chappaqua, at the compound. From there, pull out “What I Saw at the Coup” for guidance questions. A lot of filth needs cleaning up and put in the dustbin of history.
    Got Patrick Henry on speed dial?

  3. Aiieee. Truly, we have to eat a ton of it in our lives, but I believe this is more than enough to do that. While this tempest brews and boils, events will have a way of taking matters in hand. Perhaps the players in this circus have seen “Strangers on a Train”, too many times, and have a “criss-cross” going. I watch all this with angst and anxiety, ever more watchful of my local situation, and preparedness.

  4. Without making any commentary on the political rightness or wrongness of the depicted acts, this is in our future (watch the videos) as the “authorities” force their way into territory which further destroys their already nonexistent credibility, and the people of FUSA choose sides:

    “Video: Crowd Un-Arrests Ex-Georgian President Saakashvili After Rooftop Standoff in Ukraine”


  5. Most mind-numbing/incongruent/jaw-dropping statement seen this week thus far (6 Dec 2017):

    “I am usually not interested in conspiracy theories but the present circumstances make me suspicious.”
    –Michael Kennedy


  6. Even the establishment outlet the Washington Post is hedging their bets by printing this article that points out, bluntly, that the Trump-Russia collusion investigation is a bust. And the idea of impeaching him based on “obstruction” is ridiculous.

    Surprising the WaPo is printing this, it’s maybe a sign the elites want an exit from Mueller’s probe before it really blows up in their faces? Congress is not amused by the stonewalling that they are getting from FBI on their requests for documents on a number of fronts.


  7. Word is coming out that McCabe owns/owned a house
    in Chapacua{sp?} starting around 1998, around the time
    Chupacabra Hiligula got there? Also, that the secret servers
    are there, either combined with Hiligula’s or at the address
    of McCabes house?

    • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
      “Who will guard the guards themselves?”

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  8. if donald continues to help our ‘greatest ally’ and gets the syrian/iranian/russian/various mudslimes to attack something american, than everyone will rally around him.

    the bureaucrats (it’s all the deep state, same shit) are against him but it’s mostly a factional dispute, just a bit harsher than they type bush2 had to put up with. does no one remember the media kvetching about him nonstop for most of his presidency?

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