Bovard: The Crime Of Lying To The FBI?

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6 responses to “Bovard: The Crime Of Lying To The FBI?

  1. Just one more damn good reason why you should never, ever under any circumstances talk to the police , including and especially anyone from any federal agency. In the aforementioned example, if agents show up and ask if you donated to some politician’s campaign ten years ago, the only word that comes out of your mouth is “Lawyer”.

  2. F**k them and the horse they rode on.

  3. George, you CAN lie to the police. You, can not lie to the FBI, without written permission. Best bet, don’t say anything. Keep your soup coolers closed after you ask why your detained,,and announcing that you demand your attorney.

    Even when your, attorney present, don’t say a word.


  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. .govco must be abolished.

    fuck the poo lice

    fuck the gubmint

    ask yourself WHY anyone needs a parasite class to suck off your hard-earned wealth? in nearly every instance, they are less than bright, honest, and decent.

    on the contrary, they are the worst society has to offer.
    of course, they will defend the status quo… what else can they do?

    surely not get a real job and be one of the peasant class….