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  1. Too bad they don’t include links to the original sources

  2. As always, Bracken is an Oracle. Patiently waiting on Matt’s
    next novel!

  3. This whole thing is coming down to the oft-quoted saying of “If you intend to kill the King, then you must kill the King.”

    Bracken was wrong BTY, as he equated current Deep State control of the media, with events of Operation Valkerye in July of ’44. He said that both sets of plotters controlled the media. Nope. Back then, plotters’s media control was by seizure after the failed attempt, tenuous, and did not last more than a few hours. And that was for one radio station. Being wrong on little shit can trip up a good argument, best pay attention to details.

    How coincidental it is, that CA is lately putting up more hands-on stuff pertaining to riflery, at a time when lightpoles have gotten taller and good hemp rope is harder to find and more expensive to buy. This is good bait for those fusion center watchers of this blog. There’s nothing real current been posted about fire operations in the streets, but I imagine that past coverage here here has not gone un-noticed. And it can be brought up again, ala carte, your choice.

    Which is well, for all. Wise men take in knowlege and retreat from a bad fight. Wise federal drones report information up, and hope for a good outcome.

    Word to the watchers: You folks do not have enough Waco Killers to send in anymore. Withdrawl of consent to be governed by the likes of you, grows every day.

  4. Mr. Bracken should find another venue. Jones is a mercenary, obnoxious, rude. Surely another host would be happy to have Mr. Bracken on.


      I believe it is about exposure. A lot of folks visit Info Wars just to see what is going on. I believe Mr. Bracken is trying to reach the most people in the shortest time as he can. I worry about him. I am sure the Deep State has him targeted at some level.
      Mr. Bracken, along with John Ross, Ann Barnhardt, Claire Wolfe, James Bovard, Kenneth Royce, and many other intelligent patriots have put themselves in harms way by the thoughtful and prescient manner in which they have exercised their First Amendment rights. I pray that they stay safe. Bleib ubrig, one and all.

  5. Bracken should be on Tucker Carlson, explaining what a coup-d’etat is for the sheeple, who are just starting to get clued in.