Codrea: On Reciprocity/NICS, The NRA Is At It Again

We’re from Fairfax and we’re here to help.

And we certainly aren’t compromised by the Deep State.


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  1. Masthead: Do you know what your maximum effective range is? What about the same info for the rest of your team?

    Of equal importance is — “Are you capable of estimating your opponents effective range based on initial contact?” It would figure mighty high on your fight or flight decision.

  2. I joined oath keepers, at Lavoy Finnicums funeral in Kanab Ut. I was fucking pissed that this, good MAN, was murdered by my own state police here in Oregon. That the scum FBI HRT, ,manipulated the terrain for the traffic stop location, for the sanctioned govt hit on LaVoy.

    Also joined the constitutional, sheriffs assn. I sent my money, and heard exactly zero,from either orginization. , well not quiet true. In One year I got a request for dues, if i maile my dues early I got a lapel pin! Yea right, checks in the mail,,and I promise I wont cum in your mouth, lady.

    I’ve weighed heavily what exactly these folks, the NRA, and other units are accomplishing and come to the following conclusion. We the people are here to pay their medical, dental, travel. We’re not even getting a reach around while were, getting boned.

    I’ve since washed my hands of all these chicken shit orginizations. Their all a self licking lolly pop. They are masters at feathering their own beds. I can’t blame them, I’m just not going to give em a red cent. It’s almost as bad as making a political donation.

    What have you gained from any of these orginizations. I dumped the NRA, twenty/ twenty five years ago, their agenda isn’t mine. I quit believing them when their lips moved, that long ago.

    Which reminds me I continue to investigate the names of the Oregon state troopers who executed LaVoy. Oregon legislation quickly created a law which allows the agency to renew their Court ordered, refusal to provide either troopers names.

    This law allows the shielding of OSP,troopers names, for 90 days at a time. The agency then goes to,court seeking to,shield the names for,another 90 days.

    OSP HAS, continued to petition the courts since the law was enacted, the petition has been granted everytime.

    I’m thinking that the only way we will ever discover the OSP names if Lavoys wife Janette, sues them. That may not work, I see huge amounts of money, and non disclosure clauses attached for 100 years.

    The King does not want this Intel out. And will pay huge amounts of fiat money to see to it.


  3. or, why I cancelled my NRA membership long ago.

    the Republiscams (and Trumpenthal) are now up to all sorts of dirty trix:

    DACA is being snuck through via the Tax Bill.

  4. The N.ever R.ead A.mendments(specifically the 2nd)Has either helped,rolled over for or looked the other way on most of the firearms”laws”since its inception.They recently were one of the first to jump on the bumpstock ban after the LV fiasco.As has been said here before,if the nra helped get what is rightfully ours we wouldnt need them anymore.There goes the multi-million$$ facilities,the knobslobber parties with cronies etc.F##k them and the politicks they rode in on.

  5. I sent the NRA a very polite, nicely worded FU letter. I mentioned the appropriate names that manage to irritate/anger/shock me with their stupidity. I also said that until the NRA (National Rats Assembled) cleans up their act, I will not rejoin, support, or otherwise acknowledge their existance. I got the same response as Dirk. BFUTW. Well, okay then.

  6. L. Neil Smith said what had to be said about the ‘nebulous responsibility association’ a while back via this essay:

    “Am I the NRA?”

    “… Worse than thieves, murderers, or cannibals, those who offer compromise slow you and sap your vitality while pretending to be your friends. They are not your friends. Compromisers are the enemies of all humanity, the enemies of life itself. Compromisers are the enemies of everything important, sacred, and true.
    So, would I join the NRA all over again, after 22 years, knowing everything I know today? I guess I’m still thinking about it.
    Give me a reason, NRA.”
    – L. Neil Smith

    Never trust the ‘Lairds of Fairfax’!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  7. The Walkin' Dude

    Glad I’ve never given a single penny to the NRA rats, or any other pseudo-“liberty” organization like Oaf Queefers, Wounded Whorrior, etc. If they got their hand out, it’s for them. Your interests are a back burner item, if that. Fuck em all.

  8. anyone you has their hand out for $ is a scoundrel…

    anyone who makes their living off of others stolen wealth(taxes) is a soon to be dead scoundrel…

  9. wendystringer48088

    I got a call about a month ago from a number who caller ID identified as a local Michigan number. It was a nice polite lady who said she was making calls for the NRA.
    (I used to get daily NRA donation calls from a company identified as IMC on my caller ID and ignored those calls.
    After of course asking my opinion of Concealed Carry Reciprocity, she then asked for a donation for the NRA-ILA pushing for the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill. She asked for 125 and I told her I couldn’t do that. She then asked if I could do 75 and I said I could do that. She used the credit card on file that I used to renew my NRA membership (she read me the last 4 digits of the card I used to confirm).
    Thought I did my good NRA-ILA deed supporting gun rights for the year.
    Now seeing how this NRA National Concealed Carry Reciprocity / FixNICs is turning out I feel stupid.
    I can see still always being an NRA member, but my days of donating to additional NRA phone or mail appeals are over.
    In the future will politely decline and use the money to buy additional target practice ammo instead.