How to Avoid Going to Jail Under 18 U.S.C. Section 1001 for Lying to Government Agents

A word to the wise.

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  1. General Flynn would not be in the position he’s in today if he’d read this article.

  2. Those other people are trained to lie to those they interview. Employers of those other people get a fiver in the federal gulag for lying to them, however inadvertantly. That’s a real special relationship, no?

    Best thing that can be said right now, is that relationship is real quick-like falling apart. The old saying of “If you try to kill the King, you must kill the King”, comes into play. The other people did get too confident and too careless. These are fine times for those who home school their kids, to teach them the nature of government.

    Current posts on this website concerning riflery are a fine thing, in my opinion. People get paid to make analysis of this site and its comments, then to kick that analysis upstairs. I do hope that the upstairs folks do realize what they are up against with their failing effort to kill the king. I know, sucks to be you.

    You can back off, or you can send in the Waco Killers. Or Lon Horiuchi if he’s still riding your ‘rolls. To bring events up to date, you other people can send in the the folks who killed LaVoy Finicum and got caught for the petty shit of not being able to police up their brass without being caught at it. I understand, you are an equal opportunity employer.

    It won’t matter how many people you try to send in to kill and quell events that did not go your way, as you act as Clinton backers to cover up your previous crimes. You will still lose, and badly. Hopefully within the laws of land warfare, but if you folks get froggy then all bets are off. It will be like Missouri in 1863 for you and yours.

    • “People get paid to make analysis of this site and its comments, then to kick that analysis upstairs. ”

      just more fucking scumbag parasites feeding on tax $s.





      the people hate you worms to death. and that goes double for your families and dogs.

  3. Simple, don’t EVER talk to or have ANYTHING to do with them or ANY police!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  4. Glad someone made a video from this old poem:

    h/t to NCRenegade

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”
    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”


      “…we wrote the Constitution as a shield to tyranny”?! I am sorry, my friend, but I disagree. Please read HOLOGRAM OF LIBERTY by Kenneth Royce. Then read HAMILTON’S CURSE by Professor Thomas Di Lorenzo. To paraphrase The American Lenin: Government of the lawyers, by the lawyers, and for the lawyers must perish from this earth.

      • Yes DtW, I see all this as symptoms.
        That is why I usually end with:
        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  5. This country needs a full, hard reset where we purge the parasitic political class, attorneys and general deadwood of society. Basically, burn it down to the ground and start over. Voting will never fix the mess we are in. The corruption is systemic and entrenched and the legal system is used to hammer the little guy and protect the swamp creatures at the top. At some point we just have to shoot the bastards.

    • Noticed that most of these BARFlies?

      Woe unto them…

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • the most guilty are the cops.

      they ARE the hammer. all have sold their right to die peacefully.

      that pension and benefit package was more important than being a human.

      their DNA must be wiped form the planet.

      it’s the only way to be sure.

      • “Payments are to be made to Clerk of the courts”

        Keep that chow line moving privates…

      • tfat, you amuse me deeply. Yet your welcome at my home.


      • “…their DNA must be wiped form the planet.”

        Lucky break that DNA wipes itself out, when the organism it’s in doesn’t survive well. Saves a lot of work for the rest of us maybe…not that saving work is automatically good. Must depend on the goal.

        “it’s the only way to be sure.”

        Oh, I don’t know. Seems like a lotta people are mighty sure even without that. Lol…at least about what the other guy ought to do.

  6. Ohio, , I agree. I’m just not interested in spending the rest of my days in prison.

    I hate our govt, they suck. However at the end of the day, I do what I want, when I want, I go, where I want, I have free speech, and I live in gods, country, here on the mountain.

    When I sit and weigh out the plus/negative, my life’s pretty dam good.

    I don’t know if you have ever lived outside conus, I have for years on end. I think I’ll stick it out here. I’d rather be here in our United States, then anywhere else on the planet.

    For all the govt, Bullshit, it’s still a pretty awesome place to live.

    Dirk Williams

    • Dirk, It’s awesome until it’s not. One day you find yourself the target of a corrupt judge and a prosecutor that can’t even look at you because he knows the charges are bullshit. They drag you through the court system knowing you’ll get the charges dropped but you’ll have to spend a ton of money in the process. This go around cost me $11K. All charges dropped. How wonderful. Then they don’t return your firearm because the judge knows it will cost four times more to appeal his ruling than to just buy another pistol.

      When the government can run anyone through the ringer at any time for any reason the system has to go. Once you pick up the rifle to start setting things right in this country, It’s a one-way ticket to a dirt nap not prison. Hopefully you do some good on the way.

      • Ohio, I’ve never experienced a dirty judge, not saying they don’t exist. I’m really sad to hear of your problem, and cost. Let me repeat this, I hate the system, I hate the alledged corruption, I know it’s out their.

        My County is 60 k population, a small population, in a huge county. I’ve been traffic stopped twice in the past 30 years.

        If a gun was involved in your case, I think I’ve mentioned conceal carry and displaying the weapon,,comes with a ton of responsibilities. The up side is this.

        You were at least given the oppertunity to prove your innocence. Most places, in the world that isn’t an option. While not perfect, it’s the best we got.

        Their will,come a time shooting shitheads in the face will be needed. I for one am in no hurry to,get their. I LOVE my country.

        Hope you have a Merry Christmas.


        • >>>Ohio, I’ve never experienced a dirty judge,

          Oh, c’mon, you know you have. You just didn’t realize it, is all you’re saying here. Or can’t admit it.

          Yeah…none of ’em were crooked, right? What, you didn’t have cement or trash out there?

    • ” my life’s pretty dam good.”

      so you feel pretty damn good living off the sweat and labor of your neighbors?

      yeah i bet you do.

      fucking cops are a disease.

      eliminating them is the cure.

      • Tfat, you don’t get to tell my story. Though you clearly think you do. You ARE a product of a corrupt private industry, in a corrupt,city, yet you see no problems with that.

        Can’t be both ways brother! Corruption is corruption, at any level. However sentences for dirty cops, elected officials,are far more severe then just corrupt plumbers. Call your mafia friends, they can influence that crooked judge to,get you off, a bit of cash, and your out the back,door.

        Yea,,can’t be both ways.

        Merry Christmas to you.


        • I know without a doubt in my mind, I didn’t make my living off of my neighbors stolen and extorted tax dollars. I still don’t pay my bills with extorted tax $s, I didn’t intimidate, bully, or harass anyone, I didn’t destroy anyone’s life by pulling them over for 5mph over then ransack their car looking for more “crimes”, or shoot them because they made a furtive movement, and i didn’t bust or kill kids for having a joint or a beer.

          you should be ashamed of yourself- but you’re not.

          therein lies the problem…

        • However sentences for dirty cops, elected officials,are far more severe then just corrupt plumbers.

          That’s the sales pitch, not the fact. Even the TV show The Simpsons couldn’t bear to admit that nationally prominent official criminals usually get off with little penalty.

  7. Is there some particular boiler plate you must use when refusing to answer questions?

  8. >>> …it’s still a pretty awesome place to live.

    That’s sho’ ’nuff. Your error is in thinking it’s because of Govco, when in fact it’s in spite of Govco. You know this when you look at the good you have…none of it is about your being governed. It’s just an odd perspective in your case because of what paid for it.

    • Jim, agree. Lives what WE make of it. I’m not blinded to the problems, I’m disgusted with the kill em all mentality, demonstrated here by a dozen pussy fantasy warriors.

      Jim, we see things mostly the same. Our geolocations are perhaps the difference.

      These killers want so badly for the CV II to kick off, they have no idea of what that entails Yet they think they have it figured out. They don’t. It’s coming,,and it’s going to be ugly.


      • Words, they’re all words. If they were really the sort to do anything, they’d be far more focused on themselves. Nearly all doers are that. And WINNERS exceptionally so…winners don’t talk much about losers.

        Or, maybe they’re holding off until they decide what to do about everyone else. I can see how that would be a sticky wicket. I’d wait too if that were my goal.

        ‘Course that couldn’t be Haxo’s excuse, since he says that part’s known for him.

  9. A few years back, I think it was Grandpa? Who made the point, “boys if your going to take care of business, you best get to the killing! His point was straight up truth.

    Why is it all you hard asses, want everybody else to get giggy, but your to busy, “cuz like I gotta go to work man”, or ” welllllll, I’d like to participate, but theirs a football game on, or sorry fantasy football tonight, rain check, I start the fifth of never.

    Boys this ” man talks” fun, I often feel just a lil bit tougher after a good session here on WRSA. And then I realize, I’m a 61 year old fat guy. Who am I shitting. Other then me.

    A time to get real, isn’t far off. Quit lying to yourselves.


    • Very good point, and one I have iterated over the years here a few times. We are all just waiting for the stupid guy to start it. Once it gets going plenty of people will join in but no one wants to be the stupid guy….cause he usually gets fucked up in the process. Heres hoping the stupid guy is a deep state swampfag.

    • Dirk, a while ago I responded to you to do some
      reading on MCT Oil. Check it out if you want.

      It does “clean out” pretty good, so stay close
      to head calls areas 🙂

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  10. Grenadier, that’s the problem, there are perhaps three really really stupid people here, and a couple of, straight up fucking retards. I can be one of em. Other then that these folks are salt of the earth. We’re all seeing the same things, saying the same things, is it really out of hate. I hope not, I voice my views out of concern.

    My battles not with anybody here per say, but that which drives us, to a time in space, I’m not the solution, but I am my own solution.

    These people are good folk, ” even the idiots and retards” I just don’t share their final solution.

    I’m looking for something reasonable. ” reasonable,doctrine” when I find it, I’ll let you know.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Owing to your unique environment, you had the luxury of considering “reasonable doctrines” and maybe even acting with them in mind. Most LEOs don’t have that luxury–someone does it for them–and far more importantly, neither do their victims. Reasonable-ness has nothing to do with any of it…that’s THE defining attribute of thuggery, and policing on behalf of a ruler can be nothing but. Simple logic…what ruler could be acting with anything but coercive force? If he wasn’t doing that, he wouldn’t be a ruler.

    • I got ya. Merry Christmas to you too.

  11. Hey!!! What about the Judicial Qualifications Committee??
    HA! HA! HA! HA! HAAAA!!!!