“If this situation happened exactly as it did that time, I would have done the same thing”

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Read this local account of Philip Brailsford, the “You’re Fucked” killer cop’s testimony.

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Note also these facts:

Profane etching on gun inadmissible in ex-Mesa officer’s murder trial

Balko says it best:

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More coverage:

‘It looks awful’: Ex-officer’s acquittal reignites debate over police use of force

Watch the video, again and again:

The Deep State and its murdering minions want every one of us to submit, or die.

Many of them would prefer the latter.

His name is Daniel Shaver.

And he is each of us.

Do you understand yet?

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  1. Just made a donation, and left this public message:

    “Your family has been wronged. Do not suppress your anger and do not forgive. This fight is bigger than any one person. We will all see one day soon what this is all for, what is being done to our People. Fight these evil people with all the anger you can muster, and pass it to your children.”

    They have over $61k. Give more.

  2. What’s the contact info of the murdering pig?

  3. Here is the “incident” report:

    Other than that, I can find nothing on this jackass as far as background. I wonder if tattoo boy has another name? Other than murderer?

  4. I haven’t seen so many chest-beating Internet Tuff Guys(tm) with helpful suggestions all in one place since I quit reading Vox Day’s blog.

    Also, I will make the observation that certain individuals who should really know better have been telling us for 50+ years “the cops are our friends,” “the cops are really on our side,” “all cops are conservative like us,” “cops respect the Constitution,” “the cops would never kick down our doors to take our guns,” and, then, when it does happen, “this was an isolated incident.” As this happens more and more–or, rather, as video from police body cameras show us more and more examples of what’s already been happening, what’s always been happening, those guys are getting quieter and quieter. Which is all to the good.

    I will also make the observation that police departments have always attracted damaged and unstable personalities ever since five minutes after someone had the idea to hand out badges, weapons, and uniforms to people and have them act as the judicial system’s private army; a certain sort of person is very gleeful to get the chance to get even with everyone who made fun of him in high school. Now and then someone like Sir Robert Peel will notice what’s going on and even, for a little while, the society in which he lives might even take his advice–for a generation or two. Then it’s back to beating confessions out of random citizens by skillful application of the rubber hose and 3am no-knock SWAT raids for an unpaid parking ticket, half the time owed by someone who last lived at that address twenty years ago.

    I’m not saying that being a cop isn’t a shitty, dangerous, low-paying job in which they basically look up society’s asshole for a living and see and deal with the absolute worst of human behavior day in and day out. The statistics on divorce and alcohol and drug abuse among the Lads in Blue bear this out–it’s a miserable job, done by deeply unhappy and sometimes deeply damaged people. It’s not the most dangerous job out there, not by a long shot, and it pays a lot better than the jobs that expose people to much greater risk of untimely death, like delivering pizza or working behind the counter at a ghetto convenience store. Nonetheless one has to acknowledge the circumstances and expect cops to have very, very bad attitudes and be belligerent and obnoxious about it most of the time, and looking for an excuse to work out some of their frustration on anyone who gives them the slightest pretext.

    Corollary to this is that the cops don’t work for you. You think they do. They don’t. The Chief of Police signs their paychecks, and the Mayor signs his. It may be that you have cop friends, or cops in your family, and you’re saying “Not all cops are like that,” or, in shorter form, NACALT. To which I say: horseshit. Anyone with a conscience is very rapidly driven out by the endless speedtrap bullshit, the endless ticket quotas, the endless “municipal revenue enhancements” that are the real sole reason for the uniform and the badge. And you might have a drink with Officer Friendly now and then, you might chat about guns with him at the range–but he’s not your friend. Officer Friendly couldn’t give less of a fuck about you. It might even bother him for half a second if he got orders to kick your door down–for an unpaid parking ticket, for “illegal firearms,” for the meth lab a “reliable confidential informant” said you have in the basement, whatever bullshit a judge rubber-stamps. But he doesn’t give a fuck about you. He will think about it for about half a second and say, “well, if I don’t do this, I put muh pension at risk.” “Little Susie needs braces.” In a paramilitary hierarchy it’s always easier to go with the flow, not to make waves, to follow orders. At every point it takes more courage, both moral and physical, to question orders than to put on the plate carrier and the helmet with the face shield and go out kicking in doors and shooting the occasional “non-compliant” taxpayer. NACALT? No. Sorry, dude. If they didn’t like this they wouldn’t be wearing the badge.

    This is one reason that one of the principles by which I live my life is that of minimizing contact with The Man. Your mileage may vary. And that’s okay. I live my life. You do you.

    I have not spoken of what I think should or shouldn’t be done about the incidents described by our esteemed hosts. Of such things I have nothing to say, except that in this life each of us is responsible to his own conscience.

  5. Lots of calls for violence here. OK, fearless heroes, start shooting. Let’s see your stuff./ S//

  6. Mountain Cracker

    Despicable. This is what happens when you let the tattooed white trash and niggers run free. These people have no pride and no shame, and until we start making it hurt this is the way it’s going to be, it could be you or me next at a traffic stop tomorrow. When you shun them as they should be they go back to their hole and keep their place. This is what you get when you give the idiot cat lady a vote. Or the millennial shitbag wearing his fucking Che shirt has one. They should be ridiculed. Instead of having their fucking heads cut off or rotting in a cell, they’re given a “voice.” Until the grid starts randomly going out from every Marxist enclave from Jew York City to Los Angeles, and infrastructure starts randomly blowing up, this is the new “American Dream.” Hope we survive it.

  7. The “camera is everywhere” myth is just that. A myth your overlords (and the trolls they hire to spread it) are desperate to have you to believe. It keeps you the self governing slave you are now. No camera can record a man in a wookie suit shooting from a hide 300+ meters out. Cameras were worthless against the “DC sniper” in the most closely watched city on earth. Even in inner city’s with tens of thousands of cameras to the square mile, cops only solve LESS than 35% of all homicide’s. No camera can see a man shooting from deep inside a vacant building who then calmly go’s on his way. Cameras can only track a person or transport if they are looking for THAT ONE INDIVIDUAL. Otherwise the system is just overwhelmed with information. Even AI’s can only see patterns. If you don’t leave one you are just “lost in the noise”. Lets go back to the “DC sniper” case. For weeks the DC cops and the feds ran an(illegal) dragnet. They felony stopped EVERY “white van” within 50 miles of DC. They (illegally) confiscated EVERY known AR-15. They found nothing. They found nothing because they were looking for two white guys in a white van. Not two black guys in a second hand Chevy sedan shooting from a hole in the trunk. The camera can only show the investigator what he is looking for. AI’s can do no better. EVERYTHING ELSE is propaganda and PSYOP to keep the slaves self regulating. The camera is only a tool. It is ONLY effective when the suspect is isolated or the investigator knows what to look for. Even than it is only effective in highly limited ways.