Step On Snek, And Snek Gets In Da Choppah

Curious About Helicopterism? Let Me Explain.

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¡Helicópteros Viva!

no step on snek

(From the 2017 Army-Navy game; from a reader)

11 responses to “Step On Snek, And Snek Gets In Da Choppah

  1. Why is the silhouette of the helicopter in the ‘Don’t Step On Me’ flag an MI

  2. Were gonna need a bigger copter.

  3. Logistics. Whirlybirds cost much to run and to maintain. Good winners of the coming fight wouldn’t use their new-found powers to raid financial accounts of their passengers in order to fund those trips- or would they? That could start a discussion as to how assets of enemies of the new-and-improved Freefor Gov’t would be treated. Family, heirs, or Freefor raking in with both hands?

    Consider “The Man Without a Country” perpetual cruise ship ride, funded by its passengers via written contract. Sign zee paper, or worse will be afoot, darlink. Commies that they are, their funds would be (mostly) cheerfully spread around to their fellow passengers who have been less fortunate in life’s lottery.

    Diesel, food, hands to run the ships, fast CW operators ashore and aboard to receive the latest HF radio propaganda from the new-and-improved Freefor Gov’t which would be mimeographed daily (love that old purple ink smell) and distributed to the unhappy campers on board (a life without a cell phone or internet is pert near an R8V to start with.) Much money would be needed. But as the old saying in the West goes, “It takes money to buy whiskey.”

    I suspect the whirlybird meme is just a fun way to latch on to an older Argentine solution. Which worked pretty well for them in their perilous times BTW, not arguing against it. I suspect that unless the ongoing coup attempt is beaten by the administration in power- with its checkbook and its access to the deus ex machina whirlybird- then the disposal of the enemies of the downscale winners will likely follow tradition and just go to guns. Too bad. I’ve never got to see personally, if commies could fly.

  4. If we don’t have enough bullets then we certainly don’t have enough AVgas. Better get to working on plan C.

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    Q: Would said SJW/Commies really mind the free one-way ride IF the chopper was like SOLAR-POWERED or at least piloted by a gal?

    …just askin’…just want to make them all FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES….there’s plenty of that there “SAFE SPACE” below…just prior to impact.

  6. Mi-17?
    Hey, Combloc shit just works!

  7. Dont over think this shit. Meme warfare is fast moving and multifaceted. When you bog down trying to think out the details, your enemy slips past you and is shitposting on another topic.

    You have to be agile and posting on the latest topics, drop a load of memes and RTB to reload.

    Be harsh, be mean, and remember the left can’t meme.

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