Brushbeater: Questions Concerning Church Security Details

You may not think your Sunday service is a target.

But hadji gets a vote, too.

And he has the motive.

Plus the will.

Git’r done.

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  1. I recommend just skipping going to church. Most of them are socialized programs anyway, the big box ones are money mills for shark-skin suited, slick talking pastors, the little ones are “owned”, by whoever has the money to run the thing. I’ve never seen a thriving church that didn’t have some crone owning it and the pastor, or generating tons of cash from a huge membership. Almost all of the ones I’ve seen around here are the realm of their lairds, not the Lord, and in debt up to their eyeballs. Jesus Christ was escorted out of the “sanctuary”, a long time ago, and it’s a pretty place to go this time of year, to see, and be seen. They’re all about “programs” and involvement so you feel like “somebody”. As long as you and your cash are separated from each other. The last travesty I was associated with didn’t have one person in it besides me who had an ounce of guts or gumption. Even if one manages to preserve their lives from an attack by hadji, what have you got? Preserved sheep. And the things that come out of some “pastors” mouths these days, nothing but rubbish. There are probably plenty of them, even around here, where I live, that truly walk in the Spirit of G*d, as they should. After about six failures, I stopped counting, and going. I don’t have that kind of time to waste. When that guy with the big box televised service church in the DFW area got robbed two years ago, the weekend “take”, was $600,000.00. An inside job, and no one has heard a thing about it since, didja notice? Napovich. (G*d help us/me).

    • Sean, if you have not yet given up your search for the true Church, I would ask you to explore the Eastern Orthodox Church. You may yet find what you are looking for, although there may not be a parish close to you.

      Here’s a site mapping parishes across the nation

    • The church has been under attack since day one, and as Sean points out the attackers are not just those with names such as hadji.

      • Probably by accident… you got one right.

        Yes, from Day 1 (read Acts of the Apostles).

        Unto this very day:

        1974, Israeli terrorists attack civilian aircraft; desecrate Christian shrines including Church of the Holy Sepulcher, stealing the diamond crown of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

        “Jesus, son of a whore, price tag”
        spray-painted onto a wall leading to the Church of the Dormition in Jerusalem

      • The Ugly History of Jewish Desecration of Many Christian Sites in the Holy Land
        by Willis A. Carto

        As early as December 1955, not long after the institution of the Jewish state of Israel, Father Leonard Feeney, a Boston-based Roman Catholic clergyman, compiled the following list of Christian churches and other institutions that had been attacked or otherwise destroyed by the newly-ensconced Jewish occupation regime in the Holy Land.

        In assembling this shocking list — which would come as a complete surprise to modern-day Christians who believe that Israel has been a good friend to Christians in the Holy Land — Father Feeney noted that his list did not include the loss in lives and property suffered by the nearly one million Arabs (Christian and Muslim alike) who had been evicted from their ancient homes during the then-seven years since Jews had seized power over Palestine. And, needless to say, since Feeney first compiled the list, there have been many more examples of such Jewish attacks. The clergyman’s summary of Jewish destruction of Christian sites follows….

        The Jews have defiled and destroyed the following Church buildings: the Church of Saint John the Baptist at Am Karim; the Church of the Beatitudes at Capharnaum; the Church of Mensa Christi on the shores of the Sea of Galilee; the Church of Saint Peter at Tiberias; the Cenacle (the place ofthe Last Supper) at Jerusalem; the Convent of Mary Reparatrix at Jerusalem; the Convent and Hospice of Notre Dame at Jerusalem; the Convent of the Sisters of Saint Ann at Haifa; the Franciscan Convent at Tiberias; the Patriarchal Seminary at Beit-Jala, the Salesian houses at Cremisan; the Sisters’ Convent at Am Karim; the School of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion at Katamon; the Sisters’ residence at Capharnaum; and the church and rectory at Ikret. Catholic authorities have estimated that the Jews have destroyed Church property in the Holy Land at the rate of more than two million dollars’ worth a year. To enumerate only French Catholic institutions, they have demolished four hospitals, 16 dispensaries, two hospices, four seminaries, 32 schools and orphanages, and seven retreat houses.

        Among the countless other desecrations we might mention, none is more heart-rending than that of Jerusalem’s Church of the Dormition — the magnificent Romanesque shrine to the Mother of God which was pillaged by Israeli soldiers and then turned into a Jewish dance hall for the young men and women of Haganah. It was only after a hundred such incidents that the Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Hughes, unequivocally charged that there is now in operation a “deliberate Jewish effort to decimate the Arabs and to destroy Christianity in Palestine.”

    • ‘Preserved sheep’….sounds like sheep jerky….disgusting.

  2. Well, for those who believe they are called to protect the ‘sheep,’ the Church security detail needs guidance, as a general rule, and most likely basic training, as well as having leaders who really know what they are about. Factors such as invisible deployment with one or two visible ‘beacons’ (to keep mostly honest people honest), vulnerability studies, sectorization, prioritization of principals (precious cargo, ie, infants, children, and their teachers) for protection, internal and external communications with local first responders, ID’ing participants, actions on arrival of first responders, active shooter scenario training, side arm qualification for those so inclined to help, making sure the level headed are only included in the detail, and so forth, are a worthwhile way to pass a couple hours weekly. At the very least, it’s a good excuse to make sure you get yourself to the range and keep in practice…..which is easy to become apathetic about if one watches and listens to others….YMMV.

  3. Father Dennis of the Serbian Orthodox Church on the far NW side of Chicago was a member of the League of the South. He flew the 3rd National Flag of the Confederacy in front of his church for years.

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  5. MaryfromMarin

    One resource book, which details many specific threats and how to assess them (including threats to the church personnel and offices from Monday through Saturday):

    “Wolves Among the Sheep: Protecting Your Church from Violence”

  6. Religion Is The Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel

    ‘I do not “mock the sacred”, for the fact is that there is nothing to mock that is sacred since all religions are just a complete fabrication from beginning to end. This is why the fundamental doctrine of all religions is encompassed by the Latin term ‘sacrifium intellectus’, the sacrifice of the intellect – silencing the voice of reason in favour of blind faith.

    Real enlightenment comes from being able to determine for oneself what is a moral and decent way to live, and having the integrity, courage, independence and self-sufficiency to do so. While reserving the right to kill with extreme prejudice anyone or anything that threatens that freedom of self-determination.’

    your gods will not deliver you from oppression, nor will the pigs, nor will the green brays, nor will any squeal team… they are all impotent shit stains who rely on the weak minded to worship at their alter of uselessness..

    • Thanks for sorting that one out for anyone sitting on the fence, and waiting to see which way you come down on the topic, from the Knower Of Everything Chair at Whattsamatta U., bumpkin.

      Go the rest of the way, and post your article on how to slaughter churchgoers for Team Mo, since it accords exactly with your philosophy on everything else.

      You’re still just a pathetic self-loathing pustulent little twat, trying to pull the whole world down into the bowl on your potty training chair, as if that would somehow improve your standing among humanity.


      You’re still solidly maxxed out in the “Just kill yourself” zone on the waste-o-skin meter.
      On your best day.

      If you had sons, they’d look like the Columbine killers.
      And when the universe jiggles the tank handle, and your time finally comes, you’ll be missed about as much.
      All the spew in your entire gasbag existence can’t change that math: you’re just an whiny, loathsome little cipher in the pool of existence, and your overdue passing is the only shred of joy you’ll ever bring to the universe.

      Beat the rush: do it now.

      Don’t get too excited by the momentary attention: it’s just that you aren’t even worth a Christmas card and a stamp, and I didn’t want you to get shorted what you have coming during the holiday season.

      Now show us your best comeback, since you can’t help yourself.
      You’re not the Fucking A-team: you’re Tourette’s for all time.
      And remember, your shotgun isn’t going to suck-start itself.

    • Do you think many of us do not see what “religion” has become?

    • “Real enlightenment comes from being able to determine for oneself what is a moral and decent way to live, and having the integrity, courage, independence and self-sufficiency to do so. While reserving the right to kill with extreme prejudice anyone or anything that threatens that freedom of self-determination.’
      So are you moral, are you decent? Is there to be any meaningful dialog before you kill? Or is it all about you? Self etc…
      The things you said, too & after a 70 year old woman commented about her faith come to mind. It is not just guns that kill and do harm.
      Vin diesel, is he your god? Hollywood, music can all be false misleading gods, if we allow it. along with your Quote:
      “your gods will not deliver you from oppression, nor will the pigs, nor will the green brays, nor will any squeal team… they are all impotent shit stains who rely on the weak minded to worship at their alter of uselessness..”
      There is a personal relationship to be had with the Master.


      tfA-t: I believe it was Voltaire who stated that PATRIOTISM is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Please do not confuse Amerikan Organized “Christianity” with true religion. The Latin root word means to bind. Charlatans like Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, John Hagee, Cardinal Roger Mahony, Cardinal Dolan, and their ilk are not and will never be representatives of what true Christianity is all about.
      I was raised Catholic, but when the Masonic-Marxist forces of Vatican II destroyed my church, I left. I still believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I still follow his teachings to the best of my ability. If you and others have a problem with that, so be it.
      However, whether you realize it or not, every time you practice the Golden Rule, or follow Maybury’s two principles of Natural Law, you are binding yourself to a lifestyle and code of conduct which was preached by Jesus Christ. As much as you talk about culling and as much as you rightfully disdain the stupidity, greed, and corruption of the Amerikan Sheeple, do not lose your humanity. When the time comes, some deserving human being may need your help. Bleib ubrig.

  7. Randall Flagg

    “Real enlightenment comes from being able to determine for oneself what is a moral and decent way to live….”

    And yet you constantly advocate the annihilation of “300 million.”

    Obviously, you’re nowhere near your “real enlightenment.” Let us know when you get there and want to join the team.

    • ha ha

      what kind of god would have its followers live a life of hardship, pain, and oppression and then promise good times after you die? give me a fucking break.

      brainwashed peasants who take comfort in their coming demise… sounds good to me. i wonder (((who))) came up with that scam?

  8. …. the comments derailed pretty darn quick with this one.

  9. Arrived late but concur with the Orthodox comment. And,

    This is being done. Start with “Close the doors in wisdom, let us attend.” That was not solely to keep the catechumen at bay….