Z Blog: The Fourth Stage Of American History

Forecast: Stormy, with occasional executions in the produce section at Whole Foods.

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19 responses to “Z Blog: The Fourth Stage Of American History

  1. TFag is pulling a Vanishing Point after cocktails?

    • “You really don’t have enough armed, trained, provisioned friends with hard hearts. Better keep at that task this weekend.”
      CA, this ones for you.
      So besides having a hard heart, what else does a true friend do? Lets say one of them is being a real loud mouth jerk. Making an ass of himself as it were. Does a true friend tell him?

    • That latter link is just silly.

  2. no, Z-man:

    the Protestant Elite (“greatest generation” Yankeedom, e.g. Buckley) handed over the car keys to organized Jewry several decades ago.

    and (((they))) have been parting-out the car ever since.

  3. Expect Desperate and Insane Behavior From Government in 2018 – Part 3 (War), by Michael Krieger

  4. So, if I’m following the analysis of both articles correctly, the most relevant (highly relevant?) factors in American society, over time, are intra-generational and intra-regional conflict(s), misunderstanding(s), and disrespect, without giving any credit to outside forces/interests.

    Seems to me you could call this type of analysis the “culture of critique”. Just more inward-looking, name-calling and finger-pointing to pit American against American—divide and conquer. Let’s see, who’s famous for this kind of shit?

    “The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements”

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. What if in our country (and yes this is a ‘Twilight Zone’ lead in) instead of two political parties, there was in reality only one? What would be the chances?
    Maybe it is the best kept secret ever …………….

  7. Anyone who makes light of Boomers needs to be beaten w/a golf club. Now, all of you, get off my lawn!

  8. Second linked article is written from the perspective of someone who believes government works for the people, is responsive to their stated goals, and ensures they are provided with complete and factual information to use as the basis for their decision making.

    Either that, or from the perspective of a whiny brat who believes a better life should have been handed to him.

    Waaa, muh fuckin’ waaaa.

    Actually kind of shocked to see it linked here. Or not.

  9. “Low Violence”

    Um… We live in a time of Ultra Violence. You just can’t tell because you are saturated in it.

    Might be time to meditate in the woods for a hot minute or two and contemplate on exactly how violent we really are. You just cant see it where you are.

  10. the murkins don’t have what it takes to win. i’ve seen it my whole life.
    in nearly every case, they take the path of mediocrity if not just plain failure. I browse thru Fakebook and see what has become of their cheap and pitiful lives- fat, balding, a can of beer in their hands, following sports, sit-coms, and other meaningless distractions as they grab ass, laugh, and joke, in a desperately piss poor attempt to project happiness and success. i have no sympathy for these types of personalities, and neither does the universe… which explains why there are so many losers in this land of Fusa. they deserve everything their pathetically weak god cannot, could not, and will not protect them from. the strong and industrious do, and will rule the world, not some lame ass retards who worship a cheesy, impotent, make-believe deity devised by jews to enslave and shackle mans true potential.

    bring on the nukes and rid the land of these murkin pests and non-achievers. 🙂

    • “I browse through Facebook”

      Lol! Read hustler for the articles, too?
      You wouldn’t suck a dick, tfatt. But you’d hold it in your mouth for a long, long time.

  11. https://mtntopforge.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/normies-figuring-it-out-2.jpg?w=479&h=479

    When, if, will the Normies figure it out. They hold vast political power and don’t even know it.

  12. Yankeedom aint whay it seems. There are the gods of the valleys and the gods of the mountai.s. They are not the same and ye shall understand it.

  13. Stephen Clay McGehee

    It saddens me to see the 20-somethings that make up the Alt-Right treating this as though it is just another frat party. Get together to hold some signs and maybe some torches, march around a bit, and then go out for pizza and beer. This is serious and they’re treating it like just another way to have fun. Not all of them, of course – there are still some very serious folks there, but leadership is seriously lacking.

    I posted several replies in response to the Boomer-Bashing that the second article does. I’m afraid that most of us (I’m 64) have gotten the message that we’re not welcome at their private party. Most Boomers have politely stayed away. The problem is, this is a very rare opportunity in history, but the folks in charge are not taking this seriously. If they were, they would be reaching out to all generations to get advice, help, and funding.

    The future of our people depends on what becomes of this shift to the Right. The future of my grandchildren depends on whether the 20-somethings are willing to listen to others – or keep on with their private party.

    When the Alt-Right is OK with neo-Nazi and Hitlerfan groups taking part in rallies, saying that some kinds of socialism is OK, but has no problem pushing away an entire generation that could be a real asset to the movement, you’re seeing the result of serious immaturity. With “leadership” that doesn’t straighten this mess out, Antifa only needs to sit back and watch us self-destruct.

    • I think the issue is with Boomers not taking responsibility for what happened during our watch.

      The proper attitude to the young’uns is something like:

      “You are right. People lost their minds over the postwar years, and no one had the tools available today to understand just how fucked up things were. We can keep grampa-slapping, or we can start fixing things. Now where does that bolshie city councilman live, kid?”

  14. The Usual Suspect

    It’s OK Fatteeee just point where the bad Policeman touched you.