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  1. As I said before, we will never get out of this by voting. This will change where there are serious consequences for those pushing White genocide and the destruction and enslavement of this country.

    The problem is that good people are good and bad people are bad and bad people will always take advantage of good people being good. At some point we need to change our tactics and shoot the fuckers.

    • Yep, even trump’s racist, nationalist, Nazi agenda is not going to halt where we are going, something much more drastic is the only way things will change.
      btw, from those pictures; I remember when we actually used to use the phrase “token” for the black guy in the group; today in Houston, i’m now the “token” white guy given current Houston demographics; coming to your town next if not already.

      • I don’t recall any blacks in my school until I got to high school. Then there were only two. In my nephews class picture he looks like a snowflake in the coal box. Truly a minority in the school he went to. Fortunately he is 6ft 5in and almost 300 lbs so no one bothers him.

  2. Ohio John, it’s up to you. Each of us has to do what we can. We are each only one man, we can’t do every thing, but we can do something. Do it. No one gets off this planet alive. Make history.

    • Him,
      It comes down to access. We need to kill off the puppet masters. Few people have access to them. Killing off the puppets will be fun but they just get replaced with other puppets. Too many are willing to sell their soul for a few pieces of silver.

      • I figured there are more qualified people for that job. Intel operatives.

      • Randolph Scott

        Not really, if you eliminate the puppets enough and regularly other living beings will not want to be a puppet. Make so that absolutely no one wants to be a part of the tyranny. Soon the tower will topple and guess what … the chickenshits at the top fall right into your hands.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We are each only one man”

      Hence the concept of forming armies, to increase capabilities beyond what a lone individual can accomplish.

      • Which it will be a long time before Freefor figures that out…

        • Sad, but true. So I ask, “what can I do to bring together the ‘right wing’ people?” What must I do to get them to drop petty insignificant differences and coalesce into a formidable unit, with camaraderie and brotherhood?

          The Anti-Fa have it, BLM has it, LGBT has it, musloids and illegal aliens have it!

          We need it and we need it now. Also be ready to forsake those whom will not participate. Participation is cooperation.

          Also, physical fitness training is more important than any other training at this time. Stop wasting attending political rallies and waste time on education and skill building.

          One is not ready until they are ready to be ready with these: physically fit for one’s age, minimally armed with one battle rifle and/or pistol or shotgun. Sufficient ammo to last multiple engagements.

          “Use gold like it is gunpowder…”

          • First you have to be around those who have the same beliefs in Liberty as you do…If you don’t have that then won’t accomplish what needs to be done…You have to build Community which is where I started…Your welcome to join me;)

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  4. Yikes! Supposed to be “Stop wasting time on political rallies…”